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So long sidewalks

A group of students and faculty member leveling cement for a new sidewalk during the Work-a-thon (ca. 1979)

As the old, uneven sidewalks that connected the Neufeld Science Centre and Seal Kap to  the inner ring road get pulled up this week, we are reminded of their origins and use over the years with these photographs from TWU Archives and Special Collections  showing students and staff creating and using them.

Students and faculty members pouring concrete into forms to create a sidewalk leading away from the main entrance of the Arts and Science Building. ca 1979

Students leaving the Calvin B. Hanson Chapel (demolished in 2006 ) and walking along the sidewalk towards the Arts and Science Building, now known as Neufeld Science) (ca. 1966)

Students walking on a sidewalk leading away from the Arts and Science Building (ca.1964)

Students standing on the sidewalk in front of Seal Kap House while dressed up in togas, pointing and looking up at the sky. (ca. 1984)

New Titles Tuesday, March 28

Here is a selection of titles recenlty added to the collection

 Little Wolf /written by Teoni Spathelfer ; illustrated by Natassia Davies. A young Indigenous girl moves to the big city and learns to find connections to her culture and the land wherever she goes, despite encountering bullies and feelings of isolation along the way. This inspiring tale combines traditional and contemporary Indigenous themes and artwork.

 Metaphor and its moorings: studies in the grounding of metaphorical meaning /M. Elaine Botha. The author shows that metaphor and its underlying analogical structure are significant keys to the understanding of the metaphorical nature of reality and cognition and provide a better understanding of the relationship between science and religion. This study builds critically on the insights of Lakoff and Johnson by introducing a new angle to the discussions concerning conceptual metaphor and its basis in human embodiment. The author argues that the distinction between literal and metaphorical language ought to be revisited and replaced with a view in which the idea of proper analogy and necessary metaphors are acknowledged.

 Motivation and self-regulation in sport and exercise /edited by Chris Englert and Ian M. Taylor. Motivation and Self-Regulation in Sport and Exercise explores the theories, research and processes that underpin self-regulatory and motivational processes. For the first time, the globally leading researchers in this research field come together to provide their unique, cutting-edge insight into how to exercise or perform more effectively. In doing so, the book provides new insight into established theories of motivation and self-regulation, but also breaks new ground by inspecting lesser-known or emerging paradigms.

 Nonlinear pedagogy and the athletics skills model: the importance of play in supporting physical literacy /edited by James Rudd [and six others]. This book offers an ecological conceptualisation of physical literacy. This book examines contemporary pedagogical approaches, such as constraints-led teaching, nonlinear pedagogy and the athletic skills model, which are underpinned by the theoretical framework of Ecological Dynamics. Through this text, scientists, academics and practitioners in the sub-disciplines of motor learning and motor development, physical education, sports pedagogy and physical activity and exercise domains will better understand how to design programmes that encourage play and thereby develop the movement skills, self-regulating capacities, motivation and proficiency of people, so that they can move skilfully, effectively and efficiently while negotiating changes throughout the human lifespan.

 Nuu-Chah-Nulth /by Dawn Smith. Nuu—chah—nulth explore the lives of these First Nations peoples, both in the past and in current times.

 On apprend du soleil /David Bouchard ; illustrations par Kristy Cameron. Ce livre richement illustré de l’écrivain métis Bouchard et de l’illustratrice métis Cameron, tisse des peintures de style Woodland avec un poème rythmé sur les leçons spirituelles que nous pouvons apprendre du soleil et des sept enseignements sacrés.

 On the playground: our first talk about prejudice /Dr. Jillian Roberts ; illustrations by Jane Heinrichs. Using illustrations, full-color photographs and straightforward text, this nonfiction picture book introduces the topic of prejudice to young readers.

Poems in response to peril: an anthology in support of Ukraine /edited by Penn Kemp and Richard-Yves Sitoski.  Sixty-one poems by forty-eight of Canada’s finest poets have been gathered in this necessary anthology, one that encompasses the entirety of human emotions, written and published in the white heat of the moment during one furious month:

Praying like the Catholics?: enriching Canadian Mennonite Brethren spirituality through spiritual direction, Lectio Divina, and the Taizé community /Andrew Ernest Dyck. I address the question of how one group of Protestant evangelicals— Mennonite Brethren in Canada—can draw organically on spiritual practices coming from other Christian traditions. This question is significant in light of the discussions among North American evangelicals about the appropriateness of adopting spiritual disciplines from Christians—such as Catholics—whom Protestants have at times viewed with criticism and suspicion. Seeking an enriched spiritual life, some Mennonite Brethren have learned the previously unfamiliar practices of spiritual direction, lectio divina, and Taizé singing, while other Mennonite Brethren have criticized this development.

 Re-imagining the research process: conventional and alternative metaphors / Mats Alvesson and Jörgen Sandberg. This book offers a unique solution to the shortage of more imaginative and engaging research by re-imagining the core elements of the research process. The set of guiding principles suggested in the book provides researchers with the resources to break away from existing conventions and templates for conducting and writing research. Re-imagining the Research Process is suitable for upper-undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers interested in challenging traditional views of the research process.

 Religion and sport in North America: critical essays for the 21st century /Edited by Jeffrey Scholes and Randall Balmer. This volume contains lively, up-to-date essays from leading figures in the field to fill a scholarly gap. It treats religion as an indispensable prism through which to view sports, and vice versa. This book is ideal for students approaching the topic of religion and sport. It will also be of interest to scholars studying sociology of religion, sociology of sport, religion and race, religion and gender, religion and politics, and sport in general

 Religion and the rise of sport in England /Hugh McLeod. This book follows the changing nature of the relationship between religion and sport in England from 1800 to the present day, with a focus on Christianity but also considering Judaism and Islam.

 Residential schools Discusses the history of residential schools, including why the government established them, how Indigenous children were treated, and the lasting impact on Indigenous cultures and traditions.

 Servant teaching: practices for renewing Christian higher education /Quentin J. Schultze ; foreword by Perry L. Glanzer. In this wonderfully practical and deeply inspiring book, Schultze offers 30 short readings that reveal the heart of effective Christian higher education – what he calls servant teaching with faith, skill, and virtue. Each chapter provides a key to motivating students to learn with excellence, compassion, and delight.

 Soccer in American culture: the beautiful game’s struggle for status /G. Edward White. An explanation of why the sport of soccer failed to take root in the United States when it spread around much of the rest of the world in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and why the sport has had a twenty-first-century renaissance in America

  Sources of the Christian self: a cultural history of Christian identity /edited by James M. Houston & Jens Zimmermann. TWU Author  Using Charles Taylor’s magisterial Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity as a springboard, this interdisciplinary book explores lived Christian identity through the ages.  Beginning with such Old Testament figures a and moving through the New Testament, the early church, the Middle Ages, and onward, the forty-two biographical chapters in Sources of the Christian Self illustrate how believers historically have defined their selfhood based on their relation to God/Jesus.  In showing how Christian identity has evolved over time, Sources of the Christian Self offers deep insight into our own Christian selves today.

 Sport and Christianity: practices for the twenty-first century /edited by Matt Hoven, Andrew Parker, and Nick J. Watson. This book examines the potential of sports and challenges readers to consider how it relates to their deepest passions, behaviours, and actions, while providing newcomers to the field with a framework to help consider the connection between sports participation and faith-based values. Featuring academic writers from a range of disciplinary fields Sport and Christianity:  sheds insight into the meaning of sports for Christians as participants and as practitioners.

 Sport psychology: the basics /David Tod. Sport Psychology: The Basics provides an accessible introduction to the fundamental ideas at the heart of Sport Psychology today. This edition examines the links between sport participants’behaviours, their personality, and their environment to identify the factors which affect performance. Exploring theory and practice, it uses case studies to illustrate how key areas of theory are applied within a sport psychologist’s practice

 Sports and aging: a prescription for longevity /edited and with an introduction by Gerald R. Gems. In Sports and Aging, a wide-ranging group of physically active people, including many scholar-athletes, discuss sports in the context of aging and their own athletic experiences.

 Sports and Christianity: historical and contemporary perspectives /edited by Nick J. Watson and Andrew Parker. This interdisciplinary text examines the sports-Christianity interface from Protestant and Catholic perspectives. In addition to a systematic review of literature, field-pioneering contributors address a wide range of topics including biblical athletic metaphors, disability, evangelism, professionalism and celebrity, humility and pride, genetic enhancement technologies, stereotypes, sport as art and British and American historical analyses of sport and Christianity. As modern sport is often intertwined with commercial and political agendas, this book offers an important corrective to the win-at-all-costs culture of modern sport, which cannot be fully understood through secular ethical inquiry.

 Sports and play in Christian theology /edited by John Tucker and Philip Halstead. In Sports and Play in Christian Theology, ten Christian scholars and practitioners explore sport and play from theological, biblical, historical, and pastoral perspectives.

 Stolen focus: why you can’t pay attention–and how to think deeply again /Johann Hari. Hari went on an epic journey across the world to interview the leading experts on human attention and to study their scientific findings and learned that everything we think we know about this crisis is wrong. Hari shows that if we understand the twelve true causes of this crisis — from the collapse of sustained reading to the disruption of boredom to rising pollution — we, as individuals and as a society, can finally begin to solve it by staging an attention rebellion. Finally, we have a way to get our focus back

 The birth of Christianity: reality and myth /Joel Carmichael. This book reinforces the idea that the letters and stories within Christian Bible were written for people of the immediate time and not for the generations of the distance future

 The Black fives: the epic story of basketball’s forgotten era /Claude Johnson. Johnson has researched, preserved, exhibited, taught, and honored an important African American experience, unearthing what might have remained buried in an unmarked grave. This book is the result of his work, a landmark narrative history that braids together the stories of these pioneers and rewrites our understanding of the true history of the game.

The Blackwell dictionary of evangelical biography: 1730-1860 /edited by Donald M. Lewis. This volume seeks to provide biographical treatment and to indicate the sources for study of figures of historical, literary or religious significance who flourished at any time between 1730 and 1860 and were associated with the evangelical movement in the English-speaking world. The dictionary also brings to the fore scores of evangelical women who have heretofore been largely unknown .

 The complete guide to sports nutrition /Anita Bean The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition is the definitive practical handbook for anyone wanting a performance advantage. This fully updated and revised edition incorporates the latest cutting-edge research and provides all the tools to help you reach your performance goals.- publisher’s description.

 The Kaepernick effect: taking a knee, changing the world /Dave Zirin. A book about the politics of sport, and the impact of sports on politics, The Kaepernick Effect is for anyone seeking to understand an essential dimension of the new movement for racial justice in America.Zirin chronicles the Kaepernick effect for the first time, through interviews with a broad cross-section of professional athletes across many different sports, college stars and high-powered athletic directors, and high school athletes and coaches. In each case, he uncovers the fascinating explanations and motivations behind a mass political movement in sports, through deeply personal and inspiring accounts of risk-taking, activism, and courage both on and off the field.

 The one with the scraggly beard /written by Elizabeth Withey ; illustrated by Lynn Scurfield. A young boy asks his mother poignant questions about a homeless man he has seen sleeping under a bridge.

 The Oxford handbook sport and spectacle in the ancient world /edited by Alison Futrell and Thomas F. Scanlon. This Handbook presents innovative research on sport and spectacle in ancient Greece and Rome, exploring historical perspectives, contest forms, and civic and social aspects such as class, spaces, health, gender, and sexuality. Greek and Roman topics are interwoven to simulate contest-like tensions and complementarities between the two cultures.

 The professionalisation of women’s sport: issues and debates /edited by Ali Bowes and Alex Culvin. The Professionalisation of Women’s Sport draws upon the expertise of scholars from the fields of sport sociology, sport history, sport economics to critically discuss the complex and often fragmented histories of women’s involvement in professional sport.

 The SAGE handbook of social media research methods /edited by Anabel Quan-Haase and Luke Sloan. The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods spans the entire research process, from data collection to analysis and interpretation. Written by leading scholars from across the globe, the chapters provide a mix of theoretical and applied assessments of topics, and include a range of new case studies and data sets that exemplify the methodological approaches. This Handbook is an essential resource for any researcher or postgraduate student embarking on a social media research project.

 Th’owxiya: the hungry feast dish /by Joseph A. Dandurand. From the Kwantlen First Nation village of Squa’lets comes the tale of Th’owxiya, an old and powerful spirit that inhabits a feast dish of beautiful foods. Th’owxiya herself craves only the taste of children. Similar to Hansel and Gretel and the northwest First Nations story The Wild Woman of the Woods, Th’owxiya–which integrates masks, song, and dance–is a tale of understanding boundaries, being responsible for one’s actions, forgiving mistakes, and finding the courage to stand up for what’s right.

 Traffic in truth: exchanges between science and theology /John Polkinghorne. The frontier between science and theology has seen much cross-border traffic and the occasional border war. Scientist and priest John Polkinghorne lucidly and accessibly explains the common approaches and what each side has to offer the other. Despite pockets of skepticism and misunderstanding on both sides, Polkinghorne shows, integration of their respective findings remains a viable goal, and exciting vistas can open for both fields.

Ukraina redux: statehood and national identity /Paul Robert Magocsi.  In the essay, “Ukraina Redux, Statehood and National Identity,”Magocsi shows that the attachment of Ukrainians to statehood and a distinct national identity did not materialize out of a vacuum. Rather, it is the product of an organic development spanning nearly four centuries. The essay addresses the heritage of statehood in Ukraine and the various forms that it has taken both before and after the most recent declaration of independence on 24 August 1991. It also discusses how the country’s inhabitants define themselves and their relationship to the state of Ukraine in terms of an ethnic or a civic national identity.

 Vehicles of grace and hope: Welsh missionaries in India, 1800-1970 /edited by D. Ben Rees. A biographical dictionary of Welsh missionaries from all denominations who worked in North-East India during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, including details of mission supporters and other relevant information about places of interest.

 What makes us unique?: our first talk about diversity /Dr. Jillian Roberts ; illustrated by Cindy Revell. A nonfiction picture book that introduces very young children to the concept of diversity in a way that is uplifting and approachable.

 What’s the score?: 25 years of teaching women’s sports history /Bonnie J. Morris. What’s the Score?, Morris’s energetic teaching memoir, is a peek inside a decades-long dialogue with student athletes about the greater opportunities for women-on the playing field, as coaches, and in sports media. What’s the Score? is not only an insider’s look at sports education but also an engaging guide to turning points in women’s sports history that everyone should know

 Wings over the sea: the story of Allan Moses /L.K. Ingersoll. This book tells the story of Allan Moses, a native of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick), and deals with many subjects other than his life. Since his greatest and most lasting legacy was the preservation of a variety of sea birds in the conservation area that he was instrumental in setting up, much of the book is about
ornithology, but it is also about much more than that. It includes excerpts from his letters and diaries and deals with many matters from a local point of view—for example, the politics of starting a museum, of dealing with those who wanted to use the sea birds for commercial purposes, and of resisting the penny-pinching of rich American philanthropists.

 Year one: how young professionals (and their managers) can thrive in their first job after college /Allison McWilliams and Katherine Laws.

Remembering Norma Alloway

Today we remember and celebrate TWU Library’s namesake, Norma Marion Alloway, as March 25 would have been her 101st  birthday. Throughout her life, Norma conveyed her devotion to Jesus through her service in ministry, her speaking, and her artful writing. In addition to three books, she wrote myriad articles for magazines and newspapers; the majority of her works centering around the enormity of divinity, and seeking God even in the routines of everyday life. 

Norma understood that life was not easy for anyone, and thus was able to share in the hopes and hurts of whoever she encountered. Sensitive to everyone’s needs, Norma’s listening ear and practical acts were the fruits of her strong faith.   Her 1978 book Join us for coffee is a collection of insightful and honest conversations with accomplished women in her social circle. This excerpt from her conversation with Lise Des Marais of Montreal gives a glimpse of Norma’s warmth and compassion

…with startling suddenness she said:

“Norma, have you ever felt alone?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I guess I am on an aloneness plateau right now, “Lise said. “God is there and I’m here and we’re still connected, but I think I’ve temporarily laid down the receiver.”

“Lise,” I said, “I understand what you’re saying, but you’re not alone. Many of us empathize with your problems. I’m sure that God will replenish your resources and give you wisdom, courage and guidance.”

I promised that I would keep in touch to find out her future pathway.

As we backed out of the driveway, I instinctively looked up at the house windows through which children sometimes gaze on a disenchanted world. They too are searching, learning, making mistakes and asking for forgiveness, sustained by loving parents and a caring, courageous, honest mother who says:

“I’m not sure, but I know that God is there and I‘m here, and it matters to both of us!”

Listen for the campus chime to hear Happy Birthday to You! at noon today.

Chinese language eBooks support MA program

In support of the ACTS Mandarin program, Alloway Library has acquired  22 Chinese-language, theological studies ebooks on the Airiti Library platform this year. The material was selected by program coordinator Dr Yonghua Ge in support of the ACTS Mandarin program and are part of an ongoing purchase agreement between the library the ACTS.

Access current titles here

ACTS’ Master of Arts – Christian Studies (Mandarin) degree program integrates the best theological scholarship with the context, needs and mission of Chinese churches, offering world-class theological education in Mandarin for Christians.  It’s aims are to train pastors in their native language, with the knowledge, formation and skills they need to succeed in their specific context and  to develop  Chinese Christian leaders, educators and cultural missionaries.

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