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This section contains selected components from your course syllabus. For full details, please refer to the course syllabus that was emailed to you for your section.


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Students will be able to:



  • Textbook to be purchased
  • All other resources will be provided online in the units



This course introduces you to … In this course, you will be challenged to …

Each week, you will engage in learning in a variety of ways:

  • Unit resources: Each unit provides instruction in the form of videos, online links, and written commentary provided by your instructor.
  • Independent learning activities: There are several ungraded, formative learning activities that are provided in the units to help support you in your learning.  You are strongly encourages to engage and write your notes in a Reflective Learning Journal.  Refer back to these activities and your notes as you complete the assessment for this course.
  • Synchronous class sessions (or asynchronous recordings if you cannot attend): Once a week we will come together as a class via Zoom (video conference provider).  You are expected to have read the unit resources beforehand and come to class prepared to engage in discussion with your peers.  Your instructor will provide details on the Zoom link, as well as class times.
  • Learning Pods: You will be asked to form a learning pod (approximately in groups of 4) with your peers in this course  to help one another with the learning process. We will set up a specific process for you to find each other and sign up to groups. This group will be instrumental in your course. You will be asked to meet synchronously weekly to discuss the readings, and to work collaboratively on activities and assignments. Your instructor will provide details on the sign-up page to form your pods.


The course content is divided into [#] units, each covering a different topic. These units have learning resources and readings that will support your ability to complete the assessment in this course.

UNIT 1  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 2  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 3  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 4  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 5  …[link to unit page]

UNIT 6  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 7  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 8  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 9  …[link to unit page]
UNIT 10  …[link to unit page]



The graded components of the course are described below: (link to assignments page)

  • ASSIGNMENT 1: Title (%)
  • ASSIGNMENT 2: Title (%)
  • ASSIGNMENT 3: Title (%)
  • ASSIGNMENT 4: Title (%)