Note: here is an example of an orientation week artifact. Think how you can refer back to this later in your academic experience to see how well you did with a set of goals established in the first week.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week! I made it through O-Week and even managed to make a few new friends!

Now that I have a few weeks under my belt, I think it’s a great idea to set a few goals for myself for the semester.

My Goals:

  1. Use the calendar in my phone: put in assignments, Spartan games, personal activities
  2. Set aside study times: mark in calendar
  3. Call my parents once a week: set a specific time
  4. Introduce myself to a professor: book office hours
  5. Stay on top of campus events and Spartans games with the app: use the track feature on the app calendar to find specific events
  6. Go to 4 events this semester
  7. Walk through the library to familiarize myself with the aisles
  8. Learn about the different clubs on campus
  9. Go for a session in the Learning Commons
  10. Get to know the campus – take lots of walks and look at the map on TWU Guides


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons image licensed Creative Commons CC BY-SA