Today we remember and celebrate TWU Library’s namesake, Norma Marion Alloway, as today—March 25—would have been her 100th birthday. Throughout her life, Norma conveyed her devotion to Jesus through her service in ministry, her speaking, and her artful writing. In addition to three books, she wrote myriad articles for magazines and newspapers; the majority of her works centering around the enormity of divinity, and seeking God even in the routines of everyday life. 

Norma understood that life was not easy for anyone, and thus was able to share in the hopes and hurts of whoever she encountered. Sensitive to everyone’s needs, Norma’s listening ear and practical acts were the fruits of her strong faith. 

This poem, written in 1972 by Norma Alloway was first made public at her funeral on September 16, 1988. 


One day,

I know not when, 

nor does it matter in the light of God’s eternity,

A blink of an eye, a momentary turning of the head

I shall be gone. 

Then all the landmarks of the voyage here

will fade from sight,

but with new eyes

I shall behold the wonders of the world of light,

so unpolluted by the presence of mortality.

And entering 

I shall behold the Source

of life, and love, and infinitude. 

My mooring lines are tightened in the joy 

of journey’s end-

for I am home. 

Sourced from, “A Biographical Sketch of Norma Marion Alloway on the Celebration of the Naming and Dedication of the Norma Marion Alloway Library” (1994). 

Listen for the campus chime to play “Happy Birthday to You” at noon today and give thanks for Norma! (The recording of this tune was originally performed by TWU Student Danica Steenkamp.)

The Trinity Western University Chamber Singers ensemble will be performing a choral setting of “Harboured”  composed by TWU alum, Chloé Theissen. The concerts will take place on April 9 at Langley Canadian Reformed Church at 5:00 and 7:30pm.

Submitted by MacKenna Wilson