Last month 1,111 ebooks were used 3,333 times. (Yes, statistically each item was used exactly three times, but in fact some items were used much more often!) Usage includes online views and downloads, as well as email and print requests.

Here are some of  last month’s most used titles:

 Navigating Strategic Possibilities: Strategy Formulation and Execution Practices to Flourish by Herholdt, Johan;Ungerer, Gerard;Ungerer, Marius Number of uses:  216

Basic Linguistic Theory, 2: Grammatical Topics by Dixon, R. M. W. Number of uses:  114

  History of South Africa (Yale Nota bene) by Thompson, Leonard Monteath Number of uses:  84

Foundations of Pragmatics by Norrick, Neal R.;Bublitz, Wolfram Number of uses:  72

 Religion: A Clinical Guide for Nurses by Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston Number of uses:  52

 East of Eden. : New and Recent Essays. by Meyer, Michael J.;Vansant, Jacqueline Number of uses:  44

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes by Kushner, Tony;Glaser, Milton;Govan, Lisa;Watman, Molly Number of uses:  28

 Space in Language and Cognition: Explorations in Cognitive Diversity by Levinson, Stephen C.;Max Planck Institut für Psycholinguistik (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Number of uses:  25

Representing Time: An Essay on Temporality As Modality (Oxford linguistics) by Jaszczolt, Katarzyna Number of uses:  24

 The Bible in Shakespeare by Hamlin, Hannibal Number of uses:  23

Respectful Relationships by Healey, Justin Number of uses:  22

 Āyurveda Encyclopedia: Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention & Longevity by Chandhok, J. K.;Sandhu. S.;Uniyal, R. C.;Tirtha, Sada Shiva Number of uses:  19

Plasmids: Biology and Impact in Biotechnology and Discovery by Tolmasky, Marcelo;Alonso, Juan Carlos Number of uses:  18

 Poems, Volume 1: Predentius by Eagan, M. Clement;Prudentius Number of uses:  18

 A Brief History of Qi by Zhang, Yu Huan;Rose, Ken Number of uses:  16