This is your homepage. You will want to ensure it is inviting and useful. This is your audience’s first impression of you and your site, so keep it clean and concise. You will want to personalize this page, so replace this text.  Take this opportunity to welcome your visitors and introduce yourself.  The goal here is to let visitors get to know you and understand the purpose of your eportfolio.

One of the first things you will want to do is edit the title of this site.  To do that, go to the black editor bar at the top and click on “Customize”.  Then select “Site Identity”.  In the “Site Title” box, change the title to something more personal.  Also edit the “Tagline”.  Need some ideas?  Check out “A Portfolio to Dream of” for examples.

To change the image above, turn on editing for this page (if you are signed in, you will see a grey ‘edit’ button at the bottom of this page) and scroll down. On the right hand side look for “Feature Image”. Click on “Set feature image” to upload or select an image. Don’t forget to click “Update” to save your changes!

This template has been designed to help you share of your work and process through the PSYC ADC program at Trinity Western University.  If you need more information on how to develop an eportfolio, check out TWU’s ePortfolio resource.

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