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What is a Long Night Against Procrastination?

Q:Is LNAP really a thing?

A: Yes! It is a global effort to create a safe and supportive environment for writers. It first started at the European University Viadrina, Germany in 2010 as a way of supporting students academically. Writing can be a lonely endeavour. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement and support from time to time?

Q: What should I bring to LNAP?

A: Bring at least one assignment to work on, including any assignment instructions or first draft that you might have. You may also wish to bring a laptop, water bottle, and travel mug with a lid; we’ll supply the coffee,

Q: What should I expect?

The front half of the main floor of the library will be a hum of activity , but the upper and lower levels, and glassroom  will be quiet zones.

Reference librarians, writing coaches, learning skills tutors, computer help and circulation services will be available throughout the event to work with you to help you make progress with your papers and assignments from initial research to printing out your work.

Stay for the entire event, or come for just a few hours.  Study hard and then take a break at one of the relaxation zones and do some colouring, origami or pet a puppy.

Keep following these posts for more details about  the Long Night Against Procrastination on Monday, February 25.

Thanks to our colleagues at Thompson Rivers University Library for much of this content

What we were eReading in December

Over 700 EBSCOhost eBooks were used 1600 time during December, either by Alloway Library users viewing online, downloading, printing or emailing portions of the work. Here is a selection of the most-used titles.

 Evolution and the Fall  /  Cavanaugh, William T.;Smith, James K. A.  50 uses

Worship and the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honour of John T. Willis (Journal for the study of the Old Testament. Supplement series ; 284)  /  Graham, Matt Patrick;Willis, John T.;McKenzie, Steven L.;Marrs, Rick R.  45 uses

 Statistics for Advanced Practice Nurses and Health Professionals  /  Dontje, Katherine J.;Stommel, Manfred  30 uses

Qualitative Research Methods for Psychologists: Introduction through Empirical Studies  /  Constance T. Fischer;Fischer, Constance T.  19 uses

 While America Watches: Televising the Holocaust  /  Shandler, Jeffrey  16 uses

Political Economy of Lebanon, 1948-2002: The Limits of Laissez-faire (Social, economic, and political studies of the Middle East and Asia, 1385-3376 ; v. 92)  /  Gaspard, T.K.  14 uses

 Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics, Third Edition  /  Marich, Robert.  14 uses

Cross-cultural Pragmatics: The Semantics of Human Interaction  /  Wierzbicka, Anna  13 uses

The New Extractivism: A Post-neoliberal Development Model or Imperialism of the Twenty-first Century?  /  Petras, James F.;Veltmeyer, Henry  12 uses

 Resource Extraction and Protest in Peru  /  Arce, Moisés.  12 uses

Divine Hiddenness: New Essays  /  Howard-Snyder;Howard-Snyder, Daniel;Moser, Paul  11 uses

Diachrony in Biblical Hebrew (Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic)  /  Miller, Cynthia L.;Zevit, Ziony  10 uses

   Language and Culture: Global Flows and Local  Complexity  /  Risager, Karen  10 uses

Participatory Workshops: A Sourcebook of 21 Sets of Ideas and Activities  /  Chambers, Robert;Louisa Earls  10 uses

An even better Long Night Against Procrastination

Here are some of the most common words that appeared in comments about our fall LNAP.

Alloway Library and the TWU Learning Commons’ second Long Night Against Procrastination on Monday February 25  is building on the success of our first LNAP held last October.

In the fall we welcomed nearly 600 visitors  between 6:30 and midnight. Two hundred of our visitors filled in a survey that told us that many students came to get motivated to study, start their papers and de-stress.  Ninety five per cent of them told us that they succeeded in their goals by getting help from our librarians, Learning Commons support staff and IT staff and by using the library’s quiet spaces to do their work alone or with friends. Students also told us that they loved spending time with the gentle dogs in attendance and enjoyed the snacks provided. Over one third said they valued the environment provide in the library. One student summed up what many said “The overall atmosphere was very positive! Very much a feeling of being in it together and receiving support.”

In planning our February event we are also heeding comments that showed us how to improve:  We will point out the different quiet zones and active zones in the library. We are inviting faculty to come in and network with their students and, more importantly, we are bringing in free coffee!

Just like we did in our successful fall LNAP, we will  have the Research Help Desk open in the evening; extra hours for the Writing Centre,  Learning Commons support staff and de-stressing activities. Based on student feedback, we are making sure there are enough dogs and snacks to help you get motivated and get things done!

The February 25 LNAP comes on the Monday right after Reading Break. So, whether you take a break from reading or for reading, the Long Night Against Procrastination will give you a jump start on the busy last half of the term.

Visit our FaceBook event page to let us and your friends know that you are coming.

Happy Birthday to the Library!

Today, January 20 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the library building’s grand opening. TWU Archives has an extensive online collection of  photos and information about  TWU’s libraries over the years, and here’s a ten-year old clip marking our 20th anniversary.

Long-serving librarian Rick Wiebe recently reminisced about the early days of Trinity Western’s libraries and the opening of what we now know as Norma Marion Alloway Library.

Before the “new library” opened we were at the south end of campus in in the Strombeck building, and before that, the east wing of the chapel, which has since been condemned and razed. Before that … I don’t know if there was a location before the chapel. But that’s a story for another time, and from before my time.

It was exciting to move into the new building: setting up shelves and bringing all of the books over here etc.! There was so much more space, and all of the other advantages. We were grateful for it, and for the Alloway Family foundation coming on board afterwards to help fund it and later the Campanile.

In the spring of 1989, I picked up our copy of American Libraries journal which put our achievement into perspective. It was their annual architecture issue in which they surveyed the new library buildings that had recently come into service. Some of them were architectural marvels. Needless to say, our rather ordinary-looking, rectangular box was not featured but I was not disappointed in our new building.  We came from a cramped space where, for instance, shelving of books was becoming exceedingly difficult (where there was no room, we shoved books on top of those already properly placed). Improving that alone was a huge plus for us.

So, while we may not have built an architecturally inspiring building, it has allowed us to provide a higher level of service to our patrons. For that we are thankful.

Library staff learned recently that the main level of the library will receive a renovation over the summer in anticipation of the integration of TWU Learning Commons into the library in order to provide a higher level of service to library users and TWU students in the years to come.

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