Importing Content From A Previous Cohort

Navigate to the new site for your course.

Access the 'Actions' option at the top right hand corner of your course.

Select 'Import' from the drop down menu.

Use the search tool to find your previous course or select it from the list provided, next select 'Continue'.

You have the option of 'Jump To Final Step' or 'Next'.

If you choose 'Next', you can navigate which items you want to import from the course.

The check marks includes all the content that was sucessfully imported. Next select 'Perform Import'.

Finally, select 'Continue' to go to your course.

Don't forget to update your syllabus and assignment dues dates!

You may want to hide your newly populated course from students. To do that:

Click the 'Actions' icon, and choose 'Edit settings'.

Change the course visibility to 'Hide'.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save and display'.