Moving Online


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Audrey Watters

YOU are the best technology!

Pick 2

With a hat tip to Plymouth State University and @actualham

Guiding Principles

  • scale back
  • be compassionate
  • demonstrate care
  • focus on basics
  • be flexible
  • connect

Big Ideas

Two things from your course that you want to focus on for the remainder of the course.

Ways to find the learning moment.

How is this experience of a global pandemic connected to your course? Dig in! Play!!

Ways Learners can help you redesign

You are not alone! The learners in your class can have excellent ideas on how to finish well. Ask them!

Skills or Dispositions

Two things you hope learners will be able to do or demonstrate.


  • Moodle
  • Zoom
  • Text
  • Phone
  • Email

A Word…

You have likely seen (in your inboxes and social media feeds) ALL the EdTech Bros offering their products for free…to keep this short…please don’t trust them.


Have you…

  • asked your students?
  • logged in?
  • created a welcome forum?
  • uploaded a file?
  • sent a message?
  • created an assignment dropbox?
  • created a quiz?
  • adjusted your gradebook?

Help Files

Adrienne Castellon talks about Forums