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It’s an LOA Weekend!

It’s our first LOA Weekend of the academic year here at the Norma Marion Alloway Library & Learning Commons!

What does LOA stand for?

Think of it like an airport code. Say it out loud a few times:


Now, make it your destination to get things done!

We will be open till 11 pm this Friday and Saturday (and Sunday afternoon) to help you get your assignments done and ready for finals. Below is our line-up of events for your LOA Weekend.

-Librarians available from 8 am – 9 pm
-Therapy dogs all day long till 4:30
-Writing Centre till 4 pm
-Relaxation Station (Main Level couch)
-Free Sodexo Coffee/Tea and Goodies (SAMC Gallery) – 8 pm – 11 pm

-Reference Librarian, Bill Badke – 10 am– 6 pm
-Relaxation Station (Main Level couch)
-Free Sodexo Coffee/Tea and Goodies (SAMC Gallery) – 8 pm – 11 pm

-AskAway online librarians till 9 pm
-Therapy dog from 2 pm -3 pm
-Relaxation Station (Main Level couch)
-Free Sodexo Coffee/Tea and Goodies (SAMC Gallery) – 2 pm – 5 pm

Hope to see you here!



New Titles Tuesday, November 26

In the past week 47 titles were added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on the link for more information.

The college classroom assessment compendium: practical guide to the college instructor’s daily assessment life /Jay Parkes and Dawn Zimmaro.
Composed of cross-referenced, research-based entries organized for effective and immediate access, this book provides systematic explanations of assessment policies and practices, including guidelines for classroom implementation.

Do not disturb: the importance of sleep /Genevieve Kocienda.
This title examines the importance of sleep, what happens when we get too little or too much, what happens when we sleep, and explores the mysteries of the night.

The drive to Dubai /Julie Till; illustrated by Paul Collicutt.
Work of fiction, when his father is arrested in Dubai, Kareem has to move fast. He must show that his father is not a thief and prove that his family is honest.

The fly and other horror stories /retold by John Escott.
These eight stories offer horror in many shapes and forms, in worlds full of monsters and evil spirits, where terror lies waiting in the shadows, and where the living and the dead dance hand in hand.

Girl on a motorcycle /John Escott; illustrated by Kevin Hopgood.
Curriculum material, this graphic title explores a robbery. The robber has long blond hair and rides a motorcycle – and a girl with long blond hair arrives at Kenny’s motel – on a motorcycle. Is she the robber?

Life online: the digital age /Kathryn O’Dell.
Curriculum material, explores the meaning of the digital age.

A morbid taste for bones /Ellis Peters; retold by John Escott; illustrated by Axel Rator.
Curriculum material, historical mystery series fiction, Brother Cadfael comes to a village in the Welsh hills and discovers a death.

New York Café /Michael Dean; illustrated by Peter Richardson.
Curriculum material, fiction, it is the year 2030, and an e-mail message arrives at New York Cafe. ‘I want to help people and make them happy!’ But not everybody is happy about thee-mail, and soon the police and the president are very interested in the New York Cafe.

The riddle of the sands /Erskine Childers; retold by Peter Hawkins.
Spy fiction, Carruthers is rescued from a hot summer at a deserted Foreign Office in London. He arrives to find not only that he comprises the whole crew, but also that Davies needs his help in a spying mission with enormous stakes.

New Titles Tuesday, November 19

In the past week 9 titles were added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on the link for more information.

Balancing acts: the scholarship of teaching and learning in academic careers /Mary Taylor Huber.
This title examines the routes pathfinders have traveled through the scholarship of teaching and learning and at the consequences that this unusual work has had for the advancement of their careers, especially tenure and promotion.

God-breathed: the undeniable power and reliability of Scripture /Josh McDowell.
This title takes readers on a journey as they come to understand how the living, breathing Word of God speaks directly into their lives, in particular, teaching readers the meaning of life, love, and relationships..

Journey to heal: seven essential steps of recovery of childhood sexual abuse /Crystal M. Sutherland.
This title guides readers through seven essential steps to recovery found in Scripture. The author is a survivor of CSA -knows that while the recovery process is complex, healing is possible with God’s help. 

Luminaries: twenty lives that illuminate the Christian way /Rowan Williams.
This title invites the reader to reflect on the lives and legacies of twenty prominent Christians – saints, martyrs, poets, theologians and social reformers, such as Augustine of Hippo, William Tyndale, Teresa of Avila, Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Simone Weil.

The mission of God: studies in Orthodox and Evangelical mission /Mark Oxbrow.
This title is a collection of essays that are rooted in prayer, in the Scriptures and in the rich histories of two very different traditions. The variety of topics and perspectives are presented by senior scholars and leaders, and present the ways in which Orthodox and Evangelical Christians around the globe have come together to participate in God’s transforming mission.


New Titles Tuesday, November 12

In the past week 1,122 titles were added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on the link for more information.

Computation and the humanities: towards an oral history of digital humanities /Julianne Nyhan, Andrew Flinn.
This book addresses the application of computing to cultural heritage and the discipline of Digital Humanities that formed around it.

Evaluating climate change action for sustainable development /Juha I. Uitto, Jyotsna Puri, Rob D. van den Berg, editors.
This title builds upon a selection of relevant and practical papers and presentations given at the 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development held in Washington DC in 2014 and includes perspectives from independent evaluations of the major international organizations supporting climate action in developing countries, such as the Global Environment Facility.

Impeachment: a citizen’s guide /Cass R. Sunstein.
This titles provides a succinct citizen’s guide to this essential tool of self-government. Taking us deeper than mere partisan politics, the author illuminates the constitutional design behind impeachment and emphasizes the people’s role in holding presidents accountable.

Microfinance, EU structural funds and capacity building for managing authorities: a comparative analysis of European convergence regions /edited by Giovanni Nicola Pes and Pasqualina Porretta.
This book presents a study of capacity building and structural funds in public managing authorities for the microcredit sector. It presents two surveys to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the managing authorities’ capacity building.

Moving images of eternity: George Grant’s critique of time, teaching, and technology /William F. Pinar.
This title presents a comprehensive and original study that demonstrates the significance and pertinence of the scholarship of George Grant for teaching.

A Philosophy of Israel Education: a Relational Approach /Barry Chazan.
This title examines the six-pronged theory of “person-centered” Israel education to outline the aims, content, pedagogy, and educators needed to implement this program.

Surveying human vulnerabilities across the life course /Michel Oris, Caroline Roberts, Dominique Joye, Michèle Ernst-Stähli, editors.
This open access book details tools and procedures for data collections of hard-to-reach, hard-to-survey populations. This title demonstrates the importance to have a dialogue between specialists of survey methods and the researchers working on social dynamics across the life span.

The teaching and learning of Arabic in early modern Europe /edited by Jan Loop, Alastair Hamilton, Charles Burnett.
This title is a collection of essays that present a comprehensive history of the teaching and learning of Arabic in early modern Europe, covering a wide geographical area from southern to northern Europe and discussing the many ways and purposes for which the Arabic language was taught and studied by scholars, theologians, merchants, diplomats and prisoners.

Wesleyan missions: their progress stated and their claims enforced /by Robert Alder.
This is a story of the Wesleyan Missions with special reference to their progress and their claims.

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