The previous step should have added a menu called 'Main Navigation' to your site. This menu is specific to FNDN 101.

If you have already created a menu, your old menu will still be there, but it may have been hidden. We suggest that you activate the 'Main Navigation' menu on your site and add other items to this menu.

Hover over 'Appearance' and tap 'Menus'

Select 'Main Navigation'

The menu may already be selected...

Edit 'Menu Settings'

  • Select 'Primary Menu'

Your options might say 'Header', or 'Main Menu', or 'Top'. These should all be the same as 'Primary Menu'.

  • Tap 'Save Menu'

Do NOT select 'Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu'.

Once you have followed these steps, please go to the TWU E-Portfolios site and start making your site your own!