Windows 10 Update and What It Means for You


Starting this May, all new computers issued from TWIT will come with Windows 10 installed instead of Windows 7.  This is part of our goal to always keep you equipped with the tools you need to fulfill your mission here at TWU.

How will this affect me?

If you already have a computer here at Trinity, this may not immediately affect you.  The only reason we’ll upgrade your current work computer to Windows 10 is if it stops working.  All new computers ordered through us will come with Windows 10.  However, within the next few years our goal is to have all computers upgraded to be running the same version of Windows.


Why are you upgrading to Windows 10?

We are always looking for ways to empower you in your daily work and provide you with the technology you need.  Windows 7 was becoming increasingly difficult to support with the newer computers we were deploying, and we found that many of our problems were solved with this upgrade with the tests we’ve done.  Upgrading to Windows 10 solves many of our issues and updates us to the current version of Windows.


This sounds like a big change…

Learning a new operating system doesn’t have to be hard!    We are prepared to guide you through any issues you may have.  Thankfully, many features in Windows 10 are similar to Windows 7, and for the most part it should feel familiar.  There are some new quality-of-life features that Windows 10 offers that are exciting as well!

To help you adjust to the changes you may encounter, we have started a series of online tutorials for some quick tips and tricks for doing tasks most commonly needed by TWU staff in Windows 7, which can be found here:


You don’t understand: I really don’t do well with new technology.

Again, don’t worry!  We’re here to help you out.  TWIT will be offering in-person Windows 10 training programs as needed in addition to our regular support.  Contact the TWIT Service Desk if you’re interested in learning some Windows 10 survival skills and we’ll set a date either for group lessons or some time 1 on 1.


But what about all my documents?  Will I lose those?

We always make a point of saving your important documents in your  “My Documents” folder, because those documents are the ones that are backed up on our server.  No matter what happens to your computer, those documents will automatically synchronize.  We will only be installing Windows 10 on computers that need major repair, so even if your computer is not being updated to Windows 10, we recommend to make sure all your work is backed up anyway!


I already have Windows 10 on my home computer.  Why is this such a big deal?

Even though Windows 10 has been out for awhile for consumers, updating our entire organization to Windows 10 takes a lot more planning.  If you are already used to Windows 10 at home, this transition should be even smoother.

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