Creating A Forum

To create a forum, please take the following steps:

Turn editing on and scroll down to the section of the course in which you want to add a document.


Choose Forum and select Add

The next page to which you will be redirected automatically is entitled Adding a new Forum. On this page, you can select various options for your forum, follow each menu item and choose settings appropriately. Feel free to access details by selecting the question mark icon next to each setting. See the steps below for the guidelines to creating a basic forum:

Supply a Name for the forum.

  1. Provide an Introduction to the forum if it is your desired intent.
  2. Subscribing (see the "Subscription and tracking" drop down menu) to a forum sends an email to the subscriber each time a new post is added. If the Instructor does not force everyone to subscribe, students will have to keep track of forum posts on their own. If you choose not to force subscription, let students know that they have the option to subscribe to the forum themselves if they wish to be e-mailed every time a forum post is posted.
  3. Choose whether or not to enable Read Tracking. If this option is enabled, users can track which messages have been read or unread in forums and discussions. The Instructor can choose to force a tracking type on a forum using this setting.
  4. Instructors can also assign grading option to forum posts. See Setting up Grading for Forums.
  5. Once you have adjusted the settings, click Save and display to view the created forum.
  6. Now that you have created a forum, you can add a Discussion Topic. Adding a Discussion Topic allows students to participate in the forum. Without a Discussion Topic, students will see an empty forum.

To add a new discussion topic:

  1. Select Add a new discussion topic.
  2. Supply a Subject and a Message, then Post to forum. Students can also add new discussion topics.