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FAMILY Hey i am Akshit, i belong from India(Punjab). I have a small family of 4 people. My father, my mother, my sister and of course me. I have a very special bond with my sister because we have grown up together and she understands me better than anyone else. STUDENT My student life in high school went pretty well(it was fun). At present i am pursuing biology majors at Trinity Western University. I love playing cricket, although i don't have a strong command in the game. LIFE I strongly believe that life never turns the way we want it to be, it has its own path(a path full of surprises). Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain. There is nothing like good or bad everything happens for a cause. I love sleeping when its cold outside (well everyone loves that). If i get a chance to visit any place it would be Tomorrow land because i love music festivals. 10 GOALS 1) my career goal is to be a research scientist. 2) my goals as a person is to be a helpful individual. 3) family goal is to make them proud of me by achieving something great in my career. 4) to make a regular gym routine to get 6 packs. 5) to build strong relationships with my friends which last long. 6) not to neglect my studies 7) to achieve a good GPA in each semester. 8) To build a strong relationship with god. 9) to make my surroundings better and better each day. 10) to learn something new each day that will take me one step closer towards my goal.

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