Turnitin.com cannot and does not detect plagiarism.

Why TurnItIn isn't helping.

A Final Nail in the Coffin for Turnitin? | Just Visiting

Research on 'Plagiarism Detection Software'

Testing of support tools for plagiarism detection

Advice for avoiding plagiarism.

Cheating Lessons, Part 1

Turn editing on.

Click 'Add an activity or resource'.

Choose Turnitin Assignment 2 from the Activity menu. Then click Add.

Add details.

There are many options to choose from, the most important settings are in General and Assignment Part 1, these important sections are marked by red exclamation marks.

Other Settings in Turnitin.

You may set the parameters for your assignment dropbox using the following options. You can set the due date and cut off date, add the max grade and assign it to a category in your gradebook, etc.

You must select a time from the 24 hour clock, it is often convenient to make an assignment due at 23:55, or 11:55PM, on the date that it is due to avoid due date mix ups for students.

Once options are selected click Save and return to course or display to preview your drop box.