Restore a Course from a Backup

You can use this Backup and Restore process to overwrite the contents of a course. This is useful if you imported the wrong course materials, or duplicated them.

Start in the Source course site (usually a previous site).
Access the 'Actions' option at the top right hand corner of your course.

Select 'Backup' from the drop down menu.

Deselect Include enrolled users then scroll down and click Jump to final step

Let Moodle do its thing... Continue

You will be taken to the Restore course page. Click Restore beside the backup file you just created.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

Scroll down to Restore into existing course and choose Delete the contents of the existing course and then restore

You may have to search for your course using the window below, select the Destination course, and click Continue.

Deselect Include enrolled users, then scroll down and click Next.

Leave the Course settings as the are, scroll down and click Next.

You may deselect items that you don't want in the destination course on this page.

Scroll down and click Perform restore.

Click Continue to go to your course.

Don't forget to update your syllabus and assignment dues dates!