1 Artifact of Type "Cultural & Linguistic Inquiry"

…opens the door to the development of a set of cognitive, affective, and behavioural skills and characteristics that support effective and appropriate interaction in a particular cultural context. It may also introduce students to languages and linguistic principles, enabling them to immerse themselves in cultural experiences and develop cultural intelligence. It may also explore the value, importance, and uniqueness of Indigenous languages which is an integral part of understanding Indigenous culture, knowledge and worldview. This mode of inquiry engages students in questions of both cognitive and cultural complexity, as they interact with different ethnic and social groups, with cultural studies focused on specific people groups, and with various modes of language acquisition. By moving from theoretical notions of culture to the experience of particular cultures, students gain insight into cultural differences from the perspectives of the cultures themselves.

Things I found about relationships and mentoring!

An artifact can include media from a class discussion along with reflective thoughts about what you learned, or what connections the discussion have to other experiences.