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Have you ever wished that it was easier to get help from I.T.?
Have you been at home with an I.T. issue, and couldn’t wait till the morning for help?

There are many ways to get assistance from TWIT! We thought we would highlight all the ways to get help from us and maybe shed some light on new ways you didn’t know existed.

We are here to help, and we want you to be able to quickly get the help you need to do your work.

Self Help Knowledge Base

TWIT has a large catalog of how-to articles that help make technology at TWU understandable. We lay out common issues so you can even quickly fix it yourself. We are constantly adding and updating pages to increase the access to TWIT knowledge.
These are public pages that you can access anywhere on the planet!

Accounts & Passwords
TWU Applications
Online Learning
Phones & Voicemail
Email & Calendar
Network Connections
Hardware, Software & Operating Systems
Student Labs
Shared Drive, Backup & Sharing
Audio Visual


Phoning for Help

604-882-HELP (on campus: x3200)

The TWU helpline is available 24/7 for any campus issue. You can contact Security, Maintenance, or I.T. with this contact number. While TWIT doesn’t have an emergency contact, we do have student workers taking your calls during business hours. If you call after hours, your voicemail will create a ticket and we will respond during business hours. We take all calls seriously and aim to help everyone that requests it. 15% of all our requests come from phone calls. We respond to every call within 1 business hour.


Visit us in person

Lower Mattson Service Desk

Welcome to the depths of Mattson Building! The majority of TWITs call Lower Mattson our home away from home. We have a small but friendly front desk area where you are welcome to come and seek answers to your questions, or help with your technology. We are staffed with well-trained student workers during business hours, who are friendly and happy to help.
Your issue might not be resolved in one sitting, or we may need to book time with a more qualified technician, but you can rest assured that we will help you find an answer to your issue.


Send us an Email


If you want to send us a quick note to ask a question or notify us of a technical situation, we are only an email away. We apply the same level of service as a phone call, and will respond within one hour during business hours.


Log a ticket online

You will need to log in with your TWU account to see all your options available to you. Once logged in this online option will give you the most access to information. Additionally, you will have access to other services on campus, including Maintenance & Custodial, Office of the Registrar, and MARCOMM.

We have created custom forms to fill out when you create a specific request. These forms are designed to ask just the right questions so that we can help you quicker. Our goal is to help resolve your issue with our first response. In order to do that, we need the right information to know the solution. Filling out our forms help you get a resolution quicker.

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