LDRS 500-Unit 9-LA 2

Unit 9-LA 2

Unit 9 Learning Activities

Leadership is a group process; leaders can wield considerable influence over their followers by defining, crafting, and maintaining a social identity for their group. Leaders can also influence their followers by providing direction, innovation, and transformation during times of uncertainty and change, both of which are fruitful in the modern world (Rast, 2015, p.133). Then, What drives accelerating change?

Accelerating change phenomenon (Foresight University, 2017), is one of the most future-important, pervasive, and puzzling features of our universe. Its a perceived increase in the rate of technological change throughout the past and may suggest faster and more profound change into the future. Now a day, these changes impacted the environment, economy, social, and governance. “The things that are changing the fastest are “technology, communications and computing technologies” (Smart, 2015). Accordingly, we all experiencing this acceleration in our respective field, and leaders challenge is what type of computer, communication, devices, platforms, networks, databases, and other patterns of technology will add value to their team. Regarding, “employees, also, can engage in scanning the external boundaries of their organization to report on emerging environmental event, identifying an alternative policy or program possibilities for the organization, and assisting management with developing actions and measures to address the perceived need for adaptation” (Malgari, 2010, p. 39).

In the medical field where I belong to, information technology has made significant contributions to our world, With the increased use of electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth services, and mobile technologies like tablets and smartphones, physicians and patients are both seeing the benefits that these new medical technologies are bringing. Integrating a new innovative technology with minimally invasive procedures or surgeries where robotic surgeries in some cases, now a day, has less time in recovery, less stress of health related-travel, and more time enjoying the healthy life. Streamlined lab testing, through micro processing samples of blood, through Point of Care Testing and satellite lab, which in regard will have a positive impact on reducing the cost, turn around time, and have better patient experience in relation. A central and standardized system throughout the entire healthcare industry can identify a viral or bacterial infection quickly. This medium can give insights into how widespread an outbreak is, enabling preventative measures to be put in place much more rapidly (AIMS, 2015). Additionally, it’s not limited to healthcare; furthermore, Technology facilitates meetings and virtual classes for leaders and employees in organizations to be able to meet with others through teleconferences, Skype -conference calls. These technologies play an essential role in every industry as well as personal lives.

Considering Walmart as one of the various organizations who use technology as a strategy when they operate their businesses (Smoak, 2016), the company was “pioneer in barcode scanning and analyzing point of sale information which housed in its massive data warehouses. Wal-Mart launched its own satellite network in the mid-1980’s which led to profound business practice impacts concerning its supply chain management process.” On the other hand, Wal-Mart consumers preferences shifted away from the “big-box” mortar store to the convenience of online “e-tail” (Smoak, 206). Therefore, to increase their capacity to compete effectively, they invested in digital technology to become better aligned with their consumer shopping preferences (Smoak, 2016).

Wal-Mart information technology strategy has long favored an internal “build rather buy” approach which creates a new venue for an innovative strategy to arrive. Walmart’s new robots (MIT Technology Review, 2018)- Bossa Nova- can perform tasks such as identifying when items are out of stock, locating incorrect prices, and detecting wrong or missing labels. The impact of this technology is the “employee instantly become the advocates of the robot” (MIT Technology Review, 2018). However, the shoppers didn’t welcome the interacting with a robot in their retail store, therefore, adapting to the change at Walmart stores when introducing the ROBOT, help their customers to adopt the change. This medium strongly connects with Jack Ma’s (2016) core values and culture when he considers “customers are number one, employees are number two, and shareholder are number three.” As far as I see, that transformational servant leadership approach demonstrated in Walmart, and Alibaba businesses have a positive impact when it links with business. “Wal-Mart was a pioneer in applying information and communications technology to support decision making and promote efficiency and customer responsiveness within each of its business functions and between functions” (Ustundag, 2013; as cited in Smoak, 2016).

When Wal-Mart is looking to develop new systems, it dispatches its top engineers to perform “regular” operations jobs so they can gain working hand knowledge of the challenges that line employees face (Boyer, 2003; as cited in Smoak, 2016). “repeatable, predictable and manual” tasks are tomorrow’s non-repeatable, unpredictable and automated tasks (Smoak, 2016). Business is knowing your social responsibility, is a “long-term which take time to build,” believe in your dreams, and work hard (Jack Ma, 2016). It’s a learned lesson from Transformational servant leadership approach and the positive impact on the healthcare system and business.

leaders cannot avoid leading in times of uncertainty. “These uncertainties can range from leading through challenges and opportunities to leading for innovation and creativity to coping with an ever-changing industry such as technology or stocks (Rast, 2015, p.141). In relation, Rast (2015) noted, “uncertainty can overturn the traditional ‘think leader, think male’ preference” into “think crisis, think female” as it was asserted by Rayan et al. (2011; as cited in Rast, 2015, p.142). Furthermore, “uncertainty can promote the selection of women and minorities into leadership positions,” and in real business life as indicated in Jack Ma speech (2016), “Business is team equity” and the success that he achieved in his business regarded to women. In times of uncertainty (Rast, 2015), such as when an organization is performing poorly, women and minorities are likely to be cast into leadership positions.


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2 Replies to “LDRS 500-Unit 9-LA 2”

  1. As a leader in your industry, how do you integrate new technologies (lab testing, online patient access to medical records, etc.) with the face-to-face connection between patient and provider? Do you think there are some activities in health-care that should be completed by human beings? If so, how can those experiences be deepened or strengthened through technology?
    — Leadership Prof

    1. Thank you for supporting our learning process in the leadership course

      From what I understand, and reference to my blog,

      Collaborative care model approach through an interactive system that connects the patient to their doctors, pharmacist, dietitians, exercise professional, lab results, etc.  However, one of the idea that I was thinking about considering, if the patient needs to have medication, doctors can place the order for the patient through an integrated system that connects to nearest pharmacy or any available pharmacy or any reference to the patient. I believe this type of integrated system will help to reduce therapeutic turn around time through waiting or finding another pharmacy; which in regard, provides patient with manageable turnaround time.

      Another application of the integrated system is a mobile phlebotomist, to enable patients to have their blood work done when they are at home without the need to go to the nearest lab or clinic. They can place their order through the system and someone will attend the order. I think this will facilitate healthcare service and empower the patient care system. In addition to, the POCT devices that are available in doctors ‘offices or pharmacies, helps diabetic patients and enable them to manage their treatments and health based on the results.

      I believe any integration in the healthcare system will assist in effective patient management integration as a whole. Considering professional experience and patient experience with the feedback provided by patient or both on the service will help the clinician in their decision-making and have benchmark quality of service. Therefore, considering identifying the care gap, risks, engage patients, manage care, measure the outcome in a defined population, and data integration; hence, communicating them in two ways will have an insight of sustained multi functional-integrated system. Learning and having insight from the best practice will participate in the integration. 

      Other applications that provide patient care are;

      The patient portal, which available for patient 24/7 anywhere through the internet connection; however, in British Colombia my ehealth is an alternative approach which provides secure access to any confidential information related to patient’s results.
      Considering other forms of communication that we have here in BC like HealthLink BC which connected to nurses, dietitians, exercise professionals, Pharmacist.
      Implementation of the TELUS Health Wolf EMR (Continuum, 2013), in which they provide secure access to vital information to their patients. The continuity of care that enhances and empowers patients in managing their health. Integrated primary care team, which assist in accelerating the speed of transferring the information and patient management quality when met the needs of the patient. 

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