Import the Site Structure

The next step will give you the structure you need to make sense of the instructions in FNDN101.

Sign in to FNDN101 1 in Moodle

  • Tap 'WordPress Fix' and SAVE the file to your desktop or somewhere else you can easily find it.

    Do not open or edit the file!

This will download a file called twuportfoliofix.xml.

In WordPress, hover over 'Tools' and tap 'Import'

The following steps will ADD some things to your site. Nothing will be deleted.

Tap 'Run Importer' under 'WordPress'

  • Tap 'Browse'

  • choose the twuportfoliofix.xml file
  • tap 'Upload file and import'

Assign authors

  • use the dropdown menus to choose your own username as author on all three 'Import Authors'
  • select 'Download and import file attachments'
  • tap 'Submit'

You should see a message to 'Have fun!'

Check your menus...

Click the arrow on the right side of this page.