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Month: July 2019

New Titles Tuesday, July 30

In the past week 153 titles added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on a link for more information.

Being the Church in Abbotsford : reflective essays /editors, Ron Dart, David Giesbrecht, J.H. Hans Kouwenberg, J. Christoph Reiners.
Abbotsford has often been described as the Bible Belt. This title aims to offer a balanced assessment of churches in the city of Abbotsford; in particular, how churches are working with the city to provide resources and ministry to the people.

Confronting religious denial of gay marriage : Christian humanism and the moral imagination /Catherine M. Wallace.
Writing in part for secular humanists, non-Christians, and ex-Christians, the author locates the beginning of religious vilification of LBGTQ Americans, followed by three major flaws in the religious argument against gay marriage.

Holy tears : weeping in the religious imagination /edited by Kimberley Christine Patton and John Stratton Hawley.
What religion does not serve as a theater of tears? This book addresses through a selection of essays this universal phenomenon with passion and precision, ranging from Mycenaean Greece up through the tragedy of 9/11.

How to teach reading to elementary and middle school students : practical ideas from highly effective teachers /Robert B. Ruddell.
This strategy based test combines ideas from the classrooms of highly effective teachers with the latest findings from reading research. This book is designed to ensure continued growth in reading skill, including the use of phonics and structural analysis; in sight vocabulary and meaning vocabulary development; in reading fluency; and in comprehension of narrative and informational text.

Making fast food : from the frying pan into the fryer /Ester Reiter ; artwork by Richard Slye.
The author shares her experiences in the fast food industry and analyses the profound effect this industry has had on women’s work, youth employment, the labour movement, the family, and the community.

Natural beauty : a theory of aesthetics beyond the arts /Ronald Moore.
This book surveys historical and modern accounts of natural beauty and weaves elements derived from those accounts into a “syncretic theory” that centers on key features of aesthetic experience, specifically, features that sustain and reward attention.

Neither sun nor death /Peter Sloterdijk with Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs ; translated by Steve Corcoran.
Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher and cultural theorist known for his late 1980’s Critique of Cynical Reason. In this book, Sloterdijk answers questions posed by German writer Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs, commenting on such issues as technological mutation, development media, communication technologies, and his own intellectual itinerary.

The poetry of George Herbert /Helen Vendler.
This title is a selection of poetry by Welsh born poet, orator, and priest of the Church of England. Herbert’s poetry has been associated with the writings of metaphysical poets and he is considered to be one of the foremost British devotional lyricists.

Qumran interpretation of the Genesis flood /Jeremy D. Lyon.
This book is a literary analysis of the four primary Qumran Flood texts (1QapGen, 4Q252, 4Q370, and 4Q422) and reveals how ancient Jews interpreted and employed the Genesis Flood narrative. These fragmentary texts also reveal such ancient understandings of the Flood as a reversal and renewal of creation, a restoration of Eden and anticipation of the Promised Land, and an archetype of eschatological judgment.

Technology-mediated TBLT : researching technology and tasks /Edited by Marta Gónzalez-Lloret, University of Hawai’i at Man̄oa ; Lourdes Ortega, Georgetown University.
This volume contributes to the development and advancement of TBLT as a research domain by investigating the intersection between tasks and technology from a variety of theoretical perspectives and by gathering empirical findings on the design and implementation of diverse tasks for writing, interaction, and assessment with the mediation of technological tools such as wikis, blogs, CMC, Fanfiction sites, and virtual and synthetic environments.

New Titles Tuesday, July 23

In the past week 12 titles added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on a link for more information.

Catching homelessness : a nurse’s story of falling through the safety net /Josephine Ensign.
After becoming homeless, the author reconstructs their life with altered views on homelessness, and on the health care system. This title provides a piercing look at the homelessness industry, nursing, and our country’s health.

Internet, phone, mail, and mixed-mode surveys : the tailored design method /Don A. Dillman, Jolene D. Smyth, Leah Melani Christian.
This new edition, updated for the digital age, addresses all aspects of survey research and features expanded coverage of mobile phones, tablets, and the use of do-it-yourself surveys. This invaluable resource is crucial for any researcher seeking to increase response rates and obtain high-quality feedback from survey questions.

Leadership in nursing practice : changing the landscape of health care /Daniel Weberg, Kara Mangold, Tim Porter-O’Grady, and Kathy Malloch.
This third edition provides nursing students with the leadership skill-set that they will need when entering the field.

Mobilizing knowledge in healthcare : challenges for management and organization /edited by Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, and Davide Nicolini.
This book provides an alternative knowledge mobilization view that examines how knowledge is circulated and negotiated among those involved in healthcare, and how it is used to actually transform practice.

Nursing ethics : across the curriculum and into practice /Janie B. Butts and Karen L. Rich.
This fifth edition has been revised to reflect the most current issues in healthcare ethics including new cases, laws, and policies.

The years of Lyndon Johnson /Robert A. Caro.
This critical acclaimed political biography examines the life of Lyndon Johnson who served as the 36th president of the United Stated from 1963 to 1969.

New Titles Tuesday, July 16

In the past week 34 titles added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on a link for more information.

Christian origins and the ancient economy /David A. Fiensy.
What does economics have to do with Christian origins? This volume seeks to guide readers through some of the most controversial issues raised in the last twenty years on this important topic.

Faithful and fractured responding to the clergy health crisis /Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell and Jason Byassee.
This book combines the expertise of a health psychology researcher and a leading pastoral theologian to interpret groundbreaking data explaining why our pastors are in such poor health and what can be done about it.

Finding ourselves after Darwin conversations on the image of God, original sin, and the problem of evil /Stanley P. Rosenberg, General Editor; Michael Burdett, Michael Lloyd, and Benno Van Den Toren, Associate Editors.
A multinational team of scholars explores the theological consequences of evolutionary scientific thought for the Christian doctrines of original sin, the image of God, and the problem of evil.

Luther for Evangelicals: a reintroduction /Paul R. Hinlicky.
A leading Lutheran theologian offers a brief introduction to Luther’s theology that corrects common misconceptions and connects Luther with the evangelical tradition.

The mystic way of evangelism a contemplative vision for Christian outreach /Elaine A. Heath.
This second edition approaches evangelism through contemplative spirituality, and offers a corrective to the contemporary American trend of programmatic and consumeristic forms of evangelism. The edition also includes a new study guide.

Practical theology for church diversity: a guide for clergy and congregations /Ken J. Walden; foreword by Vergel L. Lattimore III.
This book informs, challenges, and questions some widespread components of church life along demographic lines, and focuses on pragmatic approaches to cross-cultural pastoral ministry and multicultural ministry.

Preaching Jesus Christ today six questions for moving from scripture to sermon /Annette Brownlee.
This book approaches preaching as a theological practice and a spiritual discipline. The author explores six questions to help preachers listen to Scripture and move from interpretation to text as they prepare sermons.

Roman but not Catholic what remains at stake 500 years after the Reformation /Jerry L. Walls and Kenneth J. Collins.
This book offers an informative critique of Roman Catholicism in defense of the catholic faith. Two leading evangelical thinkers in church history and philosophy summarize the major points of contention between Protestants and Catholics, and address key historical, theological, and philosophical issues.

Since the beginning interpreting Genesis 1 and 2 through the ages /edited by Kyle R. Greenwood.
In this volume, an international team of experts guides readers through interpretations of the Genesis creation stories throughout history, inviting them to consider perspectives from the earliest times to the present.

New Titles Tuesday, July 2

In the past week 56 titles added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on a link for more information.

Art 21 : art in the 21st century /essays by Thelma Golden.
Companion book to Art for the Twenty-First Century, the first broadcast series on PBS television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States today.

Digital filmmaking /Mike Figgis.
Academy Award nominee Mike Figgis offers the reader a step-by-step tutorial in how to use digital filmmaking technology so as to get the very best from it. He outlines the equipment and its uses, and provides an authoritative guide to the shooting process–from working with actors to lighting, framing, and camera movement.

A history of Christianity in Korea since 1945 /edited by the Society of the History of Christianity in Korea ; translated by Moon Jeong-II.
This book provides a holistic picture on the history of Korean Christianity after the 1945 liberation. The editor follows the trials and growth of Korean Christianity not only in terms of church structure, modes of faith and theology, but also in terms of relationships between church and society.

Manufacturing consent : Noam Chomsky and the media :  the companion book to the award-winning film by Peter Wintonick and Mark Achbar / edited by Mark Achbar.
This companion volume explores the breadth of Chomsky’s thought, from his pioneering work in linguistics, to his radical politics, to his analysis of professional sports. A complete transcript of the film is complemented by key excerpts from the writings, interviews and correspondence of Chomsky.

Neurolinguistics : an introduction to spoken language processing and its disorders /John C.L. Ingram.
This textbook introduces the central topics in neurolinguistics: speech recognition, word and sentence structure, meaning, and discourse. The book provides a balanced discussion of key areas of debate such as modularity and the ‘language areas’ of the brain, ‘connectionist’ versus ‘symbolic’ modelling of language processing, and the nature of linguistic and mental representations.

The portable Hannah Arendt /edited with an introduction by Peter Baehr.
Hannah Arendt is considered one of the major contributors to social and political thought in the twentieth century. This anthology of her writings includes selections from her major works, The Origins of Totalitarianism, Between Past and Future, Men in Dark Times, The Jew as Pariah, and The Human Condition, as well as many shorter writings and letters.

Rivers in time : the search for clues to earth’s mass extinctions /Peter D. Ward.
Written by a paleontologist, this book presents the author’s investigations into the history of life and death on Earth through a series of expeditions from the Philippine Sea to the Queen Charlotte Islands and to the Karoo desert in southern Africa. The author offers powerful proof that if radical measures are not taken to protect the biodiversity of this planet, much of life as we know it may not survive.

A train in winter : an extraordinary story of women, friendship and survival in World War Two /Caroline Moorehead.
Drawing on interviews with survivors and their families, on German, French and Polish archives, and on documents held by WW2 resistance organizations, this book tells the story of French women resisters survival in a detention camp. This book is a portrait of ordinary people, of bravery and endurance, and of the particular qualities of female friendship.

When parents die : learning to live with the loss of a parent /Rebecca Abrams.
An indispensable aid to the bereaved and the many professionals who work with them, this book is written in a clear and sympathetic style and speaks to bereaved children of all ages. The author draws on her personal and professional understandings of parental loss, as well as the experiences of many other adults, teenagers and children, to provide the reader with an honest, compassionate and insightful exploration of the experience of losing a parent.

Why don’t students like school? : a cognitive scientist answers questions about how the mind works and what it means for the classroom /Daniel T. Willingham.
This book will help teachers improve their practice by explaining how they and their students think and learn revealing the importance of story, emotion, memory, context, and routine in building knowledge and creating lasting learning experiences.