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New Titles Tuesday, May 26

In the past week 8 e-titles were added to the Norma Marion Alloway Library’s collection; below is a sample.

Click on the link for more information.

Check out these new ebooks today!



Contested fields: a global history of modern football /Alan McDougall.
This title introduces readers to key aspects of the global game, synthesizing research on football’s transnational role in reflecting and shaping political, socio-economic, and cultural developments over the past 150 years. Each chapter uses case studies and cutting-edge scholarship to analyze an important element of football’s international story: migration, money, competition, gender, race, space, spectatorship, and confrontation.

Darwinism as religion: what literature tells us about evolution /Michael Ruse.
This title draws on a deep understanding of both the science and the history, the author surveys the naturalistic thinking about the origins of organisms, including the origins of humankind, as portrayed in novels and in poetry, taking the story from its beginnings in the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th
century right up to the present.

Historical dictionary of Unitarian Universalism /Mark W. Harris.
This second edition contains has over 400 cross-referenced entries on people, places, events and trends in the history of the Unitarian and Universalist faiths including American leaders and luminaries, important writers and social reformers.

Just the arguments: 100 of the most important arguments in Western philosophy /edited by Michael Bruce and Steven Barbone.
This title provides a concise and formally structured summation of 100 of the most important arguments in Western philosophy and offers succinct expositions of key philosophical arguments.

Logic as a liberal art: an introduction to rhetoric and reasoning /R.E. Houser.
This title is designed as part of a minority approach, teaching logic in the “verbal” way, in the student’s “natural” language, the approach invented by Aristotle. The emphasis is on learning logic through doing problems and this title provides an example of problems on multiple levels of learning.

The problem of war: Darwinism, Christianity, and their battle to understand human conflict /Michael Ruse.
This title is an in-depth study of Christians and of Darwinians on the theme of war. The author shows that the dynamic between Darwinians and Christians has not been a straightforward opposition, and complicates as it moves through the 20th century, as some Christian thinkers start to favor the inevitability of war and Darwinians acknowledge the idea of moral progress.

Sketches in the theory of culture /edited by Dariusz Brzezinski; translated by Ktarzyna Bartoszynska.
Now published in English, this title was written by Polish sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, who sheds light and illuminates the intellectual climate of Poland in the late 1960s. Bauman’s pursuit of a semiotic theory of culture includes a discussion of processes of individualization and the intensification of global ties, anticipating themes that became central to his later work.

Strategic leadership across cultures:  the GLOBE study of CEO leadership behavior and effectiveness in 24 countries /Robert J. House, Peter W. Dorfman, Mansour Javidan, Paul J. Hanges, Mary F. Sully de Luque.
Reporting on research obtained during the third phase of the ten-year GLOBE project, the book examines strategic leadership effectiveness for executive and top-level management based on data from more than 1,000 CEOs and over 6,000 top management team members in 24 countries.




The Love of Reading (vol. III)

The Norma Marion Alloway Library presents our new series The Love of Reading to encourage us to expand our minds.

May 29 is International UN Peacekeepers day and this year the theme is “Women in Peacekeeping“; thus, for this week we explore titles on various aspects of peacekeeping.

Below is a small selection of ebooks  on the subject, “UN peacekeeping“; click on the link for more information. To find additional titles in this subject area, simply enter the subject term into the Library OneSearch box and then refine your search by selecting “ebooks“. Note, you will need to sign on using your TWU login.

Enjoy exploring these ebooks today!

The Failure to Prevent Genocide in Rwanda: The Role of Bystanders /Grünfeld, Fred and Anke Huijboom.
This title speaks about the failure to prevent genocide in Rwanda in 1994. In particular, the research focuses on why the early warnings of an emerging genocide were not translated into early preventative action. The warnings were well documented by the most authoritative source, the Canadian U.N. peace-keeping commander General Romeo Dallaire and sent to the leading political civil servants in New York.

The Fog of Peace: A Memoir of International Peacekeeping in the 21st Century /Guéhenno, Jean-Marie.
This firsthand account speaks to the author’s UN peacekeeping efforts with major crises since the beginning of the 21st century. Guéhenno grapples with the distance between the international community’s promise to protect and illustrates with personal and concrete examples from crises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Darfur, Kosovo, Ivory Coast, Georgia, Lebanon, Haiti, and Syria.

New Models of Peacekeeping Security and Protection of Human Rights: The Role of the UN and Regional Organizations /Caracciolo, Ida and Umberto Montuoro.
This title contains the proceedings of the Workshop on “New Models of Peacekeeping. Security and Protection of Human Rights”, held at the Center for Higher Defence Studies in Rome, from the 10th to the 12th May 2017. The Workshop dealt with two major issues, the new regional models of peacekeeping were examined, and secondly, the adjustment of peacekeeping with respect to the new crisis was debated.

The United Nations and Peacekeeping, 1988-95 /Kertcher, Chen.
This title offers a vivid description of these changes through the analysis of the evolution in the concept and practice of United Nations peacekeeping operations from 1988 to 1995. The research is anchored primarily in United Nations documents, which were produced following the diplomatic discussions that took place in the General Assembly, the Security Council and the UN Secretariat on the subject of peacekeeping in general and in the cases of Cambodia, Former Yugoslavia and Somalia.

The Women in Blue Helmets: Gender, Policing, and the UN’s First All-Female Peacekeeping Unit /Pruitt, Lesley J.
This title tells the story of the first all-female police unit deployed by India to the UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia in January 2007. The author investigates how the unit was originated, developed, and implemented, offering an important historical record of this unique initiative.

The Love of Reading (vol. II)

The Norma Marion Alloway Library presents our new series The Love of Reading to encourage us to expand our minds

Gardening season is upon us and what better way to celebrate nature’s bounty than exploring ebooks on gardening.

Below is a small selection of ebooks  on the subject, “gardening“; click on the link for more information. To find additional titles in this subject area, simply enter the subject term into the Library OneSearch box and then refine your search by selecting “ebooks“. Note, you will need to sign on using your TWU login.

Enjoy exploring these ebooks today!

Beauty by Design: Inspired Gardening in the Pacific Northwest /Terry, Bill and Rosemary Bates.
This ebook is not a how-to on gardening, but provides ideas and enchantment for seasoned gardeners and beginners alike. Eleven inspired artists share their stories, their secrets, and their passion for gardening in the Pacific Northwest coast.

Butterfly Gardening: The North American Butterfly Association Guide /Hurwitz, Jane and Project Muse.
This guide, illustrated with more than two hundred color photographs and maps presents essential information on how to choose and cultivate plants that will attract a range of butterflies to your garden and help sustain all the stages of their life cycles.

Early Canadian Gardening: An 1827 Nursery Catalogue /Woodhead, Eileen and William W. Custead.
Reproducing a rare 1827 plant and seed catalogue, this title presents an extensive range of garden plants that were grown for food and medicines, as well as ornamental purposes. This ebook provides a valuable account of the business of horticulture in the first decades of the nineteenth century — the practices of importers, merchants, farms, and households — placing it within the broader context of social history.

Urban Gardening and the Struggle for Social and Spatial Justice /Certomá, Chiara, Susan Noori, and Martin Sondermann.
This title explores urban gardening practices (re)emerging worldwide as new forms of bottom-up socio-political participation. Through a critical exploration of international case studies, this title investigates how gardeners are willing and able to contrast urban spatial arrangements that produce peculiar forms of social organisation and structures for inclusion and exclusion, by considering pervasive inequalities in the access to space, natural resources and services, as well as considerable disparities in living conditions.

When Good Gardens Go Bad: Earth-Friendly Solutions to Common Garden Problems /Barrett Judy.
This title offers safe, practical, and inexpensive advice for handling common garden problems and challenges. Dispelling the belief that gardens should be perfectly controlled environments, Barrett encourages gardeners to embrace the imperfections and gives organic and homemade solutions to common gardening issues.

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