Filtered Course List

Moodle users have the option of creating a filtered course list to show a condensed list of current courses and replace the 'Course overview' block.

Click 'Customize this page' on your Moodle dashboard.

Click 'Add a block'.

Click 'Filtered course list'.

Click the gear icon in the block and choose 'Configure...'

Change the line that reads

shortname | exp | My courses | (FA17) to shortname | exp | Fall 2020 | (FA20) (in future semesters, use the abbreviation for the current semester)

Optional: Add a second line of code that reads shortname | collapsed | Upcoming | (SP21) to show your courses for the upcoming semester, but collapsed under a toggle.

Click 'Save changes'.

Use the 4-way arrows to drag the block to the main section of the page.

You can now safely delete the 'Course overview' block.