Ground Zero: Ideas for my Blog Layout

September 23, 2018

So I’ve started brainstorming ideas for how my blog’s going to look. It’s still a rough draft but if you guys have any helpful tips or suggestions definitely leave me a comment below. So my idea for this blog is to document and share my academic journey towards earning my Master’s Degree in Leadership at Trinity Western University. Here’s a visual for the menu I’ll have up for the blog and it’s contents:

The first section on the left titled About Me is just a page to introduce myself, my interests, and my motivations for doing my Master’s degree. Please check out that page to have an idea about who I am as a person and my background so you’ll have an understanding of the viewpoint or lens from which I interpret information from.

The second section, titled MA Leadership Journey, will be about the work that I contribute to my classes. For my first class, which is titled Leadership Foundations, I’m required to write a blog post every week about a topic on the course. For example, I know for our first topic we will be asked to define leadership and what this means to us so there should be a post about that before the end of next week. This is great because for those who’s interested in learning more about leadership as they’ll be able to access useful information about the content and gain insight into how this learning process transforms me in the next year and a half to two years that I’m taking this program. I’m planning to take other courses online as well so I’ll make sure to tie in some of my work from other classes into this blog. This semester I will also be taking a class titled Ethical Leadership which basically explores real-life ethical dilemmas that people face daily and the frame of mind we should have when facing these dilemmas.

Other plans I have in the blog is to include a section of all the different research articles or books I found helpful for my writing as well as a section for travel as I think there’s a lot to be gained by studying organizational dynamics in local companies or different cultures.  Learning is not just limited to a classroom or on the web but it’s around you everywhere you go. On the news, with the businesses and services you use, nature, the people you interact with etc. I think this section will be a good chance to reflect on the theories and principles I learn and how they relate with the physical world.

Again if you have any helpful suggestions or comments please let me know in the comment section below, I look forward to starting my journey towards higher education and I can’t wait to bring you guys along with me!