In the past week 47 titles were added to the library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on the link for more information.

The college classroom assessment compendium: practical guide to the college instructor’s daily assessment life /Jay Parkes and Dawn Zimmaro.
Composed of cross-referenced, research-based entries organized for effective and immediate access, this book provides systematic explanations of assessment policies and practices, including guidelines for classroom implementation.

Do not disturb: the importance of sleep /Genevieve Kocienda.
This title examines the importance of sleep, what happens when we get too little or too much, what happens when we sleep, and explores the mysteries of the night.

The drive to Dubai /Julie Till; illustrated by Paul Collicutt.
Work of fiction, when his father is arrested in Dubai, Kareem has to move fast. He must show that his father is not a thief and prove that his family is honest.

The fly and other horror stories /retold by John Escott.
These eight stories offer horror in many shapes and forms, in worlds full of monsters and evil spirits, where terror lies waiting in the shadows, and where the living and the dead dance hand in hand.

Girl on a motorcycle /John Escott; illustrated by Kevin Hopgood.
Curriculum material, this graphic title explores a robbery. The robber has long blond hair and rides a motorcycle – and a girl with long blond hair arrives at Kenny’s motel – on a motorcycle. Is she the robber?

Life online: the digital age /Kathryn O’Dell.
Curriculum material, explores the meaning of the digital age.

A morbid taste for bones /Ellis Peters; retold by John Escott; illustrated by Axel Rator.
Curriculum material, historical mystery series fiction, Brother Cadfael comes to a village in the Welsh hills and discovers a death.

New York Café /Michael Dean; illustrated by Peter Richardson.
Curriculum material, fiction, it is the year 2030, and an e-mail message arrives at New York Cafe. ‘I want to help people and make them happy!’ But not everybody is happy about thee-mail, and soon the police and the president are very interested in the New York Cafe.

The riddle of the sands /Erskine Childers; retold by Peter Hawkins.
Spy fiction, Carruthers is rescued from a hot summer at a deserted Foreign Office in London. He arrives to find not only that he comprises the whole crew, but also that Davies needs his help in a spying mission with enormous stakes.