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New Titles Tuesday, November 6

Here is a selection of the 34 print books added to the collection this week. Click on a title for more information or to request a copy to borrow.

Answers to teenagers’ 50 toughest questions: a rapid-response reference for youth leaders /by Phil Bell.

Authority, church, and society in George Herbert: return to the middle way /Christopher Hodgkins. Argues that British writer Herbert (1593-1633) found his identity in nostalgia for comfortable old English ways: parish ministry; simple liturgy, poetry, and architecture; a constitutionally limited church and state, rather than rule by divine right. Explores the changes in his poetry and prose as interactions between rapidly changing times and his personal development.

Confessions of a youth pastor /”Doc” Hillliard].

Disciplinary measures from the metrical Psalms to Milton /Kenneth J.E. Graham (University of Waterloo, Canada). Disciplinary Measures from the Metrical Psalms to Milton studies the relationship between English poetry and church discipline in four carefully chosen bodies of poetry written between the Reformation and the death of John Milton. Its primary goal is to fill a gap in the field of Protestant poetics, which has never produced a study focused on the way in which poetry participates in and reflects on the post-Reformation English Church’s attempts to govern conduct. Its secondary goal is to revise the understandings of discipline which social theorists and historians have offered, and which literary critics have largely accepted. It argues that knowledge of the early modern culture of discipline illuminates some important poetic traditions and some major English poets, and it shows that this poetry in turn throws light on verbal and affective aspects of the disciplinary process that prove difficult to access through other sources, challenging assumptions about the means of social control, the structures of authority, and the practical implications of doctrinal change.

 Discovering and (re)covering the seventeenth century religious lyric /edited by Eugene R. Cunnar & Jeffrey Johnson.The purpose of this volume, is to discover and (re)cover the devotional lyricists who have historically been overlooked altogether or dismissed as not belonging to the first order of poets.

 Do hard things: a teenage rebellion against low expectations /by Alex & Brett Harris.

 Ecofaith: creating & sustaining green congregations /Charlene Hosenfeld.

Ecology and conservation of neotropical migrant landbirds /edited by John M. Hagan III and David W. Johnston ; preface by Gerry E. Studds ; foreword by Thomas E. Lovejoy. his is the first technical volume to focus exclusively on the question of northern hemispheric migratory landbird declines and their conservation. More than one hundred leading scholars working in the Americas and the Caribbean report on the problems facing these birds and suggest strategies for research and conservation. The book details the basic ecology of many Neotropical migrant landbirds in both temperate and tropical regions.

 The elegies, and The songs and sonnets /edited with introduction and commentary by Helen Gardner.

Ernest C. Manning: giant among giants /Ron Pegg.

George Herbert: sacred and profane /edited by Helen Wilcox, Richard Todd.

  Good profit: how creating value for others built one of the world’s most successful companies /Charles G. Koch. Here, drawing on revealing, honest stories from his five decades in business Koch walks the reader step-by-step through the five dimensions of Market-Based Management to show stockholders, entrepreneurs, leaders, students —  and innovators, supervisors and employees of all kinds, in any field –how to apply the principles to generate Good Profit in their organizations, companies, and lives.

 In Lincoln’s hand: his original manuscripts /with commentary by distinguished Americans ; edited by Harold Holzer and Joshua Wolf Shenk ; foreword by James H. Billington. this companion volume to the Library of Congress exhibition offers a fresh and intimate perspective on a man whose thoughts and words continue to affect history. To underscore the resonance of Lincoln’s writings on contemporary culture, each manuscript is accompanied by a reflection on Lincoln by a prominent American from the arts, politics, literature, or entertainment, including Toni Morrison, Sam Waterston,  Gore Vidal, and  three presidents.

 John Donne and the Protestant Reformation: new perspectives /edited by Mary Arshagouni Papazian. The collection includes thirteen essays that together place Donne broadly in the context of English and European traditions and explore his divine poetry, his prose work, the Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, and his sermons. It becomes clear that in adopting the values of the Reformation, Donne does not completely reject everything from his Catholic background. Rather, the clash of religion erupts in his work in both moving and disconcerting ways. This collection offers a fresh understanding of Donne’s hard-won irenicism, which he achieved at great personal and professional risk.

 John Donne’s professional lives /edited by David Colclough.  This volume makes a strong argument for the importance of Donne’s professional writings to our understanding of his oeuvre and of the culture of late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century England. Studying in depth his remarkable use of a wide range of terms and even whole vocabularies – legal, theological, and medical, among others – it shows how Donne moulded his identity as a professional intellectual with the languages that were at hand.

John Donne’s religious imagination: essays in honor of John T. Shawcross /edited by Raymond-Jean Frontain and Frances M. Malpezzi.

 The Latin poetry. A bilingual ed. translated by Mark McCloskey and Paul R. Murphy.

 Love known: theology and experience in George Herbert’s poetry /Richard Strier.

The mental world of the Jacobean court /edited by Linda Levy Peck. In this volume an international group of specialists in history literature and political theory set about reconstructing the mental world of the Jacobean court and challenging older orthodoxies on Jacobean politics, ideology, religion and culture. While the volume marks fresh departures in the study of the Jacobean court, it makes no attempt to offer a comprehensive study of the era. Rather, it presents chapters of original research, strongly interpretive in character, and sometimes in disagreement.

 The most loving place in town: a modern-day parable for the church /Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges.

 Originals: how non-conformists move the world /Adam Grant. The New York Times bestselling author examines how people can champion new ideas–and how leaders can encourage originality in their organizations   In Originals he  addresses the challenge of improving the world from the perspective of becoming original: choosing to champion novel ideas and values that go against the grain, battle conformity, and buck outdated traditions.

 Relaxing with God: the neglected spiritual discipline /Andrew Farley. Bestselling author Andrew Farley shares with readers biblical wisdom on the neglected art of resting in Christ. Anyone longing to experience true release from the crushing expectations that the world throws their way will find life and rest in Farley’s revolutionary message.

 The road to character /David Brooks. A controversial and eye-opening look at how our culture has lost sight of the value of humility – defined as the opposite of self-preoccupation – and why only an engaged inner life can yield true meaning and fulfillment.

 Scripture, culture, and agriculture: an Agrarian reading of the Bible /Ellen F. Davis ;  foreword by Wendell Berry. This book examines the theology and ethics of land use, especially the practices of modern industrialized agriculture, in light of critical biblical exegesis. Nine interrelated essays explore the biblical writers’ pervasive concern for the care of arable land against the background of the geography, social structures, and religious thought of ancient Israel. This approach consistently brings out neglected aspects of texts, both poetry and prose, that are central to Jewish and Christian traditions. Rather than seeking solutions from the past, Davis creates a conversation between ancient texts and contemporary agrarian writers; thus she provides a fresh perspective from which to view the destructive practices and assumptions that now dominate the global food economy. The biblical exegesis is wide-ranging and sophisticated; the language is literate and accessible to a broad audience.

Shalom and the community of creation: an indigenous vision /Randy S. Woodley. In Shalom and the Community of Creation Woodley explores the Native American ‘Harmony Way,’ a concept that closely parallels biblical shalom as a way to bring reconciliation between Euro-Westerners and indigenous peoples, a new connectedness with the Creator and creation, an end to imperial warfare, the ability to live in the moment, justice, restoration — and a more biblically authentic spirituality. Rooted in redemptive correction, this book calls for true partnership through the co-creation of new theological systems that foster wholeness and peace.

 Stomping out the darkness: discover your true identity in Christ and stop putting up with the world’s garbage! /Neil T. Anderson & Dave Park. Anderson and Park show youth how to break free of all the garbage and negative thoughts that cloud their minds and how to discover the joy of being a child of God.

Tactics: securing the victory in every young man’s battle /Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey.

 The temple: 1633 / George Herbert. The Temple, a volume of lyrical poems, embodies expressions of Herbert’s personal struggles of faith and was used as a device of pastoral teaching. The book has a threefold structure in considering the significance of the symbols of the church architecture, the virtues of the Christian life, and the events of the Church’s history.

 Through a glass darkly: suffering, the sacred, and the sublime in literature and theory /edited by Holly Faith Nelson, Lynn R. Szabo, Jens Zimmermann. (TWU AUTHORS)The twenty-five essays in Through a Glass Darkly: Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime in Literature and Theory, written by international scholars working in the fields of literary criticism, philosophy, and history, address the ways in which literature and theory have engaged with these three concepts and related concerns. The contributors analyze literary and theoretical texts from the medieval period to the postmodern age. This book will be of particular interest to scholars of religion and literature, philosophy and literature, aesthetic theory, and trauma studies.

Treatise on law /Thomas Aquinas ; translated, with introduction, notes, and glossary, by Richard J. Regan. This new translation of the Treatise on Law offers fidelity to the Latin in a readable new version that will prove useful to students of the natural law tradition in ethics, political theory, and jurisprudence, as well as to students of Western intellectual history.

Unstoppable: the incredible power of faith in action /Nick Vujicic. In sharing compelling stories of his own experiences and those of many others, Nick explains how anyone can create a “ridiculously good life” and become unstoppable.

What we were reading in September 2018

Last month 1,111 ebooks were used 3,333 times. (Yes, statistically each item was used exactly three times, but in fact some items were used much more often!) Usage includes online views and downloads, as well as email and print requests.

Here are some of  last month’s most used titles:

 Navigating Strategic Possibilities: Strategy Formulation and Execution Practices to Flourish by Herholdt, Johan;Ungerer, Gerard;Ungerer, Marius Number of uses:  216

Basic Linguistic Theory, 2: Grammatical Topics by Dixon, R. M. W. Number of uses:  114

  History of South Africa (Yale Nota bene) by Thompson, Leonard Monteath Number of uses:  84

Foundations of Pragmatics by Norrick, Neal R.;Bublitz, Wolfram Number of uses:  72

 Religion: A Clinical Guide for Nurses by Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston Number of uses:  52

 East of Eden. : New and Recent Essays. by Meyer, Michael J.;Vansant, Jacqueline Number of uses:  44

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes by Kushner, Tony;Glaser, Milton;Govan, Lisa;Watman, Molly Number of uses:  28

 Space in Language and Cognition: Explorations in Cognitive Diversity by Levinson, Stephen C.;Max Planck Institut für Psycholinguistik (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Number of uses:  25

Representing Time: An Essay on Temporality As Modality (Oxford linguistics) by Jaszczolt, Katarzyna Number of uses:  24

 The Bible in Shakespeare by Hamlin, Hannibal Number of uses:  23

Respectful Relationships by Healey, Justin Number of uses:  22

 Āyurveda Encyclopedia: Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention & Longevity by Chandhok, J. K.;Sandhu. S.;Uniyal, R. C.;Tirtha, Sada Shiva Number of uses:  19

Plasmids: Biology and Impact in Biotechnology and Discovery by Tolmasky, Marcelo;Alonso, Juan Carlos Number of uses:  18

 Poems, Volume 1: Predentius by Eagan, M. Clement;Prudentius Number of uses:  18

 A Brief History of Qi by Zhang, Yu Huan;Rose, Ken Number of uses:  16


New Titles Tuesday, October 30

Here is a selection of the 23 print books added to the collection in the past week. Click on a title for more information or to place a hold on these items.


 Building materials for life: radical common sense, the power of right thinking, relevant religion, plowing new ground, persistence, and 35 other essays on how to enhance your life /Millard Fuller. A collection of 40 inspiring essays,

Counterfeit gods: the empty promises of money, sex, and power, and the only hope that matters /Timothy Keller. Keller exposes the error of making good things “ultimate” in this book, and shows readers a new path toward a hope that lasts.

 Down-to-earth spirituality: encountering God in the ordinary, boring stuff of life /R. Paul Stevens. Taking his cue from the biblical story of Jacob, Stevens explores the Genesis narrative and uncovers how ordinary moments are made extraordinary, transformed by the presence of God in the midst of the mundane.

 The dream: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the speech that inspired a nation /Drew D. Hansen. The Dream delves into the fascinating and little-known history of King’s speech. Hansen explores King’s compositional strategies and techniques, and proceeds to a brilliant analysis of the “I Have a Dream” speech itself, examining it on various levels: as a political treatise, a work of poetry, and as a masterfully delivered and improvised sermon bursting with biblical language and imagery.

 From Jerusalem to Timbuktu: a world tour of the spread of Christianity /Brian C. Stiller.  Stiller identifies five key factors that have shaped the church, from a renewed openness to the move of the Holy Spirit to the empowerment of indigenous leadership.

  Insanity of God: a true story of faith resurrected /Nik Ripken ; with Gregg Lewis ; [foreword by David Platt]. The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be anything but. After spending over six hard years doing relief work in Somalia, and experiencing life where it looked like God had turned away completely and He was clueless about the tragedies of life, the couple had a crisis of faith and left Africa asking  God, “Does the gospel work anywhere when it is really a hard place?

The last girl: my story of captivity, and my fight against the Islamic State /Nadia Murad with Jenna Krajeski ; [foreword by Amal Clooney].In this intimate memoir of survival, a former captive of the Islamic State ( and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Winner) tells her harrowing and ultimately inspiring story.  Nadia’s story–as a witness to the Islamic State’s brutality, a survivor of rape, a refugee, a Yazidi–has forced the world to pay attention to the ongoing genocide in Iraq. It is a call to action, a testament to the human will to survive, and a love letter to a lost country, a fragile community, and a family torn apart by war.

 Liar’s poker: rising through the wreckage on Wall Street /Michael Lewis. The fascinating insider’s account of what really happens on Wall Street. This irreverent and hilarious birds-eye view of Wall Street’s heyday will appeal to anyone intrigued by the allure of million dollar deals.

 Little sister: searching for the shadow world of Chinese women : a memoir /Julie Checkoway.

Low city, high city: Tokyo from Edo to the earthquake /Edward Seidensticker. This book looks at the metamorphosis of Japan from a country with little contact with the outside world to one brimming with Western ideas and technologies. Seidensticker focuses on Tokyo in the years between the Meiji Restoration and the earthquake of 1923 to illustrate this change. He shows how Tokyo, which was called Edo until 1867, emerged from being the shogun’s capital and the biggest city in a country which had been closed to the outside world for two and a half centuries, to a modern city, open to Western ideas.

A man of faith: the spiritual journey of George W. Bush /David Aikman. Aikman, skilled journalist and former senior correspondent for TIME magazine, pens this dramatic and gripping account of Bush’s journey to faith.

Masterpieces from the National Gallery /Erika Langmuir. This handsomely designed and illustrated book presents thirty-six masterpieces from the National Gallery’s remarkable and unparalleled collection, introducing major artists through their most renowned works.

 Meditations on the parables of Jesus /by Thomas Keating. Keating continues to stir the Christian imagination with insightful commentary on the parables of the Bible. This collection of corresponding meditations renews the voice and vigor of each parable’s deeper meaning.

 One nation, underprivileged: why American poverty affects us all /Mark Robert Rank. Rank vividly shows that the fundamental causes of poverty are to be found in our economic structure and political policy failures, rather than individual shortcomings or attitudes. He establishes for the first time that a significant percentage of Americans will experience poverty during their adult lifetimes, and firmly demonstrates that poverty is an issue of vital national concern. Ultimately, Rank provides us with a new paradigm for understanding poverty, and outlines an innovative set of strategies that will reduce American poverty. One Nation, Underprivileged represents a profound starting point for rekindling a national focus upon America’s most vexing social and economic problem.

Plato’s Symposium /a translation by Seth Benardete ; with commentaries by Allan Bloom and Seth Benardete. This new edition brings together the English translation of the renowned Plato scholar and translator,  Benardete. In the Symposium, Plato recounts a drinking party following an evening meal, where the guests include the poet Aristophanes, the drunken Alcibiades, and, of course, the wise Socrates. The revelers give their views on the timeless topics of love and desire, all the while addressing many of the major themes of Platonic philosophy: the relationship of philosophy and poetry, the good, and the beautiful.

 The promise of winter: quickening the spirit on ordinary days and in fallow seasons /Martin Marty and Micah Marty. Rather than looking ahead to spring, The Promise of Winter explores the signs of promise and presence found in the winter of the soul. For the disappointed and dispirited, this volume holds up the presence and promise of God.

 Saint Silouan, the Athonite /Archimandrite Sofrony ; translated from Russian by Rosemary Edmonds. Part I is a remarkable account of St Silouan’s life, personality and teaching. Part II consists of St Silouan’s writings, which he had laboriously penciled on odd scraps of paper, expressing an authentic personal experience of Christianity identical with that of the early Desert Fathers.

 The working poor: invisible in America /David K. Shipler.  Shipler makes clear in this powerful, humane study, the invisible poor are engaged in the activity most respected in American ideology–hard, honest work. But their version of the American Dream is a nightmare: low-paying, dead-end jobs; the profound failure of government to improve upon decaying housing, health care, and education; the failure of families to break the patterns of child abuse and substance abuse. Shipler exposes the interlocking problems by taking us into the sorrowful, infuriating, courageous lives of the poor–white and black, Asian and Latino, citizens and immigrants. We encounter them every day, for they do jobs essential to the American economy. This impassioned book not only dissects the problems, but makes pointed, informed recommendations for change. It is a book that stands to make a difference.

 Wonder and critical reflection: an invitation to philosophy /Tom Christenson. For anyone who wants to engage in philosophical thinking–to experience first hand the wonder, the temptations, the critical tools, and the pleasure of it. Each chapter contains a brief summary of major themes, an introductory student-voiced dialogue, a clarifying discussion, and questions for further reflection.

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