You will need to consider both your purpose and audience in order to select and organize your artifacts.  Pick artifacts that connect best with your purpose, but also think about what your audience wants to see and what you want to show them.  After the selection of your artifacts, think about:

  • How can I group my artifacts?
  • Are there any patterns or themes that emerge?
  • Do my artifacts show a progression of learning over time?
  • Could I describe my learning with a metaphor?
  • What connections can I make between my artifacts that will allow me to create a sensible flow for my audience to follow?

Your ePortfolio organization doesn’t have to be complicated – simple is best – but you need a structure in order to determine your site navigation.  

After your reflections are complete, take a look at your organization again and make sure it still makes sense.  Check that your ePortfolio as a whole is a coherent ensemble of your learning.