If you are in for a Long Night Against Procrastination on October 15,  be sure to take a  little time to relax, refresh and reward yourself too.  The SAMC Gallery at Alloway Library will become the Relax and Reward Zone, a place to take a break and shift your focus.

In the zone you can:

  • Take  time to work on a jigsaw puzzle,
  • Try some origami,
  • Work on a de-stressing colouring sheet.
  • Spend time with Winnie the Airedale Terrier for the first part of the evening and a second dog may make an appearance as well.
  • Enjoy some library-friendly munchies sponsored by Alloway Library, the Learning Commons and the office of the  Vice-Provost Teaching and Learning.

Don’t forget that there are also workshops on coping with stress and anxiety as well as a quiet room for guided meditation.  And, of course a panel of experts throughout the library to help you with research, writing and technology all together at the Long Night Against Procrastination at Alloway Library, Monday, October 15 from 6:30 to midnight.