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New Titles Tuesday, April 25

Here is a selection of titles recenlty added to the collection

 100 activities for teaching research ethics and integrity /Catherine Dawson. These practical, user-friendly original activities have been designed to inspire and support educators of research ethics and integrity at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

 1945: the year that made modern Canada /Ken Cuthbertson. Cuthbertson has written a highly readable narrative that commemorates the seventy-fifth anniversary of the end of WWII and chronicles the events and personalities of a critical year that reshaped Canada. 1945: The Year That Made Modern Canada showcases the stories of people–some celebrated, some ordinary–who left their mark on the nation and helped create the Canada of today. The author profiles an eclectic group of Canadians, including eccentric prime minister Mackenzie King, iconic hockey superstar Rocket Richard, business tycoon E. P. Taylor, Soviet defector Igor Gouzenko, the bandits of the Polka Dot Gang, crusading MP Agnes Macphail, and authors Gabrielle Roy and Hugh MacLennan, among many others. The book also covers topics like the Halifax riots, war brides, the birth of Canada’s beloved social safety net, and the remarkable events that sparked the Cold War.

A moon for the misbegotten: a play in four acts /Eugene O’Neill.The last play of O’Neill – recognized as one of his greatest theatrical achievements – a unique blend of comedy, tragedy, autobiography, and imagination.

 Blitzed: drugs in Nazi Germany /Norman Ohler ; translated by Shaun Whiteside. Ohler’s gripping bestseller reveals that the entire Third Reich was permeated with drugs: cocaine, heroin, morphine and, most of all, methamphetamines, or crystal meth, used by everyone from factory workers to housewives, and crucial to troops’ resilience – even partly explaining German victory in 1940. The promiscuous use of drugs at the very highest levels also impaired and confused decision-making, with Hitler and his entourage taking refuge in potentially lethal cocktails of stimulants administered by the physician Dr Morell as the war turned against Germany. While drugs cannot on their own explain the events of the Second World War or its outcome, Ohler shows, they change our understanding of it. Blitzed forms a crucial missing piece of the story.

 Can I believe?: Christianity for the hesistant /John G. Stackhouse, Jr. This book begins by taking on the initial challenge as it outlines a process. It then clears away a number of misunderstandings from the basic story of the Christian religion. The second half of the book then looks at Christian commitment positively and negatively.

 Die aramäischen Texte vom Toten Meer: samt den Inschriften aus Palästina, dem Testament Levis aus der Kairoer Genisa, der Fastenrolle und den alten talmudischen Zitaten : aramaistische Einleitung, Text, Übersetzung, Deutung, Grammatik/Wörterbuch, deutsch-aramäische Wortliste, Register. Ergänzungsband /Klaus Beyer.The Aramaic texts from the Dead Sea : together with the inscriptions from Palestine, the Testament of Levi from the Cairo Genizah, the Lenten Scroll and the ancient Talmudic quotations : Aramaic introduction, text, translation, interpretation, grammar/dictionary, German-Aramaic word list, index. Supplementary volume

 Exile : a conversation with N.T. Wright /edited by James M. Scott. (TWU AUTHOR) Wright is well known for his view that the majority of Second Temple Jews saw themselves as living within an ongoing exile. This book engages a lively conversation with this idea, beginning with a lengthy thesis from Wright, responses from eleven New Testament scholars, and a concluding essay from Wright responding to his interlocutors.

 Feminisms: a global history /Lucy Delap. Feminism is the ongoing story of the fight against gender injustice. Delap explores an extraordinary range of examples from around the globe-from Japan to Russia, Egypt to Germany. While illustrating the rich diversity of feminism, Delap reveals shared themes-around sexual harassment at work and in the street, or challenges to male violence, impunity, and disrespect for women everywhere. A rousing history that helps us better navigate current debates and controversies will infuse today’s activism with a renewed sense of possibility and common purpose–.

 Finding the right hills to die on: the case for theological triage /Gavin Ortlund ; foreward by D.A. Carson. The author uses four basic categories of doctrine to help church leaders consider how and what to prioritize in doctrine and ministry, encouraging humility and grace along the way.

Gentile impurities and Jewish identities: intermarriage and conversion from the Bible to the Talmud /Christine E. Hayes.In ancient Jewish culture the ideas of purity and impurity defined the socio-cultural boundaries between Jews and Gentiles. Hayes argues that different views of the possibility of conversion, based on varying ideas about Gentile impurity, were the key factor in the formation of Jewish sects in the second temple period, and in the separation of the early Christian Church from what later became rabbinic Judaism.

 Gott und Belial; traditionsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zum Dualismus in den Texten aus Qumran. God and Belial; tradition-historical investigations on dualism in the texts from Qumran.

 I studied inscriptions from before the flood: ancient Near Eastern, literary, and linguistic approaches to Genesis 1-11 /edited by Richard S. Hess and David Toshio Tsumura. This volume collects the best of recent research and classic essays on the Primeval History, including several articles that have not appeared heretofore in English. The articles provide students and scholars with easy access to significant scholarship illuminating both the world outside the text and the world within the text.

 Interpreting basic statistics: a workbook based on excerpts from journal articles /Keith S. Cox and Zealure C. Holcomb. Interpreting Basic Statistics gives students valuable practice in interpreting statistical reporting as it actually appears in peer-reviewed journals. Ancillary materials include data sets with almost two hours of accompanying tutorial videos, which will help students and instructors apply lessons from the book to real life scenarios

 Qualitative research in education: a user’s guide /Marilyn Lichtman. The 4th edition of this book offers a reader-friendly and accessible introduction to conducting qualitative research in education. Lichtman outlines the history, context, and traditions of qualitative research, before walking readers through the research process step-by-step, while also covering important issues such as ethics and subjectivity. The fourth edition has been thoroughly revised and updated featuring new examples, an increased focus on virtual and digital data collection, and innovative new approaches to qualitative research. Written in a practical, conversational style and full of real-world examples drawn from across education, this book offers a practical introduction to qualitative research in education.

 Qumran and Apocalyptic: studies on the Aramaic texts from Qumran /by Florentino Garcia Martinez. This volume contains a selection of studies on the Aramaic texts from Qumran, originally published in Spanish but thoroughly revised here, which investigate the contributions made by the Qumran manuscripts to the study of the Apocalyptic Tradition. The book offers a most up-to-date survey of research on these manuscripts and makes a fresh contribution to the understanding of Qumran and of the Apocalyptic Tradition.

 Speaking up: understanding language and gender /Allyson Jule. TWU AUTHOR Using the latest academic research, Allyson Jule tackles some of the most pressing issues facing feminism today, including how language use and related ideas about gender play out in the home, workplace and online. It turns out that many popular ideas about gender and language are more complicated than they first appear. This book will change the way you think about language, and give you the tools to challenge the world around you.

 The end of the Christian life: how embracing our mortality frees us to truly live /J. Todd Billings. Artfully weaving rich theology and a powerful narrative, a theologian and cancer patient invites you to discover how the surprising, countercultural path of embracing your mortal limits can enliven true Christian hope in a death-denying age.

 The heavenly man: the remarkable true story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun /with Paul Hattaway. This is the intensely dramatic story of how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor village in Henan Province and used him mightily to preach the gospel, despite horrific opposition. Brother Yun is one of China’s house church leaders, a man who despite his relative youth has suffered prolonged torture and imprisonment for his faith. Instead of focusing on the many miracles or experiences of suffering, however, Yun prefers to emphasise the character and beauty of Jesus. This astonishing book will form a watershed in your spiritual life.

 The miracle seed /Martin Lemelman. The thrilling true story of an ancient plant, wonderfully reborn in the modern era through the hard work of two female scientists This graphic novel follows the extinction and rebirth of the Judean date palm, an ancient plant brought back to life through the efforts of Jewish biologists Dr. Sarah Sallon and Dr. Elaine Solowey. Intertwining world history, the scientific process, and colorfully detailed artwork, The Miracle Seed follows the Judean date palm’s journey from tragic extinction to incredible rebirth.

 The sky is not the limit /Jérémie Decalf. A poetic odyssey through space with the groundbreaking Voyager 2 probe-past Earth, into deep space and beyond. This lyrical, atmospheric book introduces young readers to a pioneering NASA spacecraft that has spent over forty-five years observing and exploring our galaxy. With stirring poetry, luminous art, and fascinating back matter, The Sky Is Not the Limit will inspire future scientific innovators and foster a sense of wonder at our universe.

 The story of Christianity /Justo L. González. The Story of Christianity Volume II: The Reformation to the Present Day is afully revised and updated second volume. Gonzalez’s astute scholarship, lucid prose, and impassioned focus tell the narrative history of Christianity, beginning with the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century and leading all the way up to present day.

 The world turned upside down: a history of the Chinese Cultural Revolution /Yang Jisheng ; translated from the Chinese and edited by Stacy Mosher and Guo Jian. Yang Jisheng presents the only history of the Cultural Revolution by an independent scholar based in mainland China, and makes a crucial contribution to understanding those years’ lasting influence today. The World Turned Upside Down puts every political incident, major and minor, of those ten years under extraordinary and withering scrutiny,  and concludes at a moment when contemporary Chinese governance is leaning once more toward a highly centralized power structure and a Mao-style cult of personality.

 Transforming our nation: empowering the church for a greater harvest /Jacqueline Dugas … [et al.] ; [editor, Murray Moerman]. This was the 2nd of three volumes with a single purpose: “mobilize to the whole church to disciple the whole nation through saturation church planting.” Similar principles apply in every nation globally.

 Why business matters to God: (and what still needs to be fixed) /Jeff Van Duzer. This book explores the nature and meaning of doing. business. Van Duzer presents a profoundly Christian approach that integrates biblical studies with the disciplines of business and economics. Looking beyond the place of ethical principles and the character of the individual, Van Duzer displays a vision of business that contributes to the very purposes of God.

 Work: a deep history, from the stone age to the age of robots /James Suzman. A revolutionary new history of humankind through the prism of work by leading anthropologist James Suzman.

New Titles Tuesday, April 18

Jidu tu yu ge ming: Liu Jingan yu zhong shu jian ji qi ta = True Christian as real revolutionist : essays on Paul Liu Ching-an, and his letters from prison /Zeng Qingbao xuan bian. To understand a ‘foreign’ religion in China in terms of ‘Jesus the Revolutionary’ or ‘revolutionary Christianity’, one must start with a very well-known revolutionary group  in the late Qing dynasty, namely the Rizhihui, based at St Joseph’s Anglican Church in Gaojiaxiang, Wuchang, and its key figure, Liu Jing’an. Many important and unpublished historical materials are included in this collection, The Relationship between the Wuchang Rizhihui and the Church of God.

 Jidu xin yang yu jiu guo shi jian: er shi shi ji qian qi de ge an yan jiu /Xing Fuzeng zhu.  The status of Christians in China rose considerably in the twentieth century, and during the Republican era, many of the most important members of the party, government and military were  Christians. This raises an important question: how much did Christianity influence the lives of these dual-identity Chinese people? This book takes ‘Christian salvation’ as its main theme, and through the study of three Christians with backgrounds in the party, government and military during the Republican era – Xu Qian, Feng Yuxiang and Zhang Zhijiang – it is hoped that this question can be further clarified.

 Jidu zong jiao yu jin dai Zhongguo: Multi-aspect studies on christianity in modern China /Zhongguo she hui ke xue yuan jin dai shi yan jiu suo, Bilishi Lu wen da xue Nan Huairen yan jiu zhong xin bian. With the circulation of western books, the develpment  of Chinese linguistic studies, the  interaction between missionaries and mainstream academia, the development of religious art, the analysis of the civil-religious conflict, and the declassification of Chinese and foreign cultural and religious rights data, the scholarly findings in this book are of a standard that has been difficult to achieve in the past. The book, is the result of the 10th International Symposium on the History of Christian Religions in China.  23 papers, 10 in English and 13 in Chinese, cover a wide range of research areas, reflecting timely trends and prospects in the history of Sino-foreign exchanges since the new century.

 Lai shi xin yue shen xue (He ding ben) /Laide(George Eldon Ladd) zhu ; Ma Keren, Yang Shulian yi. Lai’s New Testament Theology (Combined Edition) Ladd’s magisterial work on New Testament theology has well served thousands of seminary students since its publication in 1974. A comprehensive, standard evangelical text .

Letters to young churches: a translation of the New Testament Epistles /by J.B. Phillips ; with an introduction by C.S. Lewis. “The present volume concentrates on the epistles and furnishes more help to the beginner: its scope is different. The preliminary abstracts to each letter will be found especially useful. It would have saved me a great deal of labor if this book had come into my hands when I first seriously began to try to discover what Christianity was.” CSL

 San shi nian lai Zhongguo Jidu jiao xian zhuang yan jiu lun zhu xuan /Li Huawei bian. Selected Essays on the Current State of Christianity in China over the Past Thirty Years. 30 years is not a short time; at least three generations of scholars have joined the research team on the current state of Christianity in China, with different disciplinary backgrounds, knowledge structures, questions raised, and perspectives of concern. Their academic backgrounds, knowledge structures, questions raised and perspectives on the issue have all enriched the study of this major issue. This book is  a carefully crafted work that combines problematic awareness, historical and theoretical perspectives,  and a pioneering work that represents the standard of research of a particular era.

 Scorched earth: environmental warfare as a crime against humanity and nature /Emmanuel Kreike. A global history of environmental warfare and the case for why it should be a crime. This book traces the history of scorched earth, military inundations, and armies living off the land from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, arguing that the resulting deliberate destruction of the environment – environcide–constitutes total war and is a crime against humanity and nature. In this sweeping global history, the author shows how religious war in Europe transformed Holland into a desolate swamp where hunger and the black death ruled. He describes how Spanish conquistadores exploited the irrigation works and expansive agricultural terraces of the Aztecs and Incas, triggering a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions. The book also demonstrates how environmental warfare has continued unabated into the modern era. Shedding light on the premodern origins and the lasting consequences of total war, this book explains why ecocide and genocide are not separate phenomena, and why international law must recognize environmental warfare as a violation of human rights.

 Selling the yellow jersey: the Tour de France in the global era /Eric Reed. Reed examines the Tour de France’s development as well as the event’s global athletic, cultural, and commercial influences. He explores the behind-the-scenes growth of the Tour, while simultaneously chronicling France’s role as a dynamic force in the global arena.

Sheng ling de xi: Lujia yu wu xun zong de sheng ling shen xue = Baptism in the spirit : Lukan and Pentecostal theology of the holy spirit /Ye Xianqin zhu. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Luke and the Pentecostal Theology of the Holy Spirit

 Sheng ling gu jin lun: cong sheng jing, li shi, shen xue kan shen de tong zai : Dai Shaozeng mu shi qi shi shou qing lun wen ji /Chen Jimin, Lai Jianguo deng zhu ; Xu Hongdu zhu bian. The book discusses the charismatic issues in the experience of the Chinese Church, the development of the True Jesus Church in the Chinese context and its spirituality. It contains several essays on Western theologians’ views on the gifts of the prophets, the tacit and inerrant nature of the prophetic word, and the charismatic experience of the Western Church in the middle of this century.

 Sport sponsorship insights /Norm O’Reilly, Gashaw Abeza and Mark Harrison. This book offers a concise and practice-focused introduction to sport sponsorship, including an explanation of key concepts, a survey of the key tools required to be a successful practitioner, and insights into real-world practice from authors with extensive industry and academic experience. Covering sport at all levels, from professional to grassroots, and including international cases and examples throughout, the book demonstrates that sport sponsorship works if done correctly. Drawing on the latest cutting-edge research, it introduces the core principles of sport sponsorship and shows how to get maximum value at each stage of the sponsorship process, from plan to activation, servicing and evaluation, for sponsor, property or agency.

 Sport, exercise and performance psychology: research directions to advance the field /[edited by] Edson Filho and Itay Basevitch. This book brings to light the most pressing questions that must be addressed to advance the field. As such, this volume is a main source of research questions for senior scholars graduate master’s and doctoral students, and advanced undergraduate students working on research projects.

 T & T Clark companion to the Dead Sea Scrolls /edited by George J. Brooke and Charlotte Hempel ; with the assistance of Michael DeVries and Drew Longacre. This companion provides the ideal resource for those seriously engaging with the Dead Sea Scrolls. In 30 concise articles all of the key texts and documents are examined. The volume is illustrated throughout with some 60 images enabling readers to consider key texts from the scrolls not only in transcription but simultaneously with photographs.

 Taliessin through Logres /by Charles Williams.  Taliessin through Logres ; and, The region of the summer stars /by Charles Williams. Taliessin through Logres and The Region of the Summer Stars contain Williams’ Grail poems, a reworking of the theme of the Holy Grail into a poetic myth of unusual wisdom and contemporary significance. It is a unique handling, a fresh vision, of an old subject-matter which has been almost completely neglected in English literature. When Taliessin through Logres was published in 1938, it received widespread critical acclaim. Alongside its partner companion The Region of the Summer Stars, it stands as one of the most profound and challenging works in Williams’ body of work–and one of the most important to understanding him fully. TThe poetry is technically virtuosic, musically beautiful, and conceptually complex. It is densely packed with layers of symbolism and rich imagery that are not initially easy to understand, but that scintillate with ever greater brilliance upon repeated readings.

 Technology’s child: digital media’s role in the ages and stages of growing up /Katie Davis. Davis addresses the screen time debate by recognizing that children’s experiences of technology and social relationships are qualitatively distinct at different stages of development.

 Tellers of tales: children’s books and their authors from 1880 to 1968 /by Roger Lancelyn Green. Excellent survey of British children’s books including those of such famous authors as Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling and many others.

 The artifice of intelligence: divine and human relationship in a robotic age /Noreen Herzfield ; foreword by Ted Peters. The Artifice of Intelligence explores two questions at the heart of a theological response to AI. Is it possible for human beings to have authentic relationships with an AI? How does the increasing presence of AI change the way humans relate to one another? In pursuing answers to these questions, Herzfeld explores what it means to be created in the image of God and to create AI in our own image. It utilizes and expands Karl Barth’s relational understanding of the imago Dei to examine humanity’s relationship both with AI and, through it, with one another.

 The business of heaven: daily readings from C.S. Lewis /edited by Walter Hooper. Selections from the writings of C.S. Lewis provide meditations for each day of the year, including special religious holidays.

 The crossover /by Kwame Alexander ; illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile. Fourteen-year-old twin basketball stars Josh and Jordan wrestle with highs and lows on and off the court as their father ignores his declining health.

 The Dharma bums /Jack Kerouac ; introduction by Ann Douglas. Published just one year after On The Road, this is the story of two men enganged in a passionate search for Dharma or truth. Their major adventure is the pursuit of the Zen Way, which takes them climbing into the High Sierras to seek the lesson of solitude.

 The English poems of John Milton.  This work contains the poetic works of John Milton. It includes “Paradise Lost”, “Paradise Regained”, “L’Allegro”, “Il Penseroso”, “Comus” and various sonnets and miscellaneous poems.

 The movement: the African American struggle for civil rights /Thomas C. Holt. Holt provides an informed and nuanced understanding of the origins, character, and objectives of the mid-twentieth-century freedom struggle, re-centering the narrative around the mobilization of ordinary people.

 The Nag Hammadi scriptures /edited by Marvin Meyer ; with contributions by Wolf-Peter Funk … [et al.] The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, edited by Marvin Meyer, is the one-volume, English-language edition of the renowned library of Gnostic manuscripts discovered in Egypt in 1945. It includes the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, and the Gospel of Judas, as well as other Gnostic gospels and sacred texts. This volume also includes introductory essays, notes, tables, glossary, index, etc. to help the reader understand the context and contemporary significance of these texts which have shed new light on early Christianity and ancient thought.

 The power of strategic listening /Laurie Lewis. This book demonstrates that listening is an invaluable tool for strategic action that is essential to the success of contemporary organizations. Lewis gives organizations the tools to assess and improve their techniques for listening, including development of how they process and respond to what is heard.

 The Qumran paradigm: a critical evaluation of some foundational hypotheses in the construction of the Qumran sect /Gwynned de Looijer. de Looijer reexamines the key hypotheses that have driven scholars’ understandings of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the archaeological site of Khirbet Qumran, and the textual descriptions of the Essenes. She demonstrates that foundational hypotheses regarding a sect at Qumran have heavily influenced the way the texts found in the surrounding caves are interpreted. De Looijer’s approach abandon’s those assumptions to illustrate that the Dead Sea Scrolls reflect a wider range of backgrounds reflecting the many diverse forms of Judaism that existed in the Second Temple period.

 The Routledge handbook of Pentecostal theology /edited by Wolfgang Vondey. TWU Author The Routledge Handbook of Pentecostal Theology is an outstanding reference source to the key topics, challenges and debates in this growing field of study and is the first collection of its kind on this subject. The sections of this book take the reader through a comprehensive introduction to what Pentecostals believe and how they practice their faith. Looking at issues such hermeneutics, worship, eschatology and Feminism, among many others, within Pentecostalism, they allow a nuanced and global picture of Pentecostal theology to emerge.

 The Sikhs in history, 2010 /Sangat Singh. Sangat Singh uses a detailed account of historical events, recurringly supported by references to listed external documentation, to help the reader understand how Sikhism came to be, and how it’s adherents, the Sikhs, have participated in, and have been subject to, the events that have made up the last 500 years of history in the Greater Punjab region of South Asia.

 The Upper Country: French enterprise in the colonial Great Lakes /Claiborne A. Skinner. The Upper Country melds myth and conventional history to provide a memorable tale of French designs in the middle of what became the United States. Putting the reader on the battlefields, at the trading posts, and on the rivers with voyageurs and their allies from the Indian nations, Skinner reveals the saintly missionaries and jolly fur traders of popular myth as agents of a hard-nosed, often ruthless, imperial endeavor. Skinner’s engaging narrative takes the reader through daily life at posts like Forts Saint Louis and Michilimakinac, illuminates the complexities of interracial marriage, and explains how France’s New World adventurism played a role in the outbreak of the Seven Years War.

 The York Factory express: Fort Vancouver to Hudson Bay, 1826-1849 /Nancy Marguerite Anderson. The stories of the York Factory Express and of the Saskatchewan Brigades, which they joined at Edmonton House, are told in the words of the Scottish traders and clerks who wrote the journals. However, the voyageurs who made the journey possible are the invisible, unnamed Canadiens, Orkney-men, Iroquois, and their Métis children and grand-children, who powered the boats back and forth across the continent every year. But these men left no written records. If the traders had not preserved the stories the voyageurs told them, we would not know this history today — as it is portrayed in The York Factory Express.

 Therapy and the postpartum woman: notes on healing postpartum depression for clinicians and the women who seek their help /Karen Kleiman. Using a blend of professional objectivity, evidence-based research, and personal, straight-forward suggestions gathered from years of experience, this book brings the reader into the private world of therapy with the postpartum woman. Chapters address diagnosis, medication, depression, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, bonding, as well as finding meaning and the power to heal during recovery.

 This present darkness: meet me on the battlefield /Kristin Welch ; foreword by Abraham Ruelas. In this book the history of women preachers, the rise of the publishing industry, the creation of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century female seminaries and academies, and the work of feminist theologians are explored. This book introduces the Christian college student to a coherent story of First, Second, and Third Wave Feminism and how these interlocking histories overlap with Christian faith and practice. Designed for the student who has little or no knowledge of feminist histories, theories, and practices, this book offers timelines, reading lists, and glossaries to help orient the student in a field of study often filled with irony and contradictions. Furthermore, the influence of anti-feminists and the impact of visual culture tell a story of how power is made and how it is challenged. Throughout this book, students are invited to consider their relationship with feminism and to critically reflect on a position that holds true to their faith as they are experiencing it in the twenty-first century.

 Thomas D’Arcy McGee. Volume 1, Passion, reason, and politics, 1825-1857 /David A. Wilson. A biography of Thomas D’arcy McGee, Irish Nationalist, Catholic spokesman, writer and politician and a father of Confederation.

 Wen hua shi ying yu Zhongguo Jidu tu: 1860 zhi 1911 nian /Xing Fuzeng zhu. Cultural Adaptation and Chinese Christians (1860-1911)Chinese Christians in the nineteenth century give us the impression that they were either ‘church eaters’ who converted for profit, or a group of faceless personalities who were ‘mouthpieces’ attached to Western missionaries. This book attempts to explore, from the perspective of ‘cultural adaptation’, how educated Chinese Christians in the late Qing Dynasty faced the differences between the foreign and local cultures in the context of the arrival of Christian culture from the east, and how they endured the resulting impact. Their struggles and introspection in the search for the integration of Christianity and Chinese culture have shaped Chinese Christian identity, and laid the foundation for the work of authenticity and contextualisation of the church in the Republic of China

 Xuan jiao shi de bi xiu ke: zhi bi zhi ji de ren lei xue zhi shi /Baoluo Hebote(Paul G. Hiebert) zhu ; Lin Xiujuan yi. A must for missionaries: anthropological knowledge to know your enemy. This book is an effort to provide young missionaries with some basic tools to understand other cultures, to understand themselves when entering them, and to relate and communicate across cultures.

 Xuan jiao shi ye 2.0: yi shi jie guan wei ji chu de sheng jing kou shu yun dong /Tangmu.Shidifen(Tom A. Steffen) zhu ; Xie Renshou yi. Missional Vision 2.0: A Worldview-based Oral Biblical Movement. This book explores the three dimensions that shape a people’s particular worldview: stories, symbols and rituals, and how, through appropriate forms of evangelism and church development, a genuine transformation of the deeper worldview of the evangelical audience can be brought about, avoiding syncretism and becoming authentic disciples of Christ.

 Xun suo Jidu jiao de du te xing: Zhao Zichen shen xue lun ji /Xing Fuzeng zhu. Searching for the Uniqueness of Christianity: A Theological Essay. The author is convinced that Zhao Zichen’s reflections still have much to offer in the way of reference and insight into the development of Chinese church theology. This collection of five essays is the result of the author’s reading and study of Zhao Zichen in recent years. Each essay is threaded with the search for the uniqueness of the Christian faith.

 Yisilan de hu sheng: Hua ren ta shang Alabo kua wen hua shi gong /Chong Hu zhu ; Hanwu Qimin, Li Yiping yi. Islamic Voices: Chinese Embark on Arab Cross-Cultural Ministry.  The authors draws on experiences and observations from cross-cultural ministry to explore some of the issues that are often encountered in mission work, including an appreciation of Islam, strategic planning for ministry, building a ministry team, analysing success and failure factors, and effective ministry. The book presents current opportunities and challenges for those interested in cross-cultural ministry, especially those interested in learning more about the Islamic world.

 Zhongguo ji yao zhu yi zhe di shi jian yu kun jing: Chen Chonggui de shen xue si xiang yu shi dai /Xing Fuzeng zhu. The Practice and Dilemma of Chinese Fundamentalists: Chen Chonggui’s Theological Thought and the Times.  This book takes Chen Chonggui as the subject of this study, and explores the life and thought of this Chinese fundamentalist leader in its entirety. In addition to reconstructing Chen Chonggui’s fundamentalist theology, Dr Xing Fuzhen presents the different issues that have closely influenced the Chinese Church through Chen’s life, such as the demand for mission and self-reliance, the reconstruction of national salvation and social care, communism and patriotic practices, anti-imperialism, and love of religion. It is hoped that this book will provide a glimpse into how this fundamentalist practised his faith and the dilemmas he faced in an era of radical change, especially under the communist regime.

 Zhongguo Jidu jiao tian ye kao cha: Field study of Chinese Christianity /Tang Xiaofeng zhu. Christian Fieldwork in Chin. This book is a study of Christianity in China. It focuses on the current state of development of Christianity in China in recent years and the hot issues, evaluates and reflects on the overall development of Christianity, and provides a detailed interpretation of the pluralistic pattern of existence and tensions of Christian churches in China. It also examines the development of Christianity in Yunnan Province as an example and examines the current state of Christianity in China, as well as the Tibetan Christian religion and the Orthodox Church in northeast China.

New Titles Tuesday, April 11

Here is a selection of titles recently added to the collection

 A high view of Scripture?: the authority of the Bible and the formation of the New Testament canon /Craig D. Allert. TWU AUTHOR Allert avers that our view of the Bible has not been sufficiently informed by how the New Testament canon was formed in the early centuries of the church. While maintaining that Scripture is authoritative and inspired, he also believes that the tension between Scripture’s nature as both a divine document and a human document has often been skewed too far toward the divine. Seeking to remedy this imbalance, Allert examines various theories of the historical development of the New Testament canon. In addition, he explores how the early church fathers viewed Scripture, canon, inspiration, and authority, coming to the conclusion that while promoting a high view of Scripture, the patristic view does not necessarily line up with the modern conservative evangelical view.

 A long journey: residential schools in Labrador and Newfoundland /Andrea Procter. For years, the story of residential schools has been told by the authorities who ran them, and their voices have dominated the discussion. A Long Journey attempts to redress this imbalance by presenting the accounts of former students as well as examining extensive government, community, and school archives in order to tell the story of these institutions from a range of perspectives. The book examines the history of boarding schools in Labrador and St. Anthony and looks forward to a future in which reconciliation between all Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians becomes a reality.

 A persevering witness: the poetry of Margaret Avison /Elizabeth Davey ; foreword by David A. Kent. Davey expertly situates Avison’s poetry in the rich milieu of her religious and communal life, and in so doing helps the reader understand the acute angularity and spiritual resonances of Avison’s verse. For many readers it will be most helpful that Davey shows how thoughtfully Avison reads and innovatively evokes biblical language and thought in her poetry.  No dry literary criticism here, but life-enhancing interpretation and response to Avison’s often oblique call to Christian witness. Meticulously researched and beautifully written. Davey serves both Avison and the reader very well indeed.

 All Hallows’ Eve /Charles Williams ; introduction by T.S. Eliot. All Hallows’ Eve is the story of a man and woman whose love was so great it could bridge the gap of death; of evil so terrible as to be unmentionable, of a vision so beautiful it must be true.

 Armies of deliverance: a new history of the Civil War /Elizabeth R. Varon. Varon offers both a sweeping narrative of the Civil War and a bold new interpretation of Union and Confederate war aims.

Arthurian torso: containing the posthumous fragment of The figure of Arthur /by Charles Williams, and a commentary on the Arthurian poems of Charles Williams by C.S. Lewis.


 Barefoot church: serving the least in a consumer culture /Brandon Hatmaker.  Hatmaker reminds us that serving the least is not a trendy act of benevolence but a lifestyle of authentic community and spiritual transformation. In Barefoot Church, he provides practical ideas for creating service-based, missional communities  for individual, collective, and social renewal.

 C.S. Lewis: a biography /Roger Lancelyn Green & Walter Hooper. This account of Lewis’s life was written by two men who knew him well and remember him warmly. Photographs from personal albums and the Lewis archives.

C.S. Lewis’s Till we have faces /introduction and commentary by Nathan Comfort Starr.  C. S. Lewis brilliantly reimagines the story of Cupid and Psyche. Told from the viewpoint of Psyche’s sister, Orual, Till We Have Faces is a brilliant examination of envy, betrayal, loss, blame, grief, guilt, and conversion. In this, his final—and most mature and masterful—novel, Lewis reminds us of our own fallibility and the role of a higher power in our lives.

 Canada’s holy grail: Lord Stanley’s political motivation to donate the Stanley Cup /Jordan B. Goldstein. Canada’s Holy Grail documents Lord Stanley’s personal politics, his desire to affect Canadian nationality and unity, and the larger transformations in Anglo-liberal political thought at the time. The book posits that the Stanley Cup fit directly within Anglo-American traditions of using sport to graft ideas of the national, and the donation of the cup occurred at a moment in history when Canadian nationalists needed identifying symbols. Goldstein asserts that only with a transformation in Anglo-liberal thought could the state legitimately act through culture to affect national identity. Drawing on primary source documentation from Lord Stanley’s archives, as well as statements by politicians and hockey enthusiasts, Canada’s Holy Grail integrates political thought into the realm of sport history through the discussion of a championship trophy that still stands as one of the most well-known and recognized Canadian national symbols.

 Celtic mythology: tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes /Philip Freeman. Freeman brings together the best stories of Celtic mythology. In these stories a mysterious and invisible realm of gods and spirits exists alongside and sometimes crosses over into our own human world; fierce women warriors battle with kings and heroes, and even the rules of time and space can be suspended. Captured in vivid prose these shadowy figures-gods, goddesses, and heroes-come to life for the modern reader.

 Complexity and values in nurse education: dialogues on professional education /edited by Lipscomb Martin. Providing a critical discussion of issues faced by educators when ideas from outside of nursing conflict with normatively inspired outcomes that students are required to accept, this book explores the interplay of complexity and values in nurse education from a variety of vantages. Thought-provoking, challenging, and occasionally rumbustious in tone, this volume has something to say to both nurse educators (who may find cherished practices questioned) and students.

 Computing and technology ethics: engaging through science fiction /Emanuelle Burton, Judy Goldsmith, Nicholas Mattei, Cory Siler and Sara-Jo Swiatek. Provides a comprehensive introduction to ethical frameworks and of many of the modern issues arising in technology ethics including computing, privacy, artificial intelligence, and more.

 Conscience in the New Testament: a study of syneidesis in the New Testament with some observations concerning its pastoral relevance today /C.A. Pierce. A very strong rebuttal to the concept that conscience can be a guide to our future behavior.

Create your research poster /Corina Lacatus, Alex Nogues. This book breaks down everything you need to know about translating your research project into an effective research poster. Learn the basic elements of good poster design Ensure your poster captures all the relevant aspects of your research Understand how to tell a story with your poster

 Drawing now 2015 / edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder und = and Elsy Lahner. Drawing is experiencing a remarkable contemporary resurgence, with a revival of interest among collectors and curators, as well as among young artists who have discovered exciting new possibilities for the medium.

 Enoch from antiquity to the Middle Ages /John C. Reeves and Annette Yoshiko Reed. This book provides scholars with a comprehensive collection of core references extracted from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim literature to a plethora of ancient writings associated with the name of the biblical character Enoch. It assembles citations of and references to writings attributed to Enoch in non-canonical Jewish, Christian, and Muslim literary sources (ranging in age from roughly the third century BCE up through the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries CE) into one convenient thematically arranged repository, and it classifies, compares, and briefly analyzes these references and citations to develop a clearer picture of the scope and range of what one might term “the Enochic library,” or the entire corpus of works attributed to Enoch and his subsequent cross-cultural avatars.

Essays presented to Charles Williams /contributors: Dorothy Sayers … [et al.]. A collection of six articles by friends of Charles Williams, written to present to him on his leaving Oxford, but published in 1947, to honour his death in 1945.

Gai bian li shi: Hua ren wen hua yu xuan jiao shi gong /Lin Zhiping zhu. Changing History: Chinese Culture and Missions

 Gao chao zhi Jidu: Xibolai shu xin xi /Chen Zunde zhu. Christ Exalted: the message of Hebrews

 God de Han yi shi: zheng lun, jie shou yu qi shi = A history of Chinese translation of God : controversy, reception and inspiration /Cheng Xiaojuan zhao. A History of Chinese Translation of God: Controversy, Acceptance and Enlightenment

 Gold in British Columbia: discovery to Confederation /Marie Elliott. The history of gold mining on the Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwaii), the Fraser River, and in particular the Cariboo, with short bios of many of the important figures in the gold rush such as James Douglas and Matthew Baillie Begbie, as well as those of many of the independent miners. The book deals with the conflict between the First Nations and the California miners,  the role of the Royal Engineers and the black police force, and of course the Hudson’s Bay Company. It also shows how the gold rush influenced Confederation, bringing in BC in 1871.

 Handbook of research on educational leadership and research methodology /[edited by] Viktor Wang. This book provides contributed chapters addressing the evolution of educational leadership knowledge, thought and practices by sharing a diversity of perspectives, experiences, theories and philosophies related to educational leadership and research methodologies across all levels of education

 Hong xing yu shi zi jia: Zhongguo gong chan dang de Jidu tu you ren /Zeng Qingbao zhu. Red Star and Cross: Christian Friends of the Communist Party of China

 In defense of universal human rights /Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann. Howard-Hassmann vigorously defends the universality of human rights, arguing that the entire range of rights is necessary for all individuals everywhere, regardless of sex, color, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or social class.  Only social democracies, she contends, can be considered fully rights-protective states. Taking issue with scholars who argue that human rights are Western quasi-imperialist impositions on states in the global South, and risk undermining community and social obligation, Howard-Hassmann explains how human rights support communities and can only be preserved if states and individuals observe their duties to protect them.

 Jidu jiao ling xiu: Jidu tu shu ling sheng ming cao lian zhi yin /Wang Xin zhu. Christian Spirituality: A Guide to the Practice of Christians’ Spiritual Life

 Jidu li de si xiang: Feilibi shu, Feili men shu xin xi /Chen Zunde zhu. Minds in Christ: Philippians, Philemon Messages


New Titles Tuesday, April 4

Here is a selection of recently added titles.

 A song below water /Bethany C. Morrow. Best friends, Tavia and Effie, struggle to hide their supernatural identities in a society that discriminates against people with their abilities.

 Abdul’s story /Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow ; illustrated by Tiffany Rose. Abdul loves telling stories but thinks his messy handwriting and spelling mistakes will keep him from becoming an author, until Mr. Muhammad visits and encourages him to persist.

 Advances in Peircean mathematics: the Colombian School /edited by Fernando Zalamea.  The book explores Peirce’s non standard thoughts on a synthetic continuum, topological logics, existential graphs, and relational semiotics, offering full mathematical developments on these areas.

 Autoethnography as method /Heewon Chang. This methods book will guide the reader through the process of conducting and producing an autoethnographic study through the understanding of self, other, and culture. Readers will be encouraged to follow hands-on, though not prescriptive, steps in data collection, analysis, and interpretation with self-reflective prewriting exercises and self-narrative writing exercises to produce their own autoethnographic work.

 Canadian conservative political thought /edited by Lee Trepanier, Richard Avramenko. Tyler Chamberlain, Grant Havers, Christopher S Morrissey TWU CONTRIBUTORS  This book corrects an imbalance in Canadian political literature through offering a conservative account of Canadian political thought. Across 15 chronologically organized chapters, and with a mixture of established and rising scholars, the book offers an investigation of the defining features and characteristics of Canadian conservative political thought.

 Cancer is a C word /written by Sunita Pal ; illustrated by Cody Andreasen. Cancer is a C Word will help families and schools to introduce the concept of cancer to early primary-aged children, in a very simple way that is easy for them to understand. At the same time, the book also focuses on the positive aspects by demonstrating that there are other C words linked to cancer that have an uplifting effect, such as Caring, Community, Cuddling, and Companionship. With 32 beautifully illustrated full-colour pages and some fun images that will appeal to children, Cancer is a C Word is an informative picture book for children that answers some tough questions, while conveying an overall comforting and positive message.

 Centuries of genocide: critical essays and eyewitness accounts /edited by Samuel Totten. Centuries of Genocide addresses genocides perpetrated in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. Recognized experts in the field of genocide studies come together to contribute original essays, accompanied by highly informative and powerful first-person accounts. Case studies of contemporary genocide bring this horrific history up to the present moment: Argentina’s Dirty War, the genocide of the Yazidis by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), genocidal violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar, and China’s genocide of the Uyghurs.

 Chiru sakura = falling cherry blossoms : a mother and daughter’s journey through racism, internment and oppression /Grace Eiko Thomson ; [edited by] Meg Yamamoto. At eight years old, Grace Eiko Nishikihama was forcibly removed from her Vancouver home and interned with her parents and siblings in the BC Interior. Chiru Sakura–Falling Cherry Blossoms is a moving and politically outspoken memoir written by Grace, now a grandmother, with passages from a journal kept by her late mother, Sawae Nishikihama. While translating her mother’s journal, Grace began to add her own experiences alongside her mother’s, exploring how generational trauma can endure, and how differently she and her mother interpreted those years of struggle. As an advocate for reconciliation, she openly shares her story with the next generations; throughout, Grace returns to her mother’s teachings of hope and resilience symbolized in the cherry blossoms around what was once their home.

 Christianity, race, and sport /Jeffrey Scholes. This book provides a rigorously researched introduction to the relationship between Christianity, race, and sport in the United States.

 Collected plays. Vol. 6 /Bertolt Brecht ; edited by Ralph Manheim and John Willett. Good person of Szechwan — Puntila and Matti, his hired man — Resistible rise of Arturo Ui — Dansen — How much is your iron.  Collected plays. Volume 2: A man’s a man, Rise and fall of the City of Mahagonny, The threepenny opera. /Bertolt Brecht ; edited by Ralph Manheim and John Willett.

 Conducting undergraduate research in education: a guide for students in teacher education programs /edited by Ruth J. Palmer, Deborah L. Thompson. This book offers a student-focused guide to conducting undergraduate research in education and education-related programs, engaging students in the process of learning through research and supporting them to navigate their multidimensional academic programs Palmer and Thompson help model the competencies that students need to succeed, including complex thinking, strategic design, modeling, and persistent iterative practice, while demonstrating how conducting research can help students develop as deep thinkers, courageous researchers, and active participants in their communities of practice.

 Digital playgrounds: the hidden politics of children’s online play spaces, virtual worlds, and connected games /Sara M. Grimes. Digital Playgrounds explores the key developments, trends, debates, and controversies that have shaped children’s commercial digital play spaces over the past two decades. It argues that children’s online playgrounds, virtual worlds, and connected games are much more than mere sources of fun and diversion – they serve as the sites of complex negotiations of power between children, parents, developers, politicians, and other actors with a stake in determining what, how, and where children’s play unfolds. The discussion draws on several research studies on a wide range of digital playgrounds designed and marketed to children aged six to twelve years, revealing how various problematic tendencies prevent most digital play spaces from effectively supporting children’s culture, rights, and – ironically – play. Digital Playgrounds lays the groundwork for a critical reconsideration of how existing approaches might be used in the development of new regulation, as well as best practices for the industries involved in making children’s digital play spaces. In so doing, it argues that children’s online play spaces be reimagined as a crucial new form of public sphere in which children’s rights and digital citizenship must be prioritized.

 Drawing now: between the lines of contemporary art /TRACEY ; edited by Simon Downs [and others]. Carefully curated with many new drawings specifically commissioned for the volume, the book includes an Introduction by the editors which lays out the themes underpinning this diverse and exciting selection of work. With a revival of interest in drawing in recent years, Drawing Now is a timely collection of the work of artists intent on giving a contemporary twist to the most traditional of forms.

 Encyclopedia of material culture in the biblical world: a new biblisches Reallexikon /edited by Angelika Berlejung (main editor); with P.M. Michèle Daviau, Jens Kamlah, and Gunnar Lehmann (area editors). It is a reference book for biblical scholars, historians, and archaeologists. The Encyclopedia presents and documents the material culture based on the archaeological, epigraphical, and iconographical data in historical order and documents the state of current research. The entries not only list or mention the most important material data, but try to synthesize and interpret it within the horizon of a history of Southern Levantine culture, economy, technical development, art, and religion.

 Eyrbyggja saga /translated with an introduction and notes by Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards. An Icelandic saga which mixes realism with wild gothic imagination and history with eerie tales of hauntings. It dramatizes a 13th century view of the past, from the pagan anarchy of the Viking age to the settlement of Iceland, the coming of Christianity and the beginnings of organized society.

 Fables of Aesop /translated by S.A. Handford ; with illustrations by Brian Robb. Sardonic, wry and wise, Aesop’s Fables are some of the most enduring and well-loved literary creations in history. In a series of pithy, amusing vignettes, Aesop created a vivid cast of characters to demonstrate different aspects of human nature. Here we see a wily fox outwitted by a quick-thinking cicada, a tortoise triumphing over a self-confident hare and a fable-teller named Aesop silencing those who mock him. Each jewel-like fable provides a warning about the consequences of wrong-doing, as well as offering a glimpse into the everyday lives of Ancient Greeks

 First Nations self government: 17 roadblocks to self-determination, and one chief’s thoughts on solutions /Leroy Paul Wolf Collar. Wolf Collar identifies 17 roadblocks that currently hinder Indigenous Nations–including broken treaty promises, problems with common forms of band administration, and the intrusion of provincial governments–along with potential solutions to overcome them. This guide is for current and aspiring Indigenous leaders who want to increase their understanding of good governance, management, and leadership, as well as those who want to explore issues around Indigenous self-determination in Canada.

 Flourishing and free: more stories of trailblazing women of Vancouver Island /Haley Healey. An inspiring and eye-opening collection of true stories about fourteen women who blazed their own trails in life and contributed in a fundamental way to the history of Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands. Healey chronicles the lives of resilient, hard-working, rule-breaking, diverse women who lived on and around Vancouver Island. Uplifting, empowering, and entertaining, this concise collection of stories will appeal to anyone interested in learning more about the unsung heroines of the West Coast.

 From at-risk to at-promise: academic libraries supporting student success /Amy E. Vecchione and Cathlene E. McGraw.  Vecchione and McGraw provide a roadmap for library employees and student success administrators to initiate and develop discussions on college campuses to define and address these emergent student needs. Through a selection of case studies and historical context, readers will learn how to define what student success looks like and how to design custom services to address student barriers to that success. Library employees and student success professionals both serve students at the margins. T

 God, technology, and the Christian life /Tony Reinke. Articulates a true biblical theology of technology, weaving extensive biblical texts together with the history and philosophy behind the major technological innovations of history.

 Habitats of the world: a field guide for birders, naturalists and ecologists /Iain Campbell, Ken Behrens, Charley Hesse, Phil Chaon ; special contributors, Sam Woods, Pablo Cervantes, and Anais Campbell. Requiring no scientific background, Habitats of the World offers quick and reliable information for anyone who wants a deeper understanding and appreciation of the habitats around them, whether in their own backyard or while traveling anywhere in the world. Covers 189 of the world’s major land habitats. Provides all the information you need to quickly and accurately identify and understand habitats anywhere in the world.

 Handbook of autoethnography /edited by Tony E. Adams, Stacy Holman Jones and Carolyn Ellis. Handbook of Autoethnography is a thematically organized volume that contextualizes contemporary practices of autoethnography and examines how the field has developed. Throughout, contributors identify key autoethnographic themes and commitments and offer examples of diverse, thoughtful, effective, applied, and innovative autoethnography. With contributions from more than 50 authors representing more than a dozen disciplines and writing from various locations around the world, the handbook develops, refines, and expands autoethnographic inquiry and qualitative research.

 Humble inquiry: the gentle art of asking instead of telling /Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein. This worldwide bestseller offers simple guidance for building the kind of open and trusting relatonships vital for tackling global systemic challenges and developing adaptive, innovative organizations The Scheins define Humble Inquiry as the gentle art of drawing someone out, of asking questions to which you do not know the answer, of building relationships based on curiosity and interest in the other person. It was inspired by Edgar’s twenty years of work in high-hazard industries and the health-care system, where honest communication can literally mean the difference between life and death.  Packed with case examples and a full chapter of exercises and simulations, this is a major contribution to how we see human conversational dynamics and relationships, presented in a compact, personal, and eminently practical way.

 Naming neoliberalism: exposing the spirit of our age /Rodney Clapp. Naming Neoliberalism aims to expose neoliberalism to a wider range of readers–pastors, thoughtful laypersons, and students. Its theological base for this intervention is apocalyptic–not in the sense of impending doom and gloom, but in the sense of centering on Christ’s life, death, and resurrection as itself the creation of a new and truer, more hopeful, and more humane order that sees the principalities and powers (like neoliberalism) unmasked and disarmed at the cross. The book carefully lays out what neoliberalism is, where it has come from, its religious or theological pretensions, and how it can be confronted through and in the church.

 Not one, not even one: a memoir of life-altering experiences in Sierra Leone, West Africa /Nancy Christine Edwards. Edwards  spent three years working as a community health nurse and two years evaluating primary health care programs. Her stories of village life convey the ravages of tuberculosis; threats of witchcraft; and tragedies of deaths related to pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn tetanus. She celebrates local advocates for health improvements–mothers, traditional birth attendants, and village health committees. Acutely aware of her role as a cultural outsider, the author reveals how she learned about the power of ancestors and the women’s secret society among the Mende people. Four decades after her arrival in Sierra Leone, Edwards comes to grips with her stance on the cultural practice of female circumcision. She takes us behind-the-scenes, describing how her West African experiences shaped her life and research career.

 Passion plays: how religion shaped sports in North America /Randall Balmer. Here one of our most insightful writers on American religion trains his focus on team sports to reveal their surprising connections.

 Raise a fist, take a knee: race and the illusion of progress in modern sports /John Feinstein. Feinstein crisscrossed the country to secure personal interviews with quarterbacks, coaches, and more, revealing the stories none of us have heard (but all of us should know). With an encyclopedic knowledge of professional sports, and shrewd cultural criticism, he uncovers not just why, but how, pro sports continue to perpetuate racial inequality.

 Remembering and forgetting in the age of technology: teaching, learning, and the science of memory in a wired world /Michelle D. Miller. Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology offers concise, nontechnical explanations of major principles of memory and attention–concepts that all teachers should know and that can inform how technology is used in their classes. Teachers will come away with a new appreciation of the importance of memory for learning, useful ideas for handling and discussing technology with their students, and an understanding of how memory is changing in our technology-saturated world.

 Sh:lam = (the doctor) : poems /Joseph A Dandurand. The author writes, This is the truth of what has happened to my people. The Kwantlen people used to number in the thousands but like all river tribes, eighty percent of our people were wiped out by smallpox and now there are only 200 of us. As a Kwantlen man, father, fisherman, poet and playwright I believe the gift of words was given to me so I can retell our stories.

 Teaching business information literacy /edited by Genifer Snipes, Marlinda Karo, Ash E. Faulkner, and Lauren Reiter. This book provides guidance to new business specialists, generalists, and subject librarians in other disciplines being asked to teach business research classes for the first time. Featuring more than 40 practical, classroom-proven lesson plans for one-shot, embedded, and credit-bearing library classes

 Teaching for spiritual formation: a patristic approach to Christian education in a convulsed age /Kyle Hughes ; foreword by David I. Smith. Hughes advances a fresh vision of Christian teaching and learning by drawing upon the riches of the Christian tradition, synthesizing the wisdom of the early church fathers with contemporary efforts to cultivate a distinctively Christian approach to education. This book examines how the writings of five significant church fathers can illuminate our understanding of the vocation of teachers, the nature of students, the purpose of curriculum, decisions about pedagogy, and how spiritual formation works. Besides reimagining these aspects of Christian education, Hughes also offers habits and practices that can help bring this vision of Christian teaching and learning to life, challenging Christian educators to sharpen their approach to the integration of faith and learning in practical and accessible ways .

 The brothers Karamazov: a novel in four parts and an epilogue /Fyodor Dostoyevsky ; translated with an introduction and notes by David McDuff. The Brothers Karamasov is a murder mystery, a courtroom drama, and an exploration of erotic rivalry in a series of triangular love affairs involving the “wicked and sentimental” Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov and his three sons―the impulsive and sensual Dmitri; the coldly rational Ivan; and the healthy, red-cheeked young novice Alyosha. Through the gripping events of their story, Dostoevsky portrays the whole of Russian life, is social and spiritual striving, in what was both the golden age and a tragic turning point in Russian culture.

 The diary of Dukesang Wong: a voice from Gold Mountain /Dukesang Wong ; edited with commentary by David McIlwraith ; diary translated by Wanda Joy Hoe ; introduction by Judy Fong Bates. Here is the only known first-person account from a Chinese worker on the famously treacherous parts of transcontinental railways that spanned the North American continent in the nineteenth century. Wong’s written account of life working on the Canadian Pacific Railway, a Gold Mountain life, tells of the punishing work, the camraderie, the sickness and starvation, the encounters with Indigenous Peoples, and the dark and shameful history of racism and exploitation that prevailed up and down the North American continent. Background history and explanations for the diary’s unexplained references are provided by David McIlwraith, the book’s editor, who also considers why the diarist’s voice and other Chinese voices have been silenced for so long.

 The encyclopedia of female pioneers in online learning /Susan Bainbridge and Norine Wark. This landmark book details thirty preeminent female academics, including some of the first to create online courses, design learning management systems, research innovative topics such as discourse analysis or open resources, and speak explicitly about gender parity in the field. Offering comprehensive career profiles, original interviews, and research analyses, these chapters are illuminating on their own right while amounting to an essential combination of reference material and primary source.

 The fire of love; translated [from the Latin] into modern English with an introduction by Clifton Wolters. This treatise is partly autobiographical and partly a practical manual to the devout life. Erratic, even turbulent at times, the fire explores the shadow-land beyond the realm of common Christian experience.

 The gospel of climate skepticism: why evangelical Christians oppose action on climate change /Robin Globus Veldman. The Gospel of Climate Skepticism reveals the extent to which climate skepticism and anti-environmentalism are not simply side effects of cognitive and doctrinal influences, but have become embedded in the social world and identity of many conservative evangelicals. Upending an assumption widely held by both scholars and the public–that skepticism is simply a side-effect of evangelicals’ political or theological conservatism–the book shows that between 2006 and 2015, leaders and pundits associated with the Christian Right promoted skepticism widely as the biblical position on climate change.

 The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket /[by] Edgar Allan Poe ; edited with an introduction and commentary, including Jules Verne’s sequel Le sphinx des glaces, by Harold Beaver. A stowaway aboard the New England whaler Grampus, young Arthur Gordon Pym finds himself an unwilling passenger on an extraordinary voyage. Edgar Allan Poe’s only novel, first published in 1838, recounts the incredible adventures and discoveries of Pym and his companions as they overcome violent mutineers, are set adrift in an open boat, encounter a corpse-ridden ghost ship, cannibals, and huge polar bears as they approach the icy barriers of the South Pole.

 The quest of the Holy Grail. Translated with an introd. by P. M. Matarasso. Composed by an unknown author in early thirteenth-century France, The Quest of the Holy Grail is a fusion of Arthurian legend and Christian symbolism, reinterpreting ancient Celtic myth as a profound spiritual fable. It recounts the quest of the knights of Camelot – the simple Perceval, the thoughtful Bors, the rash Gawain, the weak Lancelot and the saintly Galahad – as they journey through danger and temptation to reach the elusive Holy Grail. But only one of them is judged worthy to see the mysteries within the sacred vessel, and look upon the ineffable. Enfused with tragic grandeur and an aura of mysticism, The Quest is an absorbing and radiant allegory of man’s perilous search for divine grace, and had a profound influence on later Arthurian romances and versions of the Grail legend.

 The Wiley Blackwell companion to the study of religion /edited by Robert A. Segal and Nickolas P. Roubekas. Michael Wilkinson TWU AUTHOR  The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion delivers an expert and insightful analysis of modern perspectives on the study of religion across the humanities and the social sciences. The book includes perspectives from those in fields as diverse as globalization, cognitive science, the study of emotion, law, esotericism, sex and gender, functionalism, terror, the comparative method, modernism, and postmodernism. Many of the topics covered in the book clearly hail from religious studies, while others are grounded in other areas of academia.

 This promise of change: one girl’s story in the fight for school equality /Jo Ann Allen Boyce and Debbie Levy. In 1956, Allen was one of twelve African-American students who broke the color barrier and integrated Clinton High School in Little Rock, Tennessee. Jo Ann–clear-eyed, practical, tolerant, and popular among both black and white students—found herself called on as the spokesperson of the group.  This is the heartbreaking and relatable story of her four months thrust into the national spotlight and as a trailblazer in history. Based on original research and interviews and featuring backmatter with archival materials and notes from the authors on the co-writing process.

 Undertaking capstone projects in education: a practical guide for students /Jolanta Burke and Majella Dempsey. Undertaking Capstone Projects in Education provides students with all of the information required to successfully design and complete a capstone project. Filled with examples and written in a friendly and collaborative style, this key guide uses simple language and easy-to-understand examples to unpack complex research issues.

 Unsettling the Great White North: black Canadian history /edited by Michele A. Johnson and Funké Aladejebi. Unsettling the Great White North offers a chronological, regional, and thematic compilation of some of the latest and best scholarship in the field of Black Canadian history.

 Unsettling the settler within: Indian residential schools, truth telling, and reconciliation in Canada /Paulette Regan. Unsettling the Settler Within argues that non-Aboriginal Canadians must undergo their own process of decolonization in order to truly participate in the transformative possibilities of reconciliation. Settlers must relinquish the persistent myth of themselves as peacemakers and acknowledge the destructive legacy of a society that has stubbornly ignored and devalued Indigenous experience. A compassionate call to action, this powerful book offers a new and hopeful path toward healing the wounds of the past.

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