Computer Refresh: Part 2 – New Refresh Schedule

If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out!

This post we are laying out the new refresh policy that is under a trial basis this year. As we talked about in the previous post, we were on a 3 year cycle for laptops and 5 years for desktops. This was mainly to ensure that TWU technology is kept up to date and under warranty for repair.

TWIT is trying something new this year!

We are going to extend the refresh cycle. This is on a trial basis, because we just don’t have any measured data to know what the outcome will be. This may be a one year extension for this year only.

TWIT will replace units when they fail.

TWIT will have stock (laptops & desktops) on hand to deploy if a unit fails. This will actually be an improvement to our service since we now have funds available to stock laptops and desktops. Previously, if a device failed, we could issue a temporary replacement from our limited loaner pool. If you have been in this situation, you will know that you get whatever we have. You probably won’t be getting a sleek new machine and you would potentially need to come back in a couple weeks to transfer back again to your repaired machine.

The fact is that computers aren’t changing as much as they have in the past. Even 5 years ago, technology was changing at a faster rate. For all of you nerds who have heard of Moore’s Law, this is the first time in 50 some odd years that the law may be dying. Moore’s Law is a projection model, that generally states that technology hardware will double every 2 years.

Since hardware growth has slowed, a 3 or 5 year old machine, isn’t so old anymore. We have deployed computers to customers at the 3 year mark that are basically identical to their old machine. (It was necessary to deploy because the old machine was leased and would cost too much to keep.) Now if that machine was purchased and kept for 4-6 years, there would have been a tremendous cost savings (assuming the computer doesn’t have a major break).

Additionally, with the refresh extension, we hope to save you a long appointment with TWIT. In some cases, having the evergreen refresh has caused more appointments than if you only interacted with I.T. when something was broken. We’ve all experienced the anxiety of getting a new machine. It’s a mix of “Oh, a new shiny thing!”, and “Oh my, what will be different? Will my documents be there? How ’bout my programs that I downloaded?”

When your computer does break, our technicians will be able to help you quicker because they aren’t having to deploy so machines. They will have stock ready to go and transition you to your replacement machine (no intermediate loaner machines).

We are trying an extension for this year. We will be monitoring costs and repairs to measure if an extension was successful. Since upgrading our ticket software, this data is now possible to measure and track, enabling us to experiment and be flexible with the needs and values of the University.

In short, this new refresh cycle will allow TWIT to be in a position to save the University some cash, while still providing excellent support to you the customer. New computers aren’t much speedier, so TWU employees won’t be missing out. But if your machine does have issues, we have resources to help you keep working.

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