The Naming Contest

On Wednesday, April 18th you received an email asking for help to name a project. If you are up to speed on internet trends, you may know naming contest have been producing some fantastic results (see 13 Internet Naming Contest Fails That Are Gold). However, I’m not too worried about our contest and trust our esteemed panel of judges will take their naming selection duties very seriously.

You are probably wondering what the project is about and why we’re asking you to name it?

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Ever find yourself sitting all day to type out a paper or report? Or working intensely on your laptop or desktop to get a job done?


Then hours into it you think, “I need a stretch break!”


By the time you move, your muscles and bones aren’t impressed. Maybe you try to walk it off. Maybe you have your favorite stretch routine. But now you are a little more fatigued. You may start to think of better things you could be doing right now. The last thing you want to be doing is finishing that report.

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Conference Calling at TWU

Whether you’re looking to have a meeting with someone in Ontario or hoping to invite an outside guest to teach your class from across the world, video and audio calls are an essential part of modern communication.  We here at TWIT would like to take this opportunity to inform you of what’s available, go over some helpful tips, and point out some common mistakes.

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A TWIT’s Life: Outside the Office

This month’s post will take a break from the technical, as we launch a new feature on twitblog:  “Life Outside the Office”. Hopefully you will get to know something you didn’t, about the people that bring you 1s and 0s



Hi! I’m Dan Burnett. I’ve been working at TWU for 4 years in I.T. My role is to make sure that Students, Staff, and Faculty are getting serviced with their I.T. needs, quickly and happily.

Outside the office, I am happily married to my wife Abigail. Together we have 3 kids under the age of 3! We have a 2-bedroom townhouse in Langley. Yes, 5 of us live in 2 bedrooms. Our house is full, and our life is active.

I’ve always had a desire within me to stay active, especially to be outside and to experience different outdoor elements of God’s creation. It’s a passion deep inside of me and a normal part of my life. From backpacking to rafting, to 4x4ing, to casual walks in the neighborhood. From sunshine to knee deep snow, to pouring rain, I will take it all. I’ve always been attracted to the great outdoors. Continue reading “A TWIT’s Life: Outside the Office”

TWIT on Campus

Have you ever wished that it was easier to get help from I.T.?
Have you been at home with an I.T. issue, and couldn’t wait till the morning for help?

There are many ways to get assistance from TWIT! We thought we would highlight all the ways to get help from us and maybe shed some light on new ways you didn’t know existed.

We are here to help, and we want you to be able to quickly get the help you need to do your work.

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The struggle is real

Today’s world revolves around passwords. You have a password for everything, from your hydro, to your bank, to your social media, to your TWU email. We do whatever we can to avoid typing in that password every time we want access to something. Continue reading “Pa88w0rds!”

Computer Refresh: Part 1 – Evergreen Cycle

This is the beginning of a 3 part series on computer refresh cycles. This week’s post we are looking at the ins & outs of the TWU evergreen cycle: what it is, how and why we do it.

We will be back in a few weeks, to post about the future refresh cycle and what that will look like. While we aren’t changing policy yet, we are going to look at new options.

Our final post on the topic, will be closing remarks and how we will be measuring success.

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