PressBooks for ENGL 372

Getting Help

Don’t get frustrated, get help! Email Colin Madland, TWU’s online learning and instructional technologies expert, to get help with how to use PressBooks: You can also make an appointment with him as a group, or individually, for some tutoring in using PressBooks. Please also feel free to email me, since I’ve gone through the experience of researching, writing, and setting up a page for Blake’s “The Lamb”:

Go to

Sign in with the username and password that were emailed to you.

Create your Chapter

From your Dashboard, click "Add".

Add Chapter details.

  1. Enter the title of your poem and the line numbers you will discuss (see Jade's for an example.)

  2. Choose the appropriate "Part" (author) for your poem.

  3. Enter your content here. You can either compose your work directly in PressBooks (it will auto-save as you go), or you can copy and paste from MS Word.

  4. Click "Publish" to publish your work to PressBooks. You may also save your work as a draft and return to it later.

To insert a footnote, click the "FN" in the editor and type your footnote in the box that appears. Feel free to experiment with the "LO," "KT," and "EX" buttons to add highlights to your text.

Works Cited

To create the hanging indent essential for your Works Cited list, select everything in the Works Cited list, and then in the editor, pull down the “Formats” menu and choose “Hanging Indent.”

Adding Media

Place your cursor on the page where you want the image to appear.

  1. Click 'Add Media” above the editor.

  2. Click "Upload Files."

  3. Drop a file (audio, image) into the “drop files here” box, or click "Select Files." Your file must be less than 2MB.

  4. Click "Insert into post."