Unit 9, Learning Activity 2

In recent years technology has taken over many aspects of business especially communication and transactions. The technological advances and applications in industry and our daily lives have shot up quickly over the past few years. It has undoubtedly made a lot of things more accessible and more comfortable than ever. As the phrase goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” the business sector has responded to this technological surge very well. New advancements can be seen everywhere.

The postal systems in Canada, as well as the United States of America, have adopted various technological advancements. One of these is making payments online, and this has reduced paper bills and the hustle of keeping paper records to a great extent. Another significant effect is being able to track the post. This has been a revolutionary change and has eased a lot of things for customers as they can follow their post with one click of a button. As an increase in PO boxes and decrease in personal mails can be seen as well.  In case of Walmart, their online sales have taken over the retails. They have an app where you can pick items and compare prices. Self-checkout is another change that has been witnessed. Self-checkout has been my personal favorite as it has eased the process so much. People don’t have to wait in long lines, scanning the barcode and payment method is indeed a cake walk. Walmart also does not accept paper applications, their job applications are submitted online as well. Their job application site is highly effective as it states the exact availability and does not take any surplus applications.

Undoubtedly, technology has helped all these organizations in growing faster, but like anything, there are a few cons to it as well. The first thing I can think of is that not all people are well informed when it comes to technology. Especially a country like Canada with so many immigrants. Many people find it hard to understand, and it is difficult for them to do everything online. Organisations should keep conventional options open as well so that it is accessible to all. One step towards this has been taken in Walmart’s system by adding the ask for help option in self-checkout where a representative comes to help and assist the customer-facing any problem. All in all, it cannot be denied that technology is a boon and it has surely made the world a smaller and a smoother place.


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  1. You make a good point about the importance of inclusivity in access to technological services. In many ways, access to online services expands inclusion by eliminating geographical barriers (online higher education is a good example of this); creating opportunities for a wider range of voices, perspectives and opinions (blogging, for example); and engaging individuals more fully in the process (i.e. access to online health records). However, at the same time, there are those who may limited from full participation due to income, disability, comfort-level with technology, access to smart devices, etc.
    I noticed that “education” was listed as one of the top industries offering a high percentage of services online. As you near completion of your first fully-online course in this program, what are your thoughts about how technology is used to facilitate learning? If you were a leader in higher education using your foresight to predict the future of online learning, what would you identify as the strengths and challenges?
    — Leadership Prof

    1. First of all, thank you for asking such a thought evoking question. Honestly, before starting the fully online course I was a bit skeptical of it and scared as well as all of my education before has been on campus and I was afraid that technology might affect my performance. With time I learned everything, and now I enjoy it as it lets you work on your own pace. Having said that the biggest strength of online programs in education is they are highly accessible and let you work on your own pace. I’m glad I took this course online because this was a first-time experience and I got to learn a lot, and my confidence in technology has been raised. A shortcoming of online education is that you do not get as much interaction with fellow students as you can get in a face to face class. Also, as I mentioned, it is a bit hard for people who are not very good with technology. On a personal note, I enjoyed blogging, and this particular course has been very technologically friendly. Thank you again for your question.

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