In the past week 9 titles were added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on the link for more information.

Balancing acts: the scholarship of teaching and learning in academic careers /Mary Taylor Huber.
This title examines the routes pathfinders have traveled through the scholarship of teaching and learning and at the consequences that this unusual work has had for the advancement of their careers, especially tenure and promotion.

God-breathed: the undeniable power and reliability of Scripture /Josh McDowell.
This title takes readers on a journey as they come to understand how the living, breathing Word of God speaks directly into their lives, in particular, teaching readers the meaning of life, love, and relationships..

Journey to heal: seven essential steps of recovery of childhood sexual abuse /Crystal M. Sutherland.
This title guides readers through seven essential steps to recovery found in Scripture. The author is a survivor of CSA -knows that while the recovery process is complex, healing is possible with God’s help. 

Luminaries: twenty lives that illuminate the Christian way /Rowan Williams.
This title invites the reader to reflect on the lives and legacies of twenty prominent Christians – saints, martyrs, poets, theologians and social reformers, such as Augustine of Hippo, William Tyndale, Teresa of Avila, Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Simone Weil.

The mission of God: studies in Orthodox and Evangelical mission /Mark Oxbrow.
This title is a collection of essays that are rooted in prayer, in the Scriptures and in the rich histories of two very different traditions. The variety of topics and perspectives are presented by senior scholars and leaders, and present the ways in which Orthodox and Evangelical Christians around the globe have come together to participate in God’s transforming mission.