Verge is a peer-reviewed online journal hosted by the School of the Arts, Media + Culture at Trinity Western University, Langley, Canada. The journal is committed to exploring the multiplicity of intersections between artistic theory/practice and Christian faith. Although global in perspective, the journal features a Canadian emphasis. The journal is open to all connections of the arts and Christian faith, including the web of topics surrounding the journal title:

Verge: Verge as edge; a space for thoughtful, historically and critically informed cutting edge research.

[con]verge: Exploring the many times, places and ways that arts and Christian faith have converged and their diverse outcomes and influences on communities.

[di]verge: The journal welcomes topics that diverge from accepted conceptions and histories of the many connections and conceptions of the arts and Christian faith.

Verge welcomes submissions of scholarly articles, artist perspectives, responses to other articles and reviews of significant publications and artwork on a continuous basis.