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New Titles Tuesday, September 28

Here is a selection of new titles added to our collection in the past week.

A theater in your head. An introduction to drama as “theater” on the stage and in the imagination

Charley’s aunt: a play in three acts / by Brandon Thomas. Confusion ensues when two young men convince a classmate to impersonate their wealthy aunt from Brazil whose arrival has been delayed.

 Christianity for people who aren’t Christians: uncommon answers to common questions / James Emery White. Tackles some of the most pressing questions about Christianity, providing a great resource for pastors and church leaders to give to nonbelievers.

Christians and evolution: Christian scholars change their mind / edited by Professor R. J. Berry. Berry assembles a wide range of distinguished contributors, all convinced, committed and orthodox Christian believers, each of whom has undertaken a conceptual journey, based on sound science and careful theology, from a creationist position to one in which God’s creation and the processes of evolution are properly and credibly integrated. Christians and Evolution is a luminous volume that offers a pathway for doubters, sceptics and conservative Christians to embrace the overall scientific consensus of the evolutionary approach, while holding solidly and without reservation to the doctrines of God’s creation and God’s omnipotence.

 Counting the cost: Christian perspectives on capitalism / Art Lindsley, PhD & Anne R. Bradley, PhD, editors. This  volume of articles by noted economists and theologians takes an honest and empathetic look at capitalism and its critiques from a biblical perspective.

Creation care in Christian mission / edited by Kapya J. Kaoma. The volume’s contributing authors represent a wide range of Christian traditions and geographical regions on which they draw to initiate dialogue on creation care within the wider global Christian community. They explore hard questions relative to climate change, population growth, pollution, poverty, sustainability, economic justice, deforestation, gender, and land issues. Written with academics, missionary and development agencies, and ordinary Christians in mind, this work presents a global unified spiritual and ethical voice on Creation care.

 Culture change in Ethiopia: an evangelical perspective / Alemayehu Mekonnen. This book addresses the causes and the consequences of culture change in Ethiopia, from Haile Selassie to the present, based on thorough academic research.

Designing and drawing for the theatre / Lynn Pecktal. This publication details the creation of scenery for theatre, opera and ballet. It presents a realistic professional picture of the designing process from the point of view of the stage designer and the scenic artist. . Each chapter is followed by a transcipt of a conversation with an American stage designer.

 ELH: English literary history. A journal of English literary history.

Female education and mission: a Burkina Faso experience / Philippe Ouedraogo. This volume is the result of six years research in overcoming obstacles to female education in Burkina Faso’.

Hair: the American tribal love-rock musical / Book & lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado ; music by Galt MacDermot ; photography by Dagmar. Hair tells the story of the “tribe”, a group of politically active, long-haired hippies of the “Age of Aquarius” living a bohemian life in New York City and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War.

 Hermeneutics as apprenticeship: how the Bible shapes our interpretive habits and practices / David I. Starling. Starling shows that apprenticing ourselves to the interpretive practices of the biblical writers and engaging closely with texts from all parts of the Bible help us to develop the habits and practices required to be good readers of Scripture. Offering a fresh contribution to hermeneutical discussions, this book will be an ideal supplement to traditional hermeneutics textbooks for seminarians.

History of costume,: from the ancient Egyptians to the twentieth century. Drawings by Elizabeth Curtis.

 Israel matters: why Christians must think differently about the people and the land / Gerald R. McDermott. Israel Matters addresses the perennially important issue of the relationship between Christianity and the people and land of Israel, offering a unique and compelling third way between typical approaches and correcting common misunderstandings along the way. It shows that contrary to what many Christians believe, the church is not the new Israel, and both the people and the land of Israel are important to God and the future of redemption. McDermott offers an accessible but robust defense of a New Christian Zionism for pastors and laypeople interested in Israel and Christian-Jewish relations.

 It takes a church to baptize: what the Bible says about infant baptism / Scot McKnight. A popular New Testament scholar explores the biblical basis, history, meaning, and practice of infant baptism, arguing that it must begin with the family and then extend to the church.

Jack / Marilynne Robinson.. Jack is Robinson’s fourth novel in this now-classic Gilead series. In it, Robinson tells the story of John Ames Boughton, the prodigal son of Gilead’s Presbyterian minister, and his romance with Della Miles, a high school teacher who is also the child of a preacher. Their deeply felt, tormented, star-crossed interracial romance resonates with all the paradoxes of American life, then and now.

 Jesus and the cross: reflections of Christians from Islamic contexts / edited by David Emmanuel Singh ; foreword by Lamin Sanneh. The papers in this volume are organised in three parts: scriptural, contextual and theological. The central question being addressed is: how do Christians living in contexts, where Islam is a majority or minority religion, experience, express or think of the Cross?

Jesus and the resurrection: reflections of Christians from Islamic contexts / edited by David Emmanuel Singh. This volume  is concerned with the theme of resurrection. Our aim here is to build a bridge between Muslims and Christians with Jesus in the centre of the discourse. As an idea, ‘resurrection’ is shared by and is central to the eschatologies of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

 Jesus revolution: how God transformed an unlikely generation and how he can do it again today / Greg Laurie. The riveting story of the Jesus Movement, challenging readers to be radically transformed by their own personal Jesus revolution, and offering hope for a new revival in the world.

Journal of inklings studies. A forum for rigorous academic engagement with the work of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, and their literary circle–

Journal of physical education, recreation & danceJOPERD publishes research on physical education, recreation and dance, including teaching methods, youth sports, fitness, leisure and movement sciences.

Journal of research in childhood education: JRCE / Association for Childhood Education International. Publishes international research on childhood education, advancing knowledge of the education of children, infancy through early adolescence.

 Korean church, God’s mission, global Christianity / edited by Wonsuk Ma and Kyo Seong Ahn. The Korean church is given its due in this book. As a guide to Korean Christianity, it contains more than thirty chapters, written by historians, missiologists, sociologists, mission practitioners, pastors, and church leaders. This volume assesses the legacy and place of Korean Christianity and its mission, provides insightful and self-critical accounts in topics ranging from theories, policies, practices, and prospects, and offers a useful overview of how the Korean church grew into a missionary church. The book, concluding with reflections on the future challenges and possibilities, is intended as an important gift to the Korean church and to world Christianity.

Language teachingLanguage Teaching is the essential research resource for language professionals providing a rich and expert overview of research in the field of second-language teaching and learning.

 Leadership in a slum: a Bangkok case study / Alan Johnson. Looks at leadership in the Thai social context from a different angle than traditional studies which measure well educated Thais on leadership scales derived in the West.

Less of more: pursuing spiritual abundance in a world of never enough / Chris Nye. Less of More exposes the American pursuit of more for what it truly is: an attempt to satisfy our souls with the temporary instead of the eternal. Nye invites us to consider what a full and abundant life looks like apart from money, status, and power.

Life-giving leadership: a woman’s toolbox for leading / Julia Mateer. The purpose of this book is to provide women who are leading a team in ministry, church, or in a Christian non-profit  the strategies necessary to develop life-giving atmospheres where women will be equipped to live out their God-given passions to affect change in their families, communities, and, ultimately, the world. This book will help redefine women’s ministry and equip women who are actively involved in making a difference in the lives of others.

 Mission and postmodernities / edited by Rolv Olsen.   This is not just a book about the many facets and trends of postmodernities. It is a book about the implications for mission, for what it means to live as Christians and as churches in a terra incognita, in a world where we have not been before.

Mission as ministry of reconciliation / edited by Robert J. Schreiter and Knud Jørgensen. This rich book offers a valuable elucidation of the importance and the understanding of mission as ministry of reconciliation. It expounds its practical implications in a variety of settings. It unites perspectives from different church traditions, including the Lausanne Movement and the Catholic Church. It takes the interfaith aspect into account and also speaks about the socio-ethical implications of mission.

 Mission in the Spirit: towards a Pentecostal-Charismatic missiology / Julie C. Ma and Wonsuk Ma ; The book explores the unique contribution of Pentecostal/Charismatic mission from the beginning of the twentieth century. The first part considers the theological basis of Pentecostal/Charismatic mission thinking and practice. The second part discusses major mission topics with contributions and challenges unique to Pentecostal/Charismatic mission. The book concludes with a reflection on the future of this powerful missionary movement

Mission spirituality and authentic discipleship / edited by Wonsuk Ma and Kenneth R. Ross. This book argues for the primacy of spirituality in the practice of mission. Originating in the Edinburgh 2010 mission study project, the essays assembled in this volume show that today there is a renewal of the missionary impetus of the churches which is marked by its spiritual character.

 MLA handbook / Modern Language Association of America. The ninth edition of the MLA Handbook offers student writers and writing instructors guidance on creating works-cited-list entries in MLA style using the template of core elements. It features advice on punctuation, grammar, inclusive language, formatting research papers, and in-text citations. Includes an appendix of sample works-cited-list entries, illustrations, and an index.

Mr. Dickens goes to the play, by Alexander Woollcott.

 Mrs. Caliban / Rachel Ingalls ; with an introduction by Rivka Glachen. While Dorothy is doing chores and waiting for her husband to come home from work,  she hears a strange radio announcement about a monster who has just escaped from the Institute for Oceanographic Research… Reviewers have compared Ingalls’s Mrs. Caliban to King Kong, Edgar Allan Poe’s stories, the films of David Lynch, Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz ,E.T.,  B-horror movies, and the fairy tales of Angela Carter–how such a short novel could contain all of these disparate elements is a testament to its startling and singular charm.

Never fight again — guaranteed!: groundbreaking practices for a win-win marriage : your relationship doctor / David B. Hawkins. Hawkins, bestselling author, psychologist, and advice columnist, outlines a plan of action to assure that you Never Fight Again.

 Notes on directing: 130 lessons in leadership from the director’s chair / Frank Hauser, Russell Reich.  The 130 “Notes” address a wide range of topics, from understanding the script and defining the director’s role, to casting, how to handle a first read-through of a script, rules for rehearsal, how to talk to actors, how to get a laugh, and the key elements of staging. Filled with enduring good advice expressed in assertive, no-nonsense language, and supported with explanatory commentary, insightful quotes and examples, and six valuable appendices, this deceptively slim book has the impact of a privileged apprenticeship, providing deep insight into the hidden process of creating a live, shared experience.

Novel: a forum on fiction.

 Orthodox perspectives on mission / edited by Petros Vassiliadis. Orthodox Perspectives on Mission is both a humble tribute to some great Orthodox theologians,  and an Orthodox input to the 2013 Busan WCC General Assembly. The collected volume is divided into two parts: Part I under the subtitle The Orthodox Heritage consists of a limited number of representative Orthodox missiological contributions of the past, whereas Part II includes all the papers presented in the Plenary of the Edinburgh 2010 conference, as well as the short studies and contributions prepared during the Edinburgh 2010 ongoing study process.

Paul Claudel: the man and the mystic. Translated from the French By Pierre de Fontnouvelle. Paul Claudel: The Man and the Mystic covers the three men who were Claudel: the diplomat, the poet and playwright, and the Catholic. Chaigne writes lovingly and insightfully of the man who was his friend for thirty years.

 Paul: apostle and fellow traveler / Jerry L. Sumney. Covering the entire Pauline corpus the reader finds a man who was adept at persuasive arguments and providing theological answers to real and, often, thorny congregational issues. Readers have a keen understanding of Paul’s place in the early church, the relationship between church and synagogue, and the relationship between the teaching of Paul and that of Jesus. These discussions set Paul firmly within the church that existed before he joined, finding that he became an adherent to much that preceded him.

Peter Pan / J.M. Barrie ; [with a foreword by Newbery author Susan Cooper]. A true classic, the book is filled with unforgettable characters: Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up; the fairy, Tinker Bell; the evil pirate, Captain Hook; and the three children-Wendy, John, and Michael-who fly off one night with Peter Pan to Neverland, where they meet Indians and pirates and a crocodile that ticks.

 Plays by Anton Tchekoff: Uncle Vanya : Ivanoff : The sea-gull : The swan song / translated from the Russian, with an introduction by Marian Fell.

Power and partnership / edited by Knut Edvard Larsen and Knud Jørgensen. The purpose of this book is to focus on faith-based development with a particular emphasis on the question of power; to deal with the dark sides and the positive sides of power and partnership and how the two interact; to present relevant case studies on the topic from some of the world religions, and to publish new material and insights on the interdisciplinary debate on the topic, and thus fill a vacuum in the general discourse on faith-based development.

 Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: how a Jewish perspective can transform your understanding / Lois Tverberg. Combining careful research with engaging prose, Tverberg leads us on a journey back in time to shed light on how this Middle Eastern people approached life, God, and each other. She explains age-old imagery that we often misinterpret, allowing us to approach God and the stories and teachings of Scripture with new eyes. By helping readers grasp the perspective of its original audience, she equips them to read the Bible in ways that will enrich their lives and deepen their understanding.

Resilient faith: how the early Christian third way changed the world / Gerald L. Sittser. A bestselling author shows how the model of the early church can help Christians living in the West respond faithfully, creatively, and winsomely to a world that sees Christianity as unnecessary and obsolete.

 Restless faith: holding evangelical beliefs in a world of contested labels / Richard J. Mouw. Mouw candidly reflects on wrestling with traditional evangelical beliefs over the years and shows that although his mind has changed in some ways, his core beliefs have not. He contends that we should hold on to the legacy that has enriched evangelicalism in the past. The Christian life in its healthiest form, says Mouw, is always a matter of holding on to essentials while constantly moving on along paths that we can walk in faithfulness only by seeking the continuing guidance of the light of God’s Word. As Mouw affirms the essentials of the evangelical faith, he helps a new generation see the wisdom embodied in them.

Ruth: a new translation with introduction and commentary / Jeremy Schipper. Delving deeply into the complicated nature of its characters’ relationships, Schipper encourages readers to consider the roles that categories of difference involving gender, disability, household status, ethnicity, and sexual desire play throughout the text. This fresh translation of the deceptively simple book is more literal and less idiosyncratic than its predecessors. Combining the traditional strengths of the Anchor Yale Bible series with the latest research in biblical scholarship.

 Sartre on theater / Jean-Paul Sartre ; documents assembled, edited, introduced, and annotated by Michel Contat and Michel Rybalka ; translated from the French by Frank Jellinek. Nearly everything that Sartre has said or written about the theater and his own plays is assembled in this book.

Satire: theory and practice. Edited by Charles A. Allen and George D. Stephens.

Shaping Christianity in greater China: indigenous Christians in focus / edited by Paul Woods.This book is an integrated collection of essays looking at the shaping of Christianity in China with a special emphasis on the contributions of Chinese believers. As well as its geographical scope of the China Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the material covers a span of time from the end of the Ming Dynasty until the Sichuan earthquake of 2008.

 Stopping the traffick: a Christian response to sexual exploitation and trafficking / edited by Glenn Miles and Christa Foster Crawford with Tania DoCarmo and Gundelina Velazco. This cutting-edge book brings together practical advice and strategic insight from more than 40 global experts and experienced practitioners.

Strategies. A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators

 Studies in American fiction.Studies in American Fiction publishes reviews and articles on a wide temporal range in American fiction: from neglected and rediscovered early U.S. writers to the emergent authors of the present day . Expect its refereed articles to feature not only major canonical works, but scholarly analyses of contemporary Chicano literature and Harlem Renaissance fiction. Engendering conversations about forms of writing that do not succumb to traditional genres, SAF interrogates and redraws both generic and geographic boundaries. SAF is the only journal encompassing American literature from the North American colonial past to the United States’ globalized present.

Studies in second language acquisitionStudies in Second Language Acquisition is a refereed journal of international scope devoted to the scientific discussion of acquisition or use of non-native and heritage languages.

 Subversive Sabbath: the surprising power of rest in a nonstop world / A.J. Swoboda. Combining creative storytelling with pastoral sensitivity and practical insight, this book shows how Sabbath-keeping is God’s plan for the restoration and healing of all creation.

The childhood of Jesus / J. M. Coetzee. Booker Prize winner Coetzee returns with a haunting and surprising novel about childhood and destiny that is sure to rank with his classic novels. Separated from his mother as a passenger on a boat bound for a new land, David is a boy who is quite literally adrift. The piece of paper explaining his situation is lost, but a fellow passenger, Simón, vows to look after the boy. When the boat docks, David and Simón are issued new names, new birthdays, and virtually a whole new life. Strangers in a strange land, knowing nothing of their surroundings, nor the language or customs, they are determined to find David’s mother. Though the boy has no memory of her, Simón is certain he will recognize her at first sight. But after we find her, David asks, what are we here for? An eerie allegorical tale told largely through dialogue, The Childhood of Jesus is a literary feat-a novel of ideas that is also a tender, compelling narrative. An intriguing introduction to the work of a true master–

The city: a play, by Paul Claudel.  Translated from the French by John Strong Newberry.

 The death of Jesus / J.M. Coetzee. In The Death of Jesus, Coetzee continues to explore the meaning of a world empty of memory but brimming with questions.

The elementary school journal.The Elementary School Journal has served researchers, teacher educators, and practitioners in the elementary and middle school education for more than one hundred years. ESJ publishes peer-reviewed articles that pertain to both education theory and research and their implications for teaching practice. In addition, ESJ presents articles that relate the latest research in child development, cognitive psychology, and sociology to school learning and teaching.

The journal of the history of childhood and youth. Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth (JHCY) explores the development of childhood and youth cultures and the experiences of young people across diverse times and places. JHCY embraces a wide range of historical methodologies as well as scholarship in other disciplines that share a historical focus.

The latent heterosexual./Chayefsky, Paddy This play tells of a successful homosexual author who marries for tax purposes and enjoys it.

 The prop builder’s mask-making handbook / Thurston James. Well illustrated and clearly written, this handbook offers invaluable information for those getting started in this venerated art form

The sixteenth century journal.   The SCJ is dedicated to providing readers with thought-provoking research and inquiry into the sixteenth century broadly defined (i.e., 1450-1648). Our articles all maintain a strong historical core and cover subjects from around the world.

 This is my body: hearing the theology of transgender Christians / edited by Christina Beardsley and Michelle O’Brien. This Is My Body offers a grounded reflection on people’s experience of gender dissonance that involves negotiating the boundaries between one’s identity and religious faith, as well as a review of the most up-to-date theological, cultural and scientific literature.

Topaze / Pagnol ; translation and introd. by Renée Waldinger. Topaze is a 1928 play in four acts by the French writer Marcel Pagnol. It tells the story of a modest school teacher who is fired for being too honest and decides to become a dishonest businessman

 Was the tomb empty?: a lawyer weighs the evidence for the Resurrection / Graeme Smith. Assessing secular evidence, historical sources, and the testimony of those involved  Smith carefully and critically analyses the various resurrection accounts, their inconsistences and their value as evidence. This succinct but powerful document places less weight on the Gospel accounts and considers other evidence first; sources from outside the gospels, such as Josephus, Tacitus and Pliny; logical alternatives to the resurrection; and the opinions of experts in the fields of history, literary history, palaeography and law.

First Nations Artifacts on display at Alloway Library

As part of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th, Alloway Library is honoured to display two stone artifacts found on campus along a stretch of the Salmon River in the 1970’s.  These stone tools are usually housed in the Heritage Hall on the second floor or Reimer Student Centre but will be in the library so that visitors can easily view them.

The hand maul, made of stone was uniquely fitted to the person who used it for everyday tasks that involved hammering, or pounding. The celt is a hard stone blade,  which would have been used as an adze or chisel. Both tools were valuable items. Their discovery in a former bend in the river raises interesting questions about the persons who used/lost them, probably members of the Kwantlen first nation, but possibly others who used the Salmon River as a key travel and trade route.

Photograph of grounds maintenance staff member Jim Fullbright looking at an arrowhead,  found on the campus during maintenance work. ca 1970’s

And, a  photo from TWU Archives reminds us that this area was used by First Nations people as a hunting ground for elk and large game that lived  on this territory at one time.

Visit Alloway Library on September 30 to view the maul and celt and then select a print or eBook from our display in support of TWU’s Day of Learning.

Reading for a Day of Learning

Alloway Library is pleased to be part of TWU’s Community Day of Learning to be held on September 30 as part of Canada’s National Day for Truth and Learning.

In addition to hosting a workshop on TRC Calls to Action in our Glass Room, we have set up a curated display of over 120 print and eBooks that highlight Indigenous peoples with a focus on recent publications from Canada. These books are ready to be borrowed and  they cover a breadth of topics from general introductions to local First Nations and people as well as:

  • Art,
  • Literature,
  • Health
  • Environmental Studies,
  • Education,
  • Religion
  • Residential Schools,
  • Law
  • Reconciliation.

Also on display, on September 30 only,  will be  unique artifacts found on the campus which tell the story of First Nations occupants long before settlers arrived on this land.

Please note that the library will open at 10:45 that day to allow staff and students to attend the opening event.

NEW Curriculum Resource Titles, September 23

Check out NEW Curriculum Resource titles in TWU’s Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC).

This specialized education resource library serves Trinity’s School of Education and local educators, and it provides a variety of resources for curriculum planning, research and teaching (including curriculum guides), teacher’s resources, and K-12 student resources.

Click on the link for more information. Learn how to place a Hold though our Holds Pickup.

Greener Grass: the Famine Years by Caroline Pignat
(Interest Level: Grades 8-12)
The Byrne’s family is a strong one, but their strength and unity are being severely tested, as life becomes more and more desperate in 19th century rural Ireland. When the potato blight hits, the farmers can no longer make their payments much less produce food for themselves, and the cruel system has no mercy as Lord Fraser wields an iron fist, driving families from their homes and burning their cottages. Families must fight for survival even if that means escape Ireland for good.

An Infidel in Paradise by S.J. Laidlaw
(Interest Level: Grades 9-12)
Set in Pakistan, this is the story of a teen girl living with her mother and siblings in a diplomatic compound. As if getting used to another new country and set of customs and friends isn’t enough, she must cope with an increasingly tense political situation that becomes dangerous with alarming speed. Her life and those of her sister and brother depend on her resourcefulness and the unexpected help of an enigmatic Muslim classmate.

Last Message by Shane Peacock
(Interest Level: Grades 7-9)
Adam has a good life in Buffalo: great parents, a cute girlfriend, adequate grades. He’s not the best at anything, but he’s not the worst either. When his dead grandfather’s will stipulates that he go on a mission to France, Adam figures he might just have a chance to impress a girl and change his life from good to great. When he gets to France, he discovers he has not one but three near-impossible tasks before him. He also discovers a dark and shameful episode from his grandfather’s past, something Adam is supposed to make amends for. But how can he do that when he barely speaks the language and his tasks become more and more dangerous? 

My Deal with the Universe by Deborah Kerbel
(Interest Level: Grades 2-4)
All twelve year-old Daisy Fisher wants is to be normal. But growing up in the house disparagingly referred to as the “Jungle” makes that pretty much impossible. When your parents’ activism brands them as a nuisance and your house is overrun with vines and critters, it’s not so easy to fit in. Or when your twin brother’s cancer might be growing back. Will this be the summer Daisy changes things for the better? Can Daisy cultivate some courage, and figure out a way to keep her brother healthy, maybe life will finally be normal. Or will it?

One Year in Coal Harbor by Polly Horvath
(Interest Level: Grades 5-7)
Primrose Squarp is back! The wise and curious heroine of the Newbery Honor Book Everything on a Waffle is facing another adventure-filled year in Coal Harbor. Even though her parents, once lost at sea, are home, there’s a whole slew of problems and mysteries to keep Primrose busy. There’s Uncle Jack and Kate Bowzer, who may (or may not) be in love. There’s Ked, a foster child who becomes Primrose’s friend. And there’s the new development on the outskirts of town that threatens the Coal Harbor Primrose knows and treasures.


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