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New Titles Tuesday, March 26

Here is a selection  of books recently added to the collection

 Black theology and Black faith /Noel Leo Erskine. Erskine examines Black theology from every angle, seeking to answer the question, Why would Africa’s children turn to the God of their oppressors for liberation? Beginning with the Middle Passage, which brought millions of Africans into the Caribbean and United States, Erskine unpacks the background and distinctive ideas of Black theology. Erskine covers major thinkers and illumines various areas of inquiry: suffering and theodicy, sin and reconciliation, baptism and the sacraments, womanism and Christology, and others.  Black Theology and Black Faith is the perfect reading for students and scholars looking to recenter the voices of the marginalized in their theology.

 Christ-enlivened student affairs: a guide to Christian thinking and practice in the field /Perry L. Glanzer, Theodore F. Cockle, Elijah G. Jeong, Britney N. Graber. With research from a national mixed-methods study, Christ-Enlivened Student Affairs avoids the common response of anecdotal evidence by providing a catalog of some of the best thinking and practices in the field. Glanzer, Cockle, Graber, and Jeong use the framework of educational philosophies to trace how Christianity animates the who, why, what, and how of student affairs, offering evidence-based resources, and new tools for engaging new practitioners in the field, and a larger theological perspective for Christian student affairs.

 Christianity: an Asian religion in Vancouver /Jason Byassee, Albert Y. S. Chu, Ross A. Lockhart ; foreword by Darrell L. Guder ; afterword by Mi-Jung Lee Christianity: An Asian Religion in Vancouver focuses on the context of Vancouver,BC, and notes through a mixed-methods study including interviews and participant observation that many churches in Vancouver with predominantly Asian composition are growing both in size and influence.

 Franz Jägerstätter: letters and writings from prison /Franz Jägerstätter ; edited by Erna Putz ; translated with commentary by Robert A. Krieg Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian farmer, devoted husband and father, and devout Catholic, was executed in 1943 for refusing to serve in the Nazi army. For many years Jägerstätter ‘s solitary witness was honored by the Catholic peace movement, while viewed with discomfort by many of his fellow Austrians. Now, with his beatification in 2007, his example has been embraced by the universal Church.

 Haunted childhoods in George MacDonald /by John Patrick Pazdziora. Haunted Childhoods in George MacDonald reconsiders death and divine love in MacDonald’s writings for children. It examines his private letters and public sermons, obscure early writings, and most beloved stories. Setting his work alongside texts by James Hogg and Andrew Lang, it argues MacDonald appropriated traditional Scottish-folk narratives to help child readers apprehend his mystically-inclined understanding of mortality.

 Influencers & creators: business, culture and practice /Robert V. Kozinets, Ulrike Gretzel & Rossella Gambetti.  Influencers & Creators: Business, Culture and Practice delves into today’s dynamic world where the boundary between the physical and digital world is blurred, and the impressions of influencers and creators on business and culture are evident. The readers are on an enlightening journey exploring this recent phenomenon’s complex network. This  text presents radical conceptual and critical understanding that offers practical guidelines that transcend the limits of the traditional social media marketing paradigm. The book investigates the influencer scenario based on a collection of global examples, revealing its multidimensional aspects.  Further, the book highlights why the influencers have acquired an indispensable status for businesses, public institutions, and digital forums. The book focuses mainly on ethical implications and regulatory practices, introducing the readers to an extensive viewpoint of the most impacting and transformative force, structuring the modern business world and culture.

 Not safe, but good /edited and with an introduction by Bret Lott.  The stories in this book–from such outstanding Chrstian writers as Jerry Jenkins, Michael Morris, Sally John, and the editor Bret Lott–are by no means safe. Like the parables of Christ, they surprise, unsettle, and even shock. They depict doubt, loss, abandonment, failure, and betrayal as well as elation and triumph. But they also deeply and meaningfully explore the human condition in relation to a God who loves us and brings us joy and hope.

 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly (RCMP Quarterly) dating from 1933 to 2000 have been added to the Canadiana collection. The journal, published by the RCMP since 1933, includes reports of RCMP news, articles on the history and practices of the RCMP, accounts of social events and ceremonies, personal essays by RCMP members, and much more. The collection is a valuable resource for researchers interested in the history of the RCMP and policing in Canada, as well as those researching family members who served in the RCMP.

 The 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace: empowering organizations by encouraging people /Gary Chapman & Paul White. The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace brings the love language concept to the workplace. This book will teach you how to improve job satisfaction, create more positive relationships between managers and employees, and decrease burnout rates by teaching you to effectively communicate appreciation to employees, co-workers, and team members.

 The quest for biblical servant leadership: insights from the global Church /edited by KeumJu Jewel Hyun, Gracy Y. May, Philomena Mwaura, and Julius Kithinji ; foreword by R. Paul Stevens. This book distills the experience and wisdom of people who have practically benefited from Jesus’s leadership. Reflective of the global church,  the authors speak of a servant leadership inspired by love, honoring of God, humble in approach, and seeking the welfare of others without neglecting a healthy self-regard.

 The Sage handbook of online higher education /edited by Safary Wa-Mbaleka, Kelvin Thompson and Leni Casimiro. The SAGE Handbook of Online Higher Education presents a cutting-edge collection of 50 essays that explores the rapidly evolving landscape of online teaching and learning in higher education. The Handbook adopts a uniquely holistic approach to examining the needs of online education. Chapters bring together voices from diverse and international backgrounds to provide insights applicable to a broad range of contexts, and present practical strategies for planning, delivering quality online higher education.

 Weed science: a plea for thought– revisited /Robert L. Zimdahl. Weed scientists are confident of increasing production through agricultural technology, including herbicides, but must ask if the moral obligation to feed people is sufficient justification for the benefits and harms achieved. A continuing, rigorous examination of the science’s goals that leads to appropriate change is advocated. Weed scientists have a research consensus – a paradigm – Weeds must be controlled. Herbicides are the best control technology. Agriculture’s practitoners should discuss the necessity and risks of their technology. Discussion must include scientific evidence and value-laden arguments.

Remembering Norma Alloway

For Norma Alloway‘s 101st birthday, Library Student Assistant Lael Louw considers one of Norma’s poems.

We too

are shaped by Divinity

in unique design.


We too

live within our shell homes.

We move for a while

with the tides of life

and are gone.

Our song has been sung.


Our solo notes have been played.


What music lingers in the air

because of our journey?

(Alloway, 1988, p.8)


Norma Alloway’s voice was one threaded with humility, wisdom, activism, and warm invitation. In this exert from Listening: Friendly Thoughts from the Seashore she invites readers to recalibrate their hearts and to consider what is of most import and of most beauty. The human soul is robed in a fabric of fragility as well as eternity, and the human conscience must wrestle with the sometimes-uncomfortable tension that arises from this fabric in which some threads persist and others unravel or are torn away. Alloway contends for the divine beauty of the tension of this human life and entreats readers to live into this space with a gaze that lingers on those threads that persist.

As I read, I find myself contemplating what beauty I might cultivate that will linger beyond my fragile existence. What hope might I bring? What peace might I offer? What orphaned heart may I offer a home? What words of love and faith might I utter? How may I show the shamed and oppressed their dignity? Where can I learn the melody of songs that burst the veil into eternity?

Listen for Happy Birthday to You on the Alloway Chime at noon on March 25 and contemplate the music that lingers because of one person’s journey.

With gratituded, Lael Louw

Cultivating Curiosity: Spring, Gardening, and Alloway Library

Thinking of Spring?? Then its time to think of gardening too! As the earth awakens from its winter slumber, so does our curiosity about the wonders of spring and the art of gardening. Join us on a literary exploration and take a leisurely look on the array of books to guide you in exploring the world of gardening.

We encourage you to sow the seeds of curiosity and knowledge! Here are some amazing books from ourcollectionto guide you through the art of gardening,

Stop by Alloway Library to see the  print books   on display on the main level this month.

 100 easy-to-grow native plants for Canadian gardens / Lorraine Johnson, photographs by Andrew Leyerle. 100 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants for Canadian Gardens is the ultimate source for achieving a lush and stunning garden with ease. Whatever the conditions—sunny, shady or in-between—and whatever your style—formal, informal or a mix—there are native plants to help you achieve your gardening goals. Either add to your garden or start fresh with the help of this reader-friendly guide. With Johnson’s light humour and down-to-earth perspective, as well as lavish photos by Leyerle, this is a must-have gardening resource for everything Canadian gardeners need to know about native plants. Horticultural information includes height, blooming period, light requirements and moisture needs, as well as a comprehensive reference chart that provides a list of the most appropriate plants for various conditions at a glance.

 Basic gardening illustrated / by the editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine. Covers fundamental cultivating, propagating, pruning, and landscaping techniques in addition to describing container gardening and recommending plants that are easy to grow

 Chatelaine’s gardening book / by Lois Wilson. The complete all-Canada guide to garden success that covers all regions of Canada

 Flower Production & Gardening /  P. K. Yadav, R. P. Singh. This book has been designed to  serve as a reliable source of information on all relevant aspects of floriculture and ornamental horticulture for various purposes, including the production technology of export-quality flowers. It provides a concise and easy-to-understand summary of important aspects of floriculture, presented in simple and lucid language.

 Gardening with native plants of the Pacific Northwest / Arthur R. Kruckeberg.  With enthusiasm, easy wit, and expert knowledge, renowned botanist Art Kruckeberg and horticulturist Linda Chalker-Scott show Northwest gardeners, from novice to expert, how to imagine and realize their perfect sustainable landscape.

 Rodale’s all-new encyclopedia of organic gardening: the indispensable resource for every gardener / edited by Fern Marshall Bradley and Barbara W. Ellis. Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening has been the go-to resource for gardeners for more than 50 years—and the best tool novices can buy to start applying organic methods to their fruit and vegetable crops, herbs, trees and shrubs, perennials, annuals, and lawns.

Growing Your Own Food in Hong Kong / Van Langenberg, Arthur. This book points the way, especially for beginners and those who may only have a balcony or a rooftop and are limited to growing in containers. It is not just about gardening in a narrow sense. It delves into the growing of plants as a multidisciplinary activity involving not only botany, but also zoology, geology, meteorology, philosophy, ornithology, and more. The book sends a strong environmental message for a reevaluation of modern lifestyle.

 Native plants in the coastal garden: a guide for gardeners in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest / by April Pettinger. The classic guide to gardening with native plants on the West Coast offers comprehensive information on identifying plant habitats, attracting wildlife, and locating regional plants and seeds. The authors describe the key concepts of gardening with native species, and share their expertise in turning a backyard into a lush coastal paradise.

 New complete guide to gardening / Susan A. Roth, writer and principal photographer. This reference provides complete information on nearly five hundred plants, including growing tips, maintenance techniques, and favorable conditions for trees, vegetables, herbs, fruits, vines, annuals, perennials, ground covers, lawns, and more.

  The Conscientious Gardener: Cultivating a Garden Ethic / Sarah Reichard. In this inspiring book, Sarah Hayden Reichard tells how to make our gardens more sustainable, lively, and healthy places.

 Vegetable gardening / by the editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine; [research and text: James W. Wilson

Vegetables and fruits / by James Underwood Crockett and the editors of Time-Life Books ; watercolor illustrations by Richard Crist.

 Visionary Landscapes: Japanese Garden Design in North America, The Work of Five Contemporary Masters / Kendall H. Brown. This stunning Japanese gardening book examines the style and meaning of the Japanese garden in unique ways in their innovative designs for private, commercial, and public spaces.

 What Can I Do with My Herbs? How to Grow, Use & Enjoy These Versatile Plants. Anyone interested in learning more about herbs will relish this compact and easy-to-understand practical guide to growing and enjoying these versatile plants.

 The woodland garden: planting in harmony with nature / R. Roy Forster & Alex M. Downie. B. The Woodland Garden is a valuable source of information and a practical how-to guide on hundreds of plant species ideally suited for planting in the woodland environment. Here is all the information needed to get started, from design, plant selection and initial planting through ongoing maintenance, using principles that can be applied anywhere in North America in almost any size garden – from large estate to city lot. The book is easy-to-follow and clearly illustrated. Helpful tips throughout offer useful advice gleaned from the authors’ decades of collective experience. They explain weeds and pests, preparing the land, watering and mulching, propagation. They discuss lilies and rhododendrons, soil characteristics, adapting a property, working with a new site, and converting an old garden. There are sections on fragrance, water, rocks, pathways, scale and unity plus how to analyze a site, design a woodland garden, and much more.




Compiled and written by student library assistant Preethi Ganga Thirugnanasambandam



New Titles Tuesday, March 19

Here is a selection of print titles recently added to the collection and ready for use.

 A forgotten history: the story of the missionary movement and the liberation of people in south Travancore /Joy Gnanadason. This popular history concentrates the Kanyakuman district, the southernmost district of India, and the Church of South India as well as its predecessors there. It attempts to highlight some events which have shaped the destiny of  the people and region, and highlights the lives of some personalities who played an important role within these historical events.  The events given greatest prominence are the beginnings of Protestant Christianity in South Travancore, the abolition of slavery there, the struggle of the lower castes for dignity and respect that centered around the right of their women to cover the upper parts of their bodies, and the creation of the Kanyakuman district as part of Tamil Nadu. The author also traces the history of the churches’ educational and medical institutions. Gnanadason played an important part in the history about which she writes.

 Explicit English teaching /Tom Needham. Based on contemporary research findings and supported by a range of classroom examples, this accessibly written book demonstrates how cognitive load theory, Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, explicit instruction and broader cognitive science ideas can be applied to the teaching of English in secondary schools.

 Harmless as doves /Thomas Watson.  A puritains’s view of the Christian life. This book contains ten sermons that provide a biblical picture of practical Christian living. These sermons reveal Watson’s colorful and compelling style of preaching. They are experiential and practical and make excellent devotional reading.

 Sagittae angelorum: arrows of angels; a collection of poetry, short stories, and drama /by Dominic Nootebos, Jeremy Joosten, Joelle Joosten, and Lucas Smith ; edited by David C. Bellusci. TWU AUTHORS. Four fresh voices, use a purposeful, contemporary approach to explore the healing power of faith and spirituality in a world that often denies or derides it. The writing is agile, sometimes playful, and never preachy, infused with a genuine sense of hope and the belief in the desire for salvation that the human soul harbors.

 Social media for academics /Mark Carrigan. Pactical guidance and thoughtful insight on how to approach the opportunities and challenges that social media presents in ways that can be satisfying and sustainable as an academic. The guide has been updated throughout to reflect changes in social media and digital thinking since the last edition, including: the dark side of social media; emerging forms of multimedia engagement; auditing your online identity and  how to do a social media sabbatical.

 The basics of bioethics /Robert M. Veatch and Laura K. Guidry-Grimes. The Basics of Bioethics offers an easy-to-follow introduction to this dynamic field. The book contains numerous cases to help anchor the broader discussion. Chapters are organized around common moral themes in order to help readers understand the values and other connections that tie together different positions in bioethics. This edition adds a new chapter on alternative frameworks in bioethics, including narrative ethics and casuistry, feminist approaches, care ethics, and virtue ethics.

 The hidden world of mosses /Neil Bell ; with photography by Des Callaghan. The Hidden World of Mosses explores the tiny, intriguing environments of these plants that have their own miniature forests filled with grazers and predators, and their own ecological norms and mechanics. The Hidden World of Mosses provides an accessible guide to these not-so-humble botanical gems.  Bell presents information about these incredible plants, exploring their tiny, intriguing and diverse environments in detail.  This fascinating book also contains hundreds of stunning photographs which reveal the beauty and splendour of moss.

 What Iranians want: women, life, freedom /Arash Azizi.  The first major book on the new Iranian revolution. Azizi guides us through Iran ablaze, history being made in real time. Azizi’s book is a guide for the perplexed. Not only does he deliver on the promise that the book’s title suggests, but he also goes beyond that by trying to explain “why” Iranians are fighting for women’s rights, freedom of expression, peace…and a “normal life. A truly absorbing and enlightening book for general readers and scholars alike.

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