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New Titles Tuesday, May 26

In the past week 8 e-titles were added to the Norma Marion Alloway Library’s collection; below is a sample.

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Contested fields: a global history of modern football /Alan McDougall.
This title introduces readers to key aspects of the global game, synthesizing research on football’s transnational role in reflecting and shaping political, socio-economic, and cultural developments over the past 150 years. Each chapter uses case studies and cutting-edge scholarship to analyze an important element of football’s international story: migration, money, competition, gender, race, space, spectatorship, and confrontation.

Darwinism as religion: what literature tells us about evolution /Michael Ruse.
This title draws on a deep understanding of both the science and the history, the author surveys the naturalistic thinking about the origins of organisms, including the origins of humankind, as portrayed in novels and in poetry, taking the story from its beginnings in the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th
century right up to the present.

Historical dictionary of Unitarian Universalism /Mark W. Harris.
This second edition contains has over 400 cross-referenced entries on people, places, events and trends in the history of the Unitarian and Universalist faiths including American leaders and luminaries, important writers and social reformers.

Just the arguments: 100 of the most important arguments in Western philosophy /edited by Michael Bruce and Steven Barbone.
This title provides a concise and formally structured summation of 100 of the most important arguments in Western philosophy and offers succinct expositions of key philosophical arguments.

Logic as a liberal art: an introduction to rhetoric and reasoning /R.E. Houser.
This title is designed as part of a minority approach, teaching logic in the “verbal” way, in the student’s “natural” language, the approach invented by Aristotle. The emphasis is on learning logic through doing problems and this title provides an example of problems on multiple levels of learning.

The problem of war: Darwinism, Christianity, and their battle to understand human conflict /Michael Ruse.
This title is an in-depth study of Christians and of Darwinians on the theme of war. The author shows that the dynamic between Darwinians and Christians has not been a straightforward opposition, and complicates as it moves through the 20th century, as some Christian thinkers start to favor the inevitability of war and Darwinians acknowledge the idea of moral progress.

Sketches in the theory of culture /edited by Dariusz Brzezinski; translated by Ktarzyna Bartoszynska.
Now published in English, this title was written by Polish sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, who sheds light and illuminates the intellectual climate of Poland in the late 1960s. Bauman’s pursuit of a semiotic theory of culture includes a discussion of processes of individualization and the intensification of global ties, anticipating themes that became central to his later work.

Strategic leadership across cultures:  the GLOBE study of CEO leadership behavior and effectiveness in 24 countries /Robert J. House, Peter W. Dorfman, Mansour Javidan, Paul J. Hanges, Mary F. Sully de Luque.
Reporting on research obtained during the third phase of the ten-year GLOBE project, the book examines strategic leadership effectiveness for executive and top-level management based on data from more than 1,000 CEOs and over 6,000 top management team members in 24 countries.




New Titles Tuesday, May 5

In the past week 55 e-titles were added to the Norma Marion Alloway Library’s collection; below is a sample.

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The book of Revelation: a biography /Timothy Beal.

This title provides a concise cultural history of the book of Revelation and the apocalyptic imaginations it has fueled. The author demonstrates how the book is a multimedia constellation of stories and images that mutate and evolve as they take hold in new contexts, and how Revelation is reinvented in the hearts and minds of each new generation.

The Cross: history, art, and controversy /Robin M. Jensen.
This title examines the two-thousand-year evolution of the cross as an idea and an artifact, illuminating the controversies of this central symbol of Christianity. This title focuses on the cross in painting and literature, the quest for the “true cross” in Jerusalem, and the symbol’s role in conflicts from the Crusades to wars of colonial conquest.

Faith and fossils: the Bible, creation, and evolution /Lester L. Grabbe.
This title examines the Bible in its ancient context and explores its meaning in light of emerging scientific evidence and shows how science and faith intersect in questions about human origins.

Ghost dancing with colonialism: decolonization and indigenous rights at the Supreme Court of Canada /Grace Li Xiu Woo.
This title casts explanatory light on ongoing tensions between Canada and Indigenous peoples by assessing that Indigenous peoples continue to argue that they are still being colonized using a binary model that distinguishes colonial from postcolonial legality. The author argues that two legal paradigms governed the expansion of the British Empire, one based on popular consent, the other on conquest and the power to command.

Pagans and Christians in the city: culture wars from the Tiber to the Potomac /Steven D. Smith.
This title argues that today’s culture wars can be seen as a reprise of the basic antagonism that pitted pagans against Christians in the Roman Empire. By examining the historical conflict, the author explores how the same competing ideas continue today.

Potlatch as pedagogy: learning through ceremony /Sara Florence Davidson and Robert Davidson.
Written by the daughter of Haida artist Robert Davidson, this title tells the story of the Haida tradition of the potlatch and how the author saw the traditions of the Haida practiced by her father, holistic, built on relationships, practical, and continuous, could be integrated into contemporary educational practices.

Video game law: everything you need to know about legal and business issues in the game industry /by S. Gregory Boyd, Brian Pyne, Sean F. Kane; foreword by Richard A. Bartle.
This title is aimed at game developers and industry professionals who want to better understand the industry or are in need of expert legal guidance by breaking down the laws and legal concepts such as copyright infringement, piracy and security breaches.

Women and the Society of Biblical Literature /Nicole L. Tilford.
In this volume essays from more than thirty leading women biblical scholars from around the world reflect on the accomplishments and challenges that women have encountered in the Society of Biblical Literature over the last 125 years.

Words have a past: the English language, colonialism, and the newspapers of Indian boarding schools /Jane Griffith.
This book traces colonial narratives of language, time, and place from the nineteenth-century to the present day, post-Truth and Reconciliation Commission through an examination of newspapers produced by white settlers, government officials and Indigenous parents.




New Titles Tuesday, April 28

In the past week 53 e-titles were added to the Norma Marion Alloway Library’s collection; below is a sample.

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Behind the screen: content moderation in the shadows of social media /Sarah T. Roberts.
This title provides an extensive ethnographic study of the commercial content moderation industry. Based on interviews with workers from Silicon Valley to the Philippines, at boutique firms and at major social media companies, the author contextualizes this hidden industry and examines the emotional toll it takes on its workers.

Contemporary perspectives on C.S. Lewis’ The Abolition of man: history, philosophy, education, and science /edited by Tim Mosteller and Gayne Anacker.
This title assesses and appraises Lewis’ seminal lectures, providing a thorough analysis of the themes and subjects that are raised within “The Abolition of Man”. Topics that are address include philosophy, natural law, education, literature, politics, theology, science, biotechnology and the connection between the Ransom Trilogy.

Critical dialogues in the medical humanities /edited by Emma Domínguez-Rué.
This volume illustrates ongoing discussions in and about the medical humanities with studies on different approaches to the relationship between medical science and practice and the humanities, including reflections based on fiction, art, history, socio-economic and political concerns, architecture and natural landscapes.

Decolonising higher education in the era of globalisation and internationalisation /editor, Kehdinga George Fomunyam.
This collection of essays brings to the on-going discourse on decolonisation fresh, rich, probing and multilayered perspectives that should accelerate the process of decolonisation, not only in higher education in Africa, but also in the global imaginary.

Digital storytelling in health and social policy: listening to marginalised voices /Nicole Matthews and Naomi Sunderland.
This title reframes multimedia life stories as a resource for education, public health, and policy, and challenges policymakers, professionals, and researchers to reimagine how they find out about and respond to people’s daily lives and experiences of health, disability, and well-being by developing theoretical, methodological, and practical resources for listening to digital stories through a series of carefully selected international case studies.

The powers of pure reason: Kant and the idea of cosmic philosophy /Alfredo Ferrarin.
This title explores the forgotten parts of Kant’s “First Critique” and dismantles the common vision of Kant as a philosopher writing separately on epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics and natural teleology, showing that the three Critiques are united by this underlying theme: the autonomy and teleology of reason, its power and ends. The result is a refreshing new view of Kant, and of reason itself.

Preparing students for community-engaged scholarship in higher education /edited by Aaron Samuel Zimmerman.
This title explores how faculty and academic leaders can create learning opportunities and intellectual cultures that support the development of community-engaged scholars. In addition, this title examines how university coursework can help undergraduate and graduate students to develop the knowledge, skills, and commitments necessary for productive and responsible community-engaged scholarship.

Rethinking history, science, and religion: an exploration of conflict and the complexity principle /edited by Bernard Lightman.
This title evaluates the utility of the “complexity principle” in past, present, and future scholarship, and brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars at the forefront of their fields to consider whether new approaches to the study of science and culture, such as recent developments in research on science and the history of publishing, the global history of science, the geographical examination of space and place, and science and media.

The teaming church: ministry in the age of collaboration /Robert C. Crosby.
This title provides biblical motivations, vivid examples and practical approaches for creating a teaming culture in which biblical teams reflect the workings and nature of the Trinity and thus the image of God.

New Titles Tuesday, April 7

In the past week 120 e-titles were added to the Norma Marion Alloway Library’s collection; below is a sample. Click on the link for more information.

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Biodiversity and climate change: transforming the biosphere / edited by Thomas E. Lovejoy & Lee Hannah; foreword by Edward O. Wilson.
This title is an up-to-date look at the critical interactions between biological diversity and climate change. Leading experts in the field summarize observed changes, assess what the future holds, and offer suggested responses. From extinction risk to ocean acidification, from the future of the Amazon to changes in ecosystem services, and from geoengineering to the power of ecosystem restoration, this title captures the sweep of climate change transformation of the biosphere.

Confronting Old Testament controversies: pressing questions about evolution, sexuality, history, and violence / Tremper Longman III.
This title confronts pressing questions of concern to modern audiences, such as the creation and evolution debate, God-ordained violence, the historicity of people, places and events, and human sexuality.

Department stores and the black freedom movement: workers, consumers, and civil rights from the 1930s to the 1980s / Traci Parker.
In documenting the experiences of African American workers and consumers during the 1930s to the 1980s, this title highlights the department store as a key site for the inception of a modern black middle class, and demonstrates the ways that both work and consumption were battlegrounds for civil rights.

Feminism for the Americas: the making of an international human rights movement / Katherine M. Marino.
This title introduces readers to a cast of remarkable Latin American and Caribbean women whose deep friendships and intense rivalries forged global feminism out of an era of imperialism, racism, and fascism. Six dynamic activists form the heart of this story: from Brazil, Bertha Lutz; from Cuba, Ofelia Domingez Navarro; from Uruguay, Paulina Luisi; from Panama, Clara Gonzalez; from Chile, Marta Vergara; and from the United States, Doris Stevens.

How the old world ended: the Anglo-Dutch-American revolution, 1500-1800 / Jonathan Scott.
This title is a magisterial account of how the cultural and maritime relationships between the British, Dutch and American territories changed the existing world order and made way for the Industrial Revolution.

The Obama legacy / edited by Bert A. Rockman and Andrew Rudalevige.
This title is composed of twelve essays that examine Barack Obama’s Presidency, from his political choices, operating style, and opportunities taken and missed. The authors analyze Obama’s preferences, tactics, and shortcomings with an eye toward balancing the personal and institutional, all the while considering how resilient or fragile Obama’s legacy will be in the fame of the Trump administration’s eager efforts to dismantle it.

Policy transformation in Canada: is the past prologue? / edited by Carolyn Hughes Tuohy, Sophie Borwein, Peter John Loewen, and Andrew Potter.
This title examines Canada’s current and most critical challenges: the renewal of the federation, managing diversity, Canada’s relations with Indigenous peoples, the environment, intergenerational equity, global economic integration, and Canada’s role in the world. Scrutinizing various public policy issues through the prism of Canada’s sesquicentennial, the contributors consider the transformation of policy and present an accessible portrait of how the Canadian view of policy making has been reshaped, and where it may be heading in the next fifty years.

Safe enough spaces: a pragmatist’s approach to inclusion, free speech, and political correctness on college campuses / Michael S. Roth.
This title stakes out a pragmatist path through the thicket of issues facing colleges today to carry out the mission of higher education. The author offers a sane approach to the noisy debates surrounding affirmative action, political correctness, and free speech, urging us to envision college as a space in which students are empowered to engage with criticism and with a variety of ideas.

Worlds enough: the invention of realism in the Victorian novel / Elaine Freedgood.
This title challenges basic assumptions about the study of the Victorian novel. Examining criticism of Victorian novels since the 1850s, the author demonstrates that while they were praised for their ability to bring certain social truths to fictional life, these novels were also criticized for their formal failures and compared unfavorably to their French and German counterparts.

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