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While the summer months lend to a slower paced campus life, some of us service departments are busy buzzing with work projects. We though it would be great to highlight the projects TWIT is working on this summer.

There is a great deal of planning that goes into a TWIT project.

As you know, technology can be expensive, so careful planing is needed to make your dollars count. In the past, I.T. shops have had a history of getting money thrown at them to fix an issue or implement a feature. So many people would be frustrated in a company about some piece of tech or lack of it, and the squeaky wheel would get lots of grease. Often there was no plan, just focused attention on a feature or issue and the quickest way to get there.

The aftermath from these implementations were usually more costly then the initial fix or feature added. Down the road companies would find that the custom piece of coding would require any new change to be custom as well. Or that new software wasn’t as robust as thought, and there were no more updates to keep it current.

Nowadays, I.T. has learned to follow certain practices and procedures in order to not suffer from knee jerk changes in systems. We know that there is a cost, and the cost needs to be planned and budgeted. We know changes and features will need to be supported in the future, so having a plan in place now will save headaches later.

Major Projects

There are smaller initiatives happening in and around TWIT, but these 11 projects are the big ones. The ones marked in green are directly in response to the University strategic plan.

Vena Phase 2*
New Financial planning for the University

ADP Workforce*
HR & Payroll upgrade

New Faculty Resume Data store

Upgrade to learning platform (MyCourses)

New Marketing tool for Salesforce – Admissions

Alumni – Salesforce
New Tool to manage alumni

Astra – Room Booking
Migration to cloud hosted service

New WiFi installation and setup in new dorm

SharePoint Migration
Updating old intranet sites to 2013 (ready for future cloud migration)

Windows 10
New Operating System, all new computers coming with Win10

All TWIT assets moved & inventoried in TeamDynamix

Summer AV
Upgrading classrooms to HDMI inputs


As you can see there is quite a list of projects going on. Not all will be complete by the end of summer, but all of them are being worked on. We are excited to be moving the University forward in a lot of areas. We recognize that changes can be difficult, but we trust the benefits to the campus far outweigh the challenges. Some of these projects have been in the waiting for a very long time!

Did you know that you can request a project at anytime?

Here you will find access to multiple departments around campus for help. If you click into Information Technology, you will find:


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