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Month: January 2021

New Titles Tuesday, January 26

Here is a selection of new titles added to the collection in the past week. TWU login may be required to access these eBooks.

 Adventures in evangelical civility: a lifelong quest for common ground /by Richard J. Mouw. One of the most influential evangelical voices in America shares his nearly half-century quest for commonness, arguing for a convicted civility when conversing with those with whom we disagree.

 Bonhoeffer’s black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance theology and an ethic of resistance /by Reggie L. Williams. The Christology Bonhoeffer learned in Harlem’s churches featured a black Christ who suffered with African Americans in their struggle against systemic injustice and racial violence-and then resisted. In the pews of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, under the leadership of Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., Bonhoeffer absorbed the Christianity of the Harlem Renaissance. Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus argues that the black American narrative led Dietrich Bonhoeffer to the truth that obedience to Jesus requires concrete historical action. This ethic of resistance not only indicted the church of the German Volk, but also continues to shape the nature of Christian discipleship today.

 The Epistle to the Ephesians /by Karl Barth, Francis Watson, and John Webster. This masterful example of theological interpretation of the biblical text presents Barth’s insights on an important Pauline epistle.  Now available in English for the first time, this work introduces theological and exegetical issues pertinent to the study of Ephesians. Introductory essays by world-renowned scholars Francis Watson and John Webster are included.

 The Inklings and culture: a harvest of scholarship from the Inklings Institute of Canada /by edited by Monika Hilder, Sara L. Pearson, and Laura N. Van Dyke. TWU AUTHORS In this first collection of its kind, addressing the entire famous group of seven authors, the twenty-seven chapters in The Inklings and Culture explore the legacy of their diverse literary art—inspired by the Christian faith—art that continues to speak hope into a hurting and deeply divided world.

 Luther’s Jews: a journey into anti-semitism /by Thomas Kaufmann. Kaufmann explores the vexed and sometimes shocking story of Martin Luther, and his increasingly vitriolic attitudes towards the Jews – as well as the ominous legacy of Luther’s anti-semitism for the future of Germany in the centuries to come.

 Rethinking holiness: a theological introduction /by Bernie A. Van De Walle. Based on years of conversations with students, this approachable theological introduction to the Christian doctrine of holiness challenges the commonly held idea that holiness is primarily a moral category. The author explains that holiness is grounded not in ethics but in the basic nature of God. The book highlights the Bible’s necessary and corrective role in defining holiness and shows how individual holiness is grounded in the community that is the church catholic.

 Sons and mothers: stories from Mennonite men /by edited by Mary Ann Loewen. In Sons and Mothers, Mennonite men reflect on the women who raised them, showing their mothers’ hopes, dreams, and fears, and who they are today.

Wesley: a guide for the perplexed /by Jason E. Vickers. After more than two centuries of scholarly reflection on Wesley’s life and work, leading historians still agree on one thing: John Wesley is an elusive, enigmatic figure. Fortunately, recent developments in the study of the long eighteenth century have shed new light on many aspects of Wesley’s life and work.


New Titles Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Here is a selection of new titles added to our collection  in the past week. TWU login may be required to access these ebooks.

The art of kubernēsis (1 Corinthians 12:28): leading as the church board chairperson /by Larry J. Perkins. TWU AUTHOR.  This book takes the best ideas about chairing nonprofit boards being discussed today and carefully evaluates them. Those ideas that are compatible with biblical values and the unique nature of a church congregation contribute to this’map’for church board chairpersons. Although its primary frame of reference is congregational polity, the principles discussed can help anyone who chairs a faith-based nonprofit board.

 Clinical supervision in the helping professions: a practical guide /by Gerald Corey, Robert H. Haynes, Patrice Moulton, Michelle Muratori. This straightforward guide for new and practicing supervisors emphasizes the attainment of skills necessary to effectively supervise others in a variety of settings. Topics covered include the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, the supervisory relationship, models and methods of supervision, becoming a multiculturally competent supervisor, ethical and legal issues in supervision, managing crisis situations, and evaluation in supervision.

Jesus on leadership: timeless wisdom on servant leadership /by C. Gene Wilkes. Seven principles to assist leaders with everything from humbling their hearts to building a team for Christ.

 Make-believe: God in 21st-century novels /by David Dickinson. Appealing to literature students and people who simply enjoy reading, whether Christian or not, this study of God in novels invites us to open our minds and allow aspects of our culture to shape our understanding of God and to change our ways of talking about the divine.

Spiritual leadership coaching: connecting people to God’s heart and purposes /by Richard Blackaby and Bob Royall with Brett Pyle.

 Subversive: Christ, culture, and the shocking Dorothy L. Sayers. Subversive shows how Sayers ignites new ways to think about Christianity, shocking people into seeing the truth of ancient doctrine, inspiring believers to evaluate how and why their language perpetuates divisive certitude rather than the hopeful faith, and showing us all a better way forward.

A work of heart: understanding how God shapes spiritual leaders /by Reggie McNeal. Revised and updated edition of the classic work on spiritual leadership. McNeal helps leaders reflect on the ways in which God is shaping them by letting us see God at work in the lives of four quintessential biblical leaders: Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul.

TWU Library Re-Opens Jan 18!

The Norma Marion Alloway Library will re-open Monday, January 18!

The Library will be operating on a reduced schedule, visit our hours of operation.

The following spaces and services will be open:

  • Contactless Hold Pickup Service will be available at the Borrower Services Desk.
  • Computer Lab
    Access to 8 computers and the copier / printer will be available on the main floor.
  • Study Space
    Access to 6 spaces will be available for individual study only.  Students are encouraged to study in their dorm rooms or in their residence as much as possible. Students with documented disabilities through the  Centre for Accessible Learning have access to the Glass Room as a dedicated study space. The space is limited to 8 students.
  • Specialized Collections
    Access to TWU Archives and Special Collections and the Curriculum Resource Centre will be by appointment only.
  • Washrooms
    Washrooms on the main floor will be available.

Cleaning supplies are available to sanitize the computer equipment  and study spaces before and after use.

Please note that there will be no access to browse print material, nor access to study space on the upper or lower levels. For more information, visit the Library’s COVID-19 Response page.